Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Space, MN" Gets Freaky And Ready

Lovers of non-superheroes tales and conspiracy theories, or simply creepy things, would enjoy an upcoming graphic novel called "Space, MN".

There is something very weird going on in Space lately. And its small town cops are trying their best to figure out what is the cause of all these. As expected, there are nosy journalists and wily politicians involved in the fray. And as the story progresses, it all begins to reek of something ominous and things get as mysterious as the Cheshire Cat.

Speaking about cats... Red Dot Diva thinks she has probably come across one of the creepiest in "Space, MN". *shudder*

If one could recall, Red Dot Diva had an interview with one of the creators Shawn DePasquale, in April earlier this year. At that time, the novel was in the process of being coloured. (Read the previous interview and some preview pages here.)

The pages are now fully-coloured and the palette chosen by colourist Chandran Ponnusamy is interestingly inky and moody. Which suits the story just fine.

Thanks to Shawn, Red Dot Diva got her grabby hands on a preview copy and she fell in love with a couple of the surprise freak-factors. ... *delicious shudder*...

So, she thinks it is about time to poke Shawn's brain again and see what other freaky things might be residing in there:


Red Dot Diva: Did you mould any of the characters in "Space, MN" based on any one you know? Which ones?
Shawn: Nope. These were all people who I created from scratch, so to speak. I generally don't use people I know as the basis for characters.

Red Dot Diva: There are some really freaky moments in "Space, MN". What was the freakiest encounter you've ever faced with?
Shawn: When I was about 8 years old I was at my older cousin's High School football game. I was bored and playing around on the bleachers when a group of high school kids decided it would be hilarious to scare the shit out of me by yelling and running at me. I screamed "STRANGER DANGER!" and ran back to the safety of my parents.

Red Dot Diva: This comic took a long time brewing. What has been the most frustrating aspects in writing this comic?
Shawn: The writing was easy. The most frustrating aspect has been find the right artist, waiting for the artist once I found him and then waiting for the colorist. That said, Bruno wasn't lazy just a lot of conflicts with timing.

Red Dot Diva: What do you do when you are faced with writers' block?
Shawn: I punch it in the taint because there's no such thing as writers' block. If I DO get stuck on a story or a beat I make sure to either move past it and circle back later or I have enough projects brewing at once that I can switch gears to another book and come back fresh to tackle the problem.

Red Dot Diva: This is the first time you've worked with Bruno Oliveira. An artist's visual interpretation of the story can be rather different from a writer's. Was there any aspect of his drawings that caused you to re-think something that you've already wrote or imagined in your mind - e.g. the way a character or scenery looks?
Shawn: Everything I wrote and had in my brain Bruno somehow was able to draw. It was uncanny. I still worry he has mind-reading powers or something and that he's stolen my bank account numbers from the recess of my brain.

Red Dot Diva: Will we be seeing you in any of the comic conventions this year?
Shawn: YES! I will FOR SURE be at San Diego Comic Con at the Arcana booth.

Red Dot Diva: So tell us, when will "Space, MN" be released?

Ya lucky SDCC buggers. Do go say hello to Shawn at the Arcana booth and blow him a kiss for the Red Dot Diva.

If anyone is able to grab a copy at the Arcana booth for Red Dot Diva, she promises to send that person a wandering white cat.


Click here for Shawn Depasquale's website. Or find him on Twitter!
Artist Bruno Oliveira is also available on Twitter.

Plus, if one wants to follow the squad at "Space, MN" or call them for emergencies, one can find them on Facebook! Officer Liz Telson is also available on Twitter!

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