Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Game Of Thrones" - HBO Asia's Epic Fantasy Series Not To Be Missed!

Lovers of medieval-like fantasy epics would not want to miss this wonderfully produced series on HBO called "Game of Thrones".

The show is based on esteemed writer George R.R. Martin's book series about seven houses vying for the Iron Throne, with the first season of the series following his first book "A Song On Ice and Fire" .

With seven kingdoms seated in different parts of the Westeros world, there is a whole bunch of colourful characters to love (or hate), and all kinds of politics thrown in the mix - including the sexual kind (which suits Red Dot Diva's pervy tastes just fine).

Not sure how pervy Red Dot Diva can get?? Read a Straits Times Life article about period dramas where she was quoted together with fellow fans, Here Be Geeks. (Page 1 here and Page 2)

Red Dot Diva says that there are proud and noble warriors, murderous spouses, witches, incestuous twins, a tomboy, over-protective mothers, creepy zombie-like creatures, regally beautiful direwolves and not to mention, a partying whoring dwarf of a prince.

One would think that too many characters spoil the tale. But in the case of "Game of Thrones", the complex characters are quite fully realized. And from what she had seen, she was impressed with the talents of the many more or less unknown but well-cast child actors. Of course, there is fan favourite Sean Bean (popularly known as Boromir in the "Lord of the Rings" movies.) who carried such a strong presence in the series as the honourable Lord Eddard Stark.

And one would also be surprised to find who they might end up falling in love with, and would be so, so heartbroken to see them face their fates. In Red Dot Diva's case, she roots for the tomboy and would love to have a Robb Stark and Jon Snow manwich, pretty please!

From the trailer, one can also admire the breathtaking sets and gorgeous art direction. They sure did not get stingy on the production values. And one could see that the wardrobe was also lovingly designed, giving each of the kingdoms a very distinct look and feel.

The TV series version of "Game of Thrones" was said to be quite close to the actual book. So Red Dot Diva warns that there is definitely lots of violence, sex, expletives and nudity. Maybe more than what "Asian sentiments" might be comfortable with.

How much this would actually be censored in the show's screening on HBO Asia is not known, although the cable channel has said that it will be rated NC16, with 3% of the episode being edited.

In any case, the series was pretty much a hit in the USA with a very dedicated fan base and so, Red Dot Diva was not surprised that it has been renewed for the second season.

And...  more awesome news have just been announced a few hours ago. "Game of Thrones" has been nominated for 13 Emmy awards, with Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series! One can check the list of nominations here! (Source: Blastr)

Very Hearty Congratulations to the GOT team! *Island Diva MWAH*

As the show nears the August 28th (9 pm Singapore time) premiere date on HBO Asia, the channel is all geared up with promos to garner more eyeballs for the series. There will be contests coming up and more exciting news -- so they say!

In order not to miss out on these goodies, Asian fans and viewers should follow HBO Asia's "Game of Thrones" here:
- Facebook page
- Twitter

If that is not enough social networking, Red Dot Diva's Twitter friend @ebrown2112 - the expert of celebrity stalking (in addition to "Law and Order") - has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of who from "Game of Thrones" to follow on Twitter. Check this out!!!

Just remember that Winter Is Coming while doing all that stalking.... and You Win or You Die!

Last but not least, one very lusty holler from Red Dot Diva: "King in the North!!!"

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