Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heroes Reborn!! NBC Revives Show With Mini-Series To Air in 2015!

By all accounts, it was going to be a lazy Sunday with Red Dot Diva expecting to be peacefully Home Alone, enjoying her braincells turning into mush before another hectic work week begins.

But it was not meant to be.

Around noon Red Dot Island time, her Twitter feed exploded with news of "Heroes Reborn". NBC has decided to use the Winter Olympics coverage to air a special teaser. The network was going to reboot the popular TV series "Heroes" with a 13-episode mini-series 2015 produced by creator Tim Kring, complete with a new set of characters and very possibly, some of the fan faves from the original series.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Diva's Top 5 Favourite Versions of Disney's "Let It Go" From "Frozen"

Just about everyone knows how memorable Disney songs can be. Sung not only by the heroines in the animated movies, the tunes are regaled by villains, woodland creatures, enchanted pieces of household items and even bright-red crustaceans.

So it was no surprise that there was a hit song which emerged from Disney's latest hit movie, "Frozen".

The movie itself took a different turn from past Disney tales, focusing on the bonds of sisterhood and other feminist themes, rather than just a fairytale romance. However, as groundbreaking as some of the progressive plotlines were, Red Dot Diva thought "Frozen" had its flaws - like the lack of Elsa time and other than that one song in particular, she felt that the rest of the soundtrack was pretty forgettable.

That one song was Elsa's liberating theme song "Let It Go", belted out by Idina Menzel, who has won a Tony Award winner for her portrayal of Elphaba in "Wicked".

Little girls from all over the world (many of which had the chance to listen to the song sung in their own native language!) and women, took to the anthem like moths to a flame. Even many men (fathers of daughters, especially) fell prey to the song's strong musical hook and message.

Monday, February 10, 2014

AXN Asia's Very Special "Sherlock" Screening Marathon on 23 February!

For the last few years, the latest and most comtemporary incarnation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book character Sherlock Holmes has taken pop-culture audiences around the world by storm.

The BBC TV series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, and simply entitled "Sherlock", stars Brit fan favourites Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Red Dot Diva has to be confess: she is not a big fan of the series. Being a hardcore ACD book nerd, she has her own personal reasons for not enjoying the new "Sherlock" as much as she thinks she should. But, there is one thing she cannot fault about the series - the solid acting of Cumberbatch and Freeman (and many of the other supporting/ guest actors).... And the silver foxiness of Inspector Lestrade/ Rupert Graves .... *bites quivering lower lip*

A Hot Inspectory Silver Fox

Sunday, February 9, 2014

SDCC 2014: A Pretty Smooth Pre-Registration

A major hurdle of the San Diego Comic-Con registration process was cleared yesterday.

From the looks of it, the new pre-registration process went on pretty smoothly.

With the ample two-hour time block for people to login to the EPIC waiting room and assigning random queue numbers to those there, the horrible server outages of previous years were more or less resolved.

Red Dot Diva noticed significantly fewer frustrated cries of people unable to login at all, even though there were a number who said they had been booted out of the waiting room or faced error messages. It was also interesting to point out that the waiting room queue numbers allocated were indeed truly random. Some people who entered the waiting room later ended up being near the front of the actual ticket purchasing process. So, as long as one managed to log into the waiting room, it was really all The Hunger Games "reaping" like.

Friday, February 7, 2014

SDCC 2014: Countdown To Pre-Registration Day On 8 February!

Tick tock, tick tock...

After a long long looooonnnnnnnnnng wait, pre-registration for this year's biggest and craziest geek event, San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), will kick off at 9 AM Pacific Time on Saturday, 8 February.

That's just a few hours away!

For the last few years, pre-registration (i.e. the time when people who had attended the previous year's SDCC try to get their passes online) have always been held before November.

This year, the online process has been scheduled unusually late - only 5 months ahead of the convention dates of 23 to 27 July.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Noise Singapore 2014 Is Calling For Submissions!

Red Dot Diva first noticed something called Noise Singapore back in 2012, when she stumbled upon an artistic showcase held at a space in ION's Basement level during her lunch hour.

The next year, the exhibition returned to ION Basement. This time, it had expanded to include a section on photography. She also noticed, that the level of art drawings were even better and visually memorable, like those manga-steampunk-mecha ones by NAFA graduate Gilang Andrian, and the cute very tongue-in-cheek ones, like the Milo Dinosaur by PuffingMuffin or the whimsically illustrated Enimalphabets by Aderyl Tan.

The free postcards promoting Noise Singapore 2013 were prettier than the previous year's too. It was too bad that Red Dot Diva missed out on the t-shirt giveaways but hey, maybe she will have a chance this year! (Dear Noise Singapore, will there be free t-shirts again?)

Because Noise Singapore is set to be back in 2014, creating more noise and more exposure for young artists. In fact, the initiative which is set up by the National Arts Council, is now calling for submissions.