Friday, September 30, 2011

Comics Review: Promising Potential In "Wonder Woman #1"

Red Dot Diva suspects local comic creator Aravind Menon probably loves it when he is being lassoo-ed by a buxom goddess who happens to be a strong character of her own.

Here's his take on the DC relaunch of "Wonder Woman #1":


Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The trinity of the DC Universe has often been regaled with multiple series, team-up books, movies and toys! Well, for Superman and Batman anyways. Wonder Woman's pretty much been staying at home and making soup.

Comics Review: Justice League Dark #1 - It's Freshly and Insanely Magical

There's a reason the word "dark" is in this comics series' title.

And in DC Comics' new title "Justice League Dark #1", which is part of the new DCU, Ian Austin (web-comic creator of "Death Boy" and "Tezzer") found the story with a magical twist surprisingly enjoyable.

Here are his thoughts:


In the wide reaches of the DC-verse, rarely did the Justice League meet an opponent they could not beat. This extended to magic foes, a concept which falls apart when you think about it. While they should overcome all odds, the magical aspect of DC has rarely been explored in a depth that fit with the rest of the universe... and thus it felt like their magical foes weren't really ALL THAT.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Comics Review: Nightwing #1 - Dick Grayson Returns As Nightwing

Comics review blog contributor Aravind Menon, who is also a local comic creator, welcomes the familiar return of Dick Grayson as Nightwing and gives his thoughts on the DC 52 reboot of "Nightwing #1".

Check out Aravind's own blog for other reviews! If one has comments, visit his blog, he will love to hear from you!


Dick Grayson represents the reader. It is simply who he is. He was introduced in 1940 for the primary purpose of giving young readers an anchor and readers of the universe have pretty much watched him grow up in a way that only Wally West, Barbara Gordon and Kyle Rayner have come close to rivaling.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NYCC 2011: Diva's Stalking Schedule Is Shaping Up!

The NYCC 2011 countdown begins! Only 19 days away!!

And this week, the full panel schedule was finally announced, with some interesting ones that Red Dot Diva will definitely be targetting for.

As NYCC is still primarily a comic convention, it has (thankfully) not been inundated with too much Hollywoody stuff. But if one is so inclined, there are still some cool TV/ movie-related panels to check out!

This is Red Dot Diva's first time at NYCC, so she is trying to balance things out during the convention weekend and trying not to pack too events in her schedule.

However, there are particular panels that Red Dot Diva simply *will not* ... *cannot* miss.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

STGCC 2011: Interview With Oh-No... Oh-YES! It's Andrew Bell!

It was on the second morning of STGCC 2011 that Red Dot Diva was scheduled to interview artist and toy designer Andrew Bell. There was supposed to be another blogger in the same interview slot but he was not able to attend. So *twoosh!* Red Dot Diva suddenly found herself with a one-on-one with Andrew by default.

Poor Andrew!

Lopping into the room with an easy genial smile, the lanky bespectacled Andrew unsuspectingly fell into Red Dot Diva's squee-trap.

And what transpired in the next 12 minutes became the most fun interview Red Dot Diva had that STGCC weekend. There was just so much amusement and laughter, and the easy rapport that she struck with the affable Andrew firmly assured his place as her STGCC 2011 #1 Squee.

Monday, September 19, 2011

SIFF 2011 - Charming And Quirky "Griff The Invisible"

Red Dot Diva has to admit, that being a major "True Blood" fan, it was Ryan Kwanten's name that first drew her to watch the indie film "Griff The Invisible" at the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) 2011.

She hasn't even heard of the movie before but the synopsis and trailer of the Aussie-made movie (directed by Leon Ford) seemed charming enough.

Partially anticipating an underdog turned superhero story like how most American superheroes tend to begin their gigs, Red Dot Diva was pleasantly surprised to find that "Griff The Invisible" was more of a gentle but twisted love story that thrives in the bubble of childlike imagination.

Socially inept dreamer Griff, is a shipping clerk by day, and bad-assed black-and-yellow latex-clad superhero by night. After work, Griff spends most of his lonely existence back at his small apartment scanning blinking monitors and cries for help with a heroic aim to "uphold justice and to defend the innocent".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Comics Review: An Intellectual Reboot For Superboy #1

"Death Boy" and "Tezzer" Web-comic creator and writer Ian Austin delves into the DC-52 relaunch of "Superboy #1" and was surprised to find it an entertaining, intellectual reboot of the character.

Find out what Ian thought of "Superboy #1" right here:


Most of my knowledge regarding Superboy comes from "Smallville", which doesn't speak much for my experiences and for any 'fan' status regarding the prior incarnations of this character. Or the character as formerly detailed in DC comics material.

The exceptions are his roles in "Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds" and "Blackest Night". But as that was solely focused on his ressurection in the former, and him spending a plethora of time being evil in the latter, I think it's safe to say that I, being borderline illiterate when it comes to the character, is the target for audience.

And I dug it.

Comics XChange 2011 -- More Local Flavour For This Comics Event

After the shrewdly mixed stew of East and West elements at the recent STGCC 2011, Red Dot Diva thinks it is a good time for something more local. Something laced with curry-flavour with generous portions of sambal belachan.

Comics XChange 2011, organised by the Association of Comic Artists Singapore (ACAS) in collaboration with Moontique & Story Kitchen, aims to be just that.

Held at the Goodman Arts Centre (90 Goodman Road) on 1st and 2nd October 2011 from 10am to 8pm daily, Comics XChange 2011 is holding a host of more locally-relevant programs, including panels and workshop/ seminars with a slant towards the business side of things.

Take a look at the menu offered during Comics XChange 2011:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Comics Review: The Good Stuff and Bad Stuff of Green Lantern #1

Rooting for the group of ring-powered superheroes is local comic creator and DC comics fan Aravind Menon, who has mixed sentiments regarding his views on DC 52's "Green Lanterns" #1.

Aravind will also be sending more of this thoughts on more comic releases here as well as his own blog!


I'm confused. The DCnU has me confused. A lot. And today was the big one. One of my favourite titles of the DCoU (are we calling the pre-Flashpoint DCU that yet?) is hitting up its own #1 this week. And I'm not sure how to feel.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comics Review: Red Lanterns #1 Is A Very Good Read

UK-based writer and co-creator of webcomic "Death Boy"
Ian Austin, returns to give his review of the DC new 52's "Red Lanterns" #1!

Ian will be contributing more comics reviews in the coming weeks!


Between Dex Starr, that terrific oath, and Atrocitus having a fantastic story, I've been fascinated about this title for months. Especially as the first inklings of this comic started pre-reboot. So it's something that has been examined from multiple angles, and was still pushed for an ongoing slot.

It also cements the Green Lantern verse as something to be reckoned with. Which is interesting, given how wide-reaching space is. The possibilities are certainly there for some interesting story avenues.

That said, I'm not a huge fan of anti-hero comics. So despite liking the Atrocitus character, I still had some reservations about this comic. Even if, as The Spectre noted, Atrocitus was on a holy mission.

STGCC 2011: Interview With Cutie Cosplayer Kipi

Red Dot Diva openly admits that this STGCC-related article and a few more following are long overdue. Do blame the delay on her mundane day job and busy life schedule. And erm.... other distractions.

But she thinks that fans of these subjects of interest would still enjoy the information and tidbits gathered that week.

Not being a major anime, game or cosplay enthusiast did not deter a curious Red Dot Diva from getting a little up-close and personal with popular international cosplayer Kipi, at the STGCC Media Preview a couple of days before the convention started.

Monday, September 12, 2011

RIP Andy Whitfield: Beautiful Warrrior of "Spartacus"

This piece of sad news came quite unexpectedly on Red Dot Diva's Facebook feed early this morning.

After an 18-month long battle with cancer, Andy Whitfield, the handsome Welsh-born actor, who shot to fame as the heroic Spartacus in the popular Starz period drama series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand", has passed away on Sunday.

Just before the second season of "Spartacus" was to begin filming, Andy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and after rounds of treatment, he had decided to give up the role for health reasons.

The role has now been taken over by Australian actor Liam McIntyre.

Friday, September 9, 2011

NYCC 2011 Squee Update - Mark Hamill Announced As Guest!

When this epic guest was announced for NYCC 2011 (13 - 16 October), Red Dot Diva couldn't help squeeing for a week.

This special guest embodies a lot of what began as a delightful journey for a then-10-year-old diva, who had been yearning for some kind of visual interpretation to a fantastical world that resided in her fertile imaginations. (Thanks to a healthy bookwormish diet of  fantasy, murder-mystery, myths/ legends and the Britannica encyclopedia.)

So when Red Dot Diva heard that Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker of the original Star Wars trilogy - will be attending as a guest at NYCC 2011, she vibrated with so much excitement she nearly flung herself into a galaxy far far away.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Comics Review: Digging The Return Of Batgirl

In this comics review, Red Dot Diva calls upon Ian Austin, a UK-based writer and co-creator of webcomic "Death Boy". He is also in the midst of getting another web-comic called "Tezzer" ready for readers!

An avid comics reader, Ian Austin is just now getting into the groove with the latest very widely anticipated incarnation of Batgirl by Gail Simone. Thanks to the new DC 52 relaunch.

Here's his review of "Batgirl" #1:


I'm not big on Batgirl knowledge. That's in relation to any of the characters.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Harvey Tolibao Event: Geeks Assemble At Planerds

That pesky Merlion sure has a drooly hold on comics artist Harvey Tolibao. It has been two weeks since STGCC 2011 closed its doors and he *still* has not left the Red Dot Island yet!

In fact, Harvey had landed himself in the NRD Prime Forcefield last Sunday afternoon, and was trapped there for a few hours doing signings and limited sketches for fans.

The event, held at Harris Planerds - the mecca for geeks right in the heart of Orchard Road - became a convenient venue for comics fans to assemble. Laid out in front of Harvey's table were colourful comics that contained his artwork, and fans could buy his pretty art prints of Avengers and Supergirl, as well as his limited edition sketchbook titled "Viscosity".

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comics Review: Goodbye Old DCU... and Hello To A New Justice League

It was an epic reboot that caused such grief amongst many DC readers and collectors, with many thrashing in anger at DC's announcement of a new 52 relaunch.

The hope to revive the comics industry with a new DCU for fresh and younger readers however, seemed to have taken off with a big bang this last Wednesday, with retailers reporting more than usual numbers of orders and many of the titles going into a third reprint.

Red Dot Diva thinks there should be no one other than an ardent DC comics reader who should be giving his honest thoughts about the old and new DCU for this blog article.

Aravind Menon, creator of local superhero comics "Salvation Sam", has been reading DC comics since he was 8 after his first exposure to DC characters through Bruce Timm's "Batman: The Animated Series" and Tim Burton's movies alongside the Adam West series.

The Green Lantern umbrella of titles has been his favourite for almost 6 years now. And he considers the Justice Society his favourite superhero team and faithfully collected the Goyer and Johns run and followed the series even after Goyer left.

Here is Aravind's review on the final issue of "Flashpoint" and the new "Justice League #1":

Saturday, September 3, 2011

STGCC 2011: Diva Stalking The Elseworlds Booth

The Elseworlds booth at STGCC 2011 started off as a humble idea to offer support to the convention by hosting Marvel artist Mico Suayan and local indie chibi artist Wendy Chew (aka Mashi).

The booth later became the artistic umbrella for two more Marvel guest artists who hailed from the Philippines - Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan. And with that added number of talents, Elseworlds became one of the "must-stops" for comics or graphic arts fans at the convention.