Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Animated Musical Over The Moon Reimagines The Legend of Chang'E With Sumptuous Visuals

Every time the Mid-Autumn Festival comes around, Red Dot Diva is awashed with nostalgic childhood memories. She remembers her parents asking her to choose a traditional paper lantern from the nearby provision shop (she usually ends up with a dragon, phoenix or a dog), and then, help her to light the candle in the lantern.

In more than one occasion, someone was not as careful with the matchstick, and the poor lantern ends up in flames, accompanied by the inevitable flood of tears. But more often than not, little Red Dot Diva gets to happily parade around her old neighbourhood's cul-de-sac, carrying her pretty lantern under the light of a full moon.

This year, that same warm, magical feeling is most likely to come from Netflix's animated musical feature OVER THE MOON. The movie is directed by the Oscar Award-winning animator Glen Keane who has gifted us with unforgettable animation in Disney films like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. John Kahrs (Paperman) acts as co-director of the film, which is jointly produced by Pearl Studio (Abominable) and Netflix.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Red Dot Diva and Filmmaker Perry Lam to Discuss about Genre Films in Singapore

Do you love genre films, and wonder why they rare exist in Red Dot Island? Will the short lived TV series VR Man be the only local fictional superhero ever to be realised on screen?

Red Dot Diva and award-winning film-maker Perry Lam will attempt to answer these intriguing questions at a Facebook livestream entitled ENDANGERED SPECIES: GENRE FILMS IN SINGAPORE this Saturday, 26 September at 1 PM Singapore Time (GMT +8).

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Going Absolutely Bat-ty on Batman Day 2020

Nanananananana... It's Batman Day!!

Fans of Batman usually gather at local comic book shops to celebrate the superhero's birthday. He made his very first appearance ever in ‘‘Detective Comic’’ back in 1939. Since 2015, DC Comics has dedicated the third September of the year to be Batman Day.

Since many of us are still on lockdown, DC Comics has turned on the Bat-Signal on 19 September for an online celebration with the Dark Knight's international fans. There was a call for fans to build and share their own interpretation of the Bat-Signal, a DC Batman Virtual Run, a Batman Activity Kit for the family, and the best of all - free comics to read on DC's website!

No prizes for guessing who's Red Dot Diva's #1 favourite superhero either. Of course it is Mr Broody Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist before Iron Man was Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, Caped Crusader ‘‘I'm Batman’’ himself.

She had a field day spotting some Bat-gems on social media, while happily fantasizing she was part of the Bat-family. Here are some of them:

Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Garden of Evening Mists Movie Premieres on HBO Asia and HBO Go, 13 September 2020

Those of us who were fortunate enough to have met our grandparents might have heard tales of how life was like in Malaya during World War II. It was a harrowing time, particularly during the Japanese Occupation where thousands of civilians died from the atrocities of war.

Many of the World War II survivors would have already passed away by now. Red Dot Diva's own maternal grandmother, who was a young girl at that time, died last year at the age of 94. The only way generations born during or after the war could imagine how it was like then, was either through oral storytelling, books or movies which depicted that era.

One of the most nuanced and beautifully told story about World War II in Malaya and its aftermath is the critically-acclaimed novel “THE GARDEN OF EVENING MISTS” by Malaysian writer, Tan Twan Eng. The book has been adapted to a movie by Astro Shaw and HBO Asia, with support from the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) in association with CJ Entertainment.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Diva Previews the SACRED GUARDIANS Comic - It's Soul Food for South-East Asians!

Holy Bak Kut Teh! The prequel comic to the local tokusatsu SACRED GUARDIAN SINGA project will be having its launch tomorrow, 12 September 2020 on local leading publisher AsiaPac Book's Facebook page!

The virtual launch party for the comic entitled SACRED GUARDIANS will begin at 3 PM. Writer Aydeel Djoeharie and artist Alan Bay will be appearing at the livestream (moderated by AsiaPac's Chong Lingying), ready to share their creators' journey in bringing this book to fruition.

Writing Sacred Guardians was both challenging and fun. With inspiration from American and Japanese superheroes, the story blends in Southeast Asian history, heritage, cultures as well as positive values to create an exciting, relatable story for our young (and older) readers,” said Aydeel Djoeharie, who written and directed several film projects before.

As for the book's artist Alan Bay, “Sacred Guardians was a special project for me not only for its story and characters but because it also helped me get through the pandemic as I spent most of time staying at home and working on it.

Just before tomorrow's launch, the five SACRED GUARDIANS poofed in unexpectedly into Red Dot Diva's lair with a present - a limited preview copy of the comic. They declined her offer to stay for tea, but said that she could share a little about their origin story to her readers.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Star Trek Day Beams Down on 8 September 2020 (Pacific Time)

STAR TREK fans, get ready to engage!

After the huge success of DC FanDome, other content owners are beginning to follow suit and organising virtual events to keep their fans engaged during this coronavirus pandemic. To celebrate the 54th Anniversary of the original STAR TREK show's premiere, CBS All Access has put together an all-day online streaming event where the pilots of every STAR TREK series and specially curated episodes from the different shows, will be made available on CBS All Access starting from 8 September, midnight Pacific Time. This viewing marathon is for USA fans only.

Local Trek fans will not be able to watch the marathon on CBS All Access. However, but there will be 8 key panels hosted by Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton available globally for free, starting at 12 PM (PT). The cast and writers are expected to appear in their respective panels, with Rod Roddenberry logging in for the session dedicated to the original Trek series. Details of the panels are as follows:

Sunday, September 6, 2020

We Bare Bears: The Movie Premieres on Cartoon Network and Warner Media Channels on 12 September 2020

Life is going to get better again on 12 September (Saturday) at 11 AM when WE BARE BEARS: THE MOVIE premieres simultaneously on Cartoon Network (Starhub TV 316, Singtel TV 226) and other WarnerMedia channels like Boomerang, HBO, HBO Family, Warner TV, Korean entertainment channel Oh!K, as well as streaming service HBO GO.

As most of us are still in some form of lockdown or social distancing measures during this coronavirus pandemic, a beary big dose of pawsitivity is exactly what we need! Fans of WE BARE BEARS will have a chance to give a proper farewell to Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear, as the 70-minute TV movie wraps up the beloved Cartoon Network animated series after four memorable seasons.