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SDCC 2011: The Last "Chuck" Panel

The announcement that Season 5 will be the last one for TV series "Chuck" was already made some months back. This piece of information made the panel at SDCC 2011 especially bitter-sweet for the fans, co-creator Chris Fedak and the cast members.

For without the small bunch of fans who believed in "Chuck" right from the start, the TV series might not have even lasted for five seasons.

The special thing about "Chuck" was the relationship the cast members had with their fans. Lead actor Zachary Levi is not only a star on the show, he is also an A-star with the fans as he constantly interacted with them on Facebook and Twitter. Plus he's an absolute handsome hunk of adorkable friendliness if one were to meet him person.

Seriously - how many celebs are open-heartedly willing enough to send a video message to a Red Dot Diva many miles away? (See this post for the proof!)

And of course, Yvonne Strahovski is such a beautiful sweetheart that she melts both the hearts of men and women. Not forgetting, Joshua Gomez's funny antics and tweets, and all the other cast members on the show who seem to have their own little fanbase. Jeffster, anyone?

D, a fellow "Chuck" fan and Twitter friend, was at the SDCC panel this year and she sent this report with some info and spoilers about the last season. She also managed to squeeze some time out with Vik Sahay and Mark C Lawrence.


It was an emotionally charged scene in Ballroom 20 during the San Diego Comic-Con "Chuck" panel as fans welcomed Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Vik Sahay, Scott Krinsky and show co-creator Chris Fedak with a standing ovation.

It was revealed that Mark Hamill will guest star on the season premiere. The Stars Wars alum will portray a villain on the series. John Casey will have a love interest named Gertrude Verbanski.

Morgan will have frosted tips by episode three. Joshua Gomez shared, “Morgan just wants to hurt people and take revenge. I couldn’t be more excited about it.

This season is back-to-basics for Chuck,” said Fedak, “Chuck has to be far greater now. It’s very much about him coming up with those clever, smart solutions again, and having to be a real spy.

As for Jeffster, Fedak revealed that “this is the season where it all falls apart between Jeff and Lester…It’s going to be a great war and very dramatic.

Fedak was rather vague on how the series will end but he did offer up a juicy teaser, “Someone might not survive this season.

Zachary Levi got choked up while thanking the fans for their support, “You guys are so epic. So epic, so awesome every single one of you. All the time and the money you’ve spent…you took time out of your life, you took energy to be passionate about what we do. . . So, thank you.

We had the chance to speak to Vik Sahay who shared, “This was the last Comic-Con for ‘Chuck’ and it truly was a very emotional, bittersweet farewell to a festival and fanbase that have been the lifeblood, the heart and the soul of our show. A sad, joyful good-bye.

Mark Christopher Lawrence also took the time during San Diego Comic-Con to share that out of all the roles he’s played, his favorite character to play is Big Mike. His hopes for Big Mike in the upcoming season include “more interaction with Begonia. Maybe since it is the last season, more in-depth spy stuff, instead of stumbling unto the spy stuff. Maybe stumbling onto and realizing the fact that he’s a spy. That would be a good twist.

His favorite guest star on Chuck was Linda Hamilton, “It was nice to reconnect with her. She and I worked together on Terminator 2. That was a nice reconnect.

Lawrence also shared this message to his fans world-wide, “Do what you can to make life happy. There’s so much stuff that goes on all over the world. Just be happy.


Thanks D for the great article and the pics!

Red Dot Diva says that filming for Season 5 of "Chuck" kicked off this week. And she would like to give a tip for "Chuck" fans.


@wendilynnmakeup - a fan favourite and make-up artists for "Heroes" - is now working on the "Chuck" set. For those who have not followed her on Twitter yet, do so now! The positively lovely Wendi, takes and tweets the most interesting set pics for a valuable peek behind the scenes.

*Big Sniffle* Red Dot Diva will definitely miss "Chuck" dearly after the series comes to an end. But before that happens, she is determined to enjoy as much "Chuck" interaction, news and pics as she possibly can.

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