Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Comic Art Show 2011 - Day 2 For Geeks

Sundays are definitely lazy days.

Red Dot Diva suspected that there were probably many tipsy geeks nursing a gaming hangover last Sunday. Or maybe they were pious geeks who went to religious services in search of their souls. Or it could just be that a bunch of them got haplessly sucked into The Wormhole of Family Commitments.

'Coz from what Red Dot Diva heard, it was pretty quiet on Day 2 of Comic Art Show 2011.

But the real reason could just very well be that Red Dot Diva and her glittery aura wasn't there to help entice unsuspecting folks. She was busy that morning too -- catching up on her beauty sleep.

Surprisingly, Aravind Menon aka the Grammar Nazi (one of the villains from local comic "Salvation Sam") was awake enough to be at the Comic Art Show by 1 pm. He sure helped to keep the geek mode humming till Red Dot Diva arrived at the venue about 2.30 pm.

She immediately noticed that it was indeed less crowded than the day before. That didn't stop Comic Art Show organizer Alwyn Liang - who was in a black Smurf tee no less - strutting around the area like only a Boss can.

Not long after, ardent comic fan Andre came by the art show again, bringing copies of blank variant covers with him. This meant that Noval's and Rudy's biceps have gotta get busy again. Much to Red Dot Diva's delight. Because she simply likes to see artistic hands at work.

Andre opted for Noval to draw a Spiderman on one of the variant covers. And for his X-men comic, he decided to go with Emma Frost again. At a similar event earlier this year, he had requested Harvey Tolibao to draw him an Emma Frost. This time, it would be sketched by Rudy.

Noval drawing Spiderman for Andre
Rudy's sketch of Emma Frost
Andre with the Emma Frost sketch by Rudy

With fewer people milling around, it meant that the hardcore geeks and art supporters had lots of time to delve into their favourite subjects. Down to the minutest bits of detail possible.

Passionate comparisons between the various versions of Superman (in movies, TV and comics) were examined. And for the record, almost everyone stood by the fact that Christopher Reeve *is* Superman.

There were also deep discussions on why Ryan Reynolds should have just remained as Deadpool. And how good/ bad the various X-men movies were.

Things kicked up a notch when local comic geekette and cosplayer Victoria came by with her friend, Lester. The two purchased and commissioned quite a few items, including a Gambit drawing by Noval. Poor Victoria was jokingly censured for not coming to the Comic Art Show in full cosplay. And then, was later being bugged consistently (mostly by Nov-*cough*-al) to come to STGCC dressed as Black Canary. Hehehe.

Victoria and Lester with their stash from Noval

Towards the late afternoon, things suddenly got hopping for awhile when a small bunch of people wandered by to check things out. Red Dot Diva noticed that there was a guy who was amazed when he saw the original drawings by Mashi aka Wendy on the exhibition wall. He had thought they were merely prints. Red Dot Diva surmises he probably has a thing for Wonder Woman, for he requested Mashi to do a Wonder Woman sketch straight away.

Wendy doing a sketch

As evening crawled by, the pace slowed down again. So, it was decided to wrap things up at 5.30 pm. There were a couple of eagle-eyed, opportunistic folks who took the chance to bargain for some art pieces when they saw that the group was packing up. Red Dot Diva can testify that the Award for the Last Piece Sold went to Rudy Ao. It was his unique painting of Hulk vs Thing.

Before everyone went their separate ways, mandatory smiley group photos were taken to commemorate the event. It was too bad that Kelvin had already left a few hours earlier with his family. It would have been extra lovely to have him in the shot as well.

Diva and the artists and Alywn (Don't mess with Da Smurfy Boss!)
One can probably notice the very tired faces in the group pics. But with the overwhelming exhaustion, Red Dot Diva knew that all the artists gained a certain sense of achievement that weekend. And with that, the joy one feels when special connections are made with other fellow talented artists as well as lovers of comics and the arts.

Oh, and here's a pic of The Avengers art jam that the four artists did on Day 2 morning. It was signed and later given to the management of Wilkie Edge.

For Red Dot Diva, being at Comic Art Show 2011 was undoubtedly a very enriching way to spend a weekend. And she can't wait to see all her geek friends again at STGCC!


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A separate article on an interview with Kelvin Chan will be coming soon. In the meantime, one can head to his website to see more of his works.


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