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Introducing Mashi: Eye-poppingly Cute & Sexy Pinup Art

It was at STGCC 2010 when Red Dot Diva first stumbled upon Mashi’s booth at Artists’ Alley.

The brilliantly-coloured booth named “Pin-Up Gals” was manned by perky-looking Mashi and friend, and was surrounded by lots of cartoony pop-art images.

At first glance, Red Dot Diva thought Mashi’s artwork was all feminine-sweet, sugar and spice. Upon closer look however, she was delighted to note that some of them had a deliciously fair amount of nudity, blood and spatter. The incongruous mix of images was superb to behold.

Mashi (aka Wendy) grew up filling her visual mind with Disney princesses and the 80’s cartoons, like "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". Her fondness for animated art spurred her to begin drawing at a very young age. This later developed to a love for pin-up art.

Her main forte is the full-figured female form ranging from the Bambi-eyed innocents to the sexy and naughty. As expected, Mashi’s deviantart page is visited by many fanboys who appreciate her unique art style.

Mashi’s art stands out amongst all the action-filled comic book art out there. And Red Dot Diva firmly believes that Mashi deserves a super-sparkly signal boost. So, she spent a rather giggly night out at a bayside Starbucks with Mashi for a quick interview.

Red Dot Diva: When was the first time you realized that you fell in love with drawing?
Mashi: During my childhood days when I started to watch Disney cartoons. It started with the Little Mermaid and I liked her so much that I began to draw her a lot. That cartoon also got me into drawing girls.

Red Dot Diva: Did you start drawing on your own or did you attend classes to learn how to draw?
Mashi: Mostly on my own. It was only during the school holidays that my parents sent me to art classes - just to keep me occupied.

Red Dot Diva: Have you ever submitted any of your drawings for contests?
Mashi: I did. Do you remember a long time ago there was a Friday paper printed especially for students? There was a contest that gave you a caption and asked you to continue with a drawing. I joined that one and for four weeks, my drawings got chosen and featured for my submissions.

Red Dot Diva: Did you keep any of those clippings?
Mashi: No, I threw them away. I should have kept them and showed them as part of my portfolio.

Red Dot Diva: Who has inspired you most in recent times, artistically speaking?
Mashi: I would have to say that it is Bruce Timm. Previously, I usually drew my art in a very cartoonish Disney kind of way. Then one day, my friend introduced me to Bruce Timm’s art, which I thought was very stylized and interesting. So I decided to incorporate that kind of technique to my art.

Red Dot Diva: How would you describe your art style?
Mashi: Cute and sexy. Lately, I have been thinking that the figures of the female characters kinda resemble me because they have big thighs and are mostly pear-shaped.
Red Dot Diva frowned and remarked: I really don’t quite see the resemblance!
Mashi laughs.

Red Dot Diva: Which of your drawings do you think would best represent yourself then?
Mashi flipped through her sketchbook and picked out a violent-looking artwork (pic on left) and said: This one. It is more of my inner-self. My outward self tends to look happy most of the time.

I drew this particular art when I was taking a nap at home, and then suddenly, there was this construction drilling from the apartment upstairs. I felt so mad that I woke up and vented my frustration by drawing... and this was the result!

Red Dot Diva: What are your strong points when it comes to your illustrations/ art-style?
Mashi: My art may look more cartoony or kiddish in comparision to many of the artists who chose to draw their figures in actual correct proportions. Yet, because of this, it has attracted the attention of many people because it is very stylized and different from most.

Red Dot Diva: And how do you think you can further improve yourself?
Mashi: I need to learn and practise how to draw guys better. I am still trying to find a suitable style and shape for the guy characters that will look good together with my female ones. I also need to make my art more interesting in terms of perspectives.

Red Dot Diva: What do you use to render your artwork to the final result?
Mashi: I draw my graphics on paper then I scan it in to the computer. I use Adobe Flash to clean the image. And then, if I need any special effects, I will use Photoshop to add them in.

Red Dot Diva: Tell us, what is your next gig?
Mashi: I am exhibiting my art at the Comic Art Show this July together with artists Noval and Rudy. It will be held at Wilkie Edge. If anyone wants me to do sketches on that day, I’ll be glad to oblige!

Red Dot Diva: Will you be creating and presenting any special pieces for the art show?
Mashi: I hope to. Right now I am rushing to finish my new art book which will be released exclusively for this year’s STGCC. Once I’ve finished with that in July, I hope to work on some special drawings for the art show. The theme for the art show is superheroes for the art show and I am intending to draw my version of some superheroines.

Red Dot Diva: At this point in your life, what are your aspirations?
Mashi: I hope to showcase my art at more comic cons in different places to get more exposure and also, to meet up with people who love my art.

Mashi will be featuring her cute and sexy chibi-styled drawings at the upcoming Crossroads: Comic Art Show 2011 held at Wilkie Edge this July. (Check out information on the art show at this blog post here!)

And she sends a sweet video invitation to visit her at the coming art show!

Don't worry. Red Dot Diva is quite certain Mashi won't be bringing a bloody chainsaw to the art show

She hopes.


View more of Mashi's art at her Deviantart page!

Special thanks to Alywn for editing the video!

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