Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harvey Tolibao and The Merlion - Part 2

Curious about Harvey Tolibao's thoughts on the Merlion variant cover that he drew for STGCC 2011? Watch the Part 1 video for his honest views!

Many fans were excited to find out that Harvey will be releasing a special sketch book during STGCC. Count that as one more reason to come to the convention - to meet cheery and personable Harvey in person at the Marvel booth!

Red Dot Diva had more geekified discussions with Harvey that same night about the spate of superhero movies that were released lately. Harvey introduced the term "comic aficionados" and proceeded to share his frank views about the various comic book movies.

In addition, he also reveals what his next projects are going to be!

Check out Part 2 of the video interview!

It does seem that the Merlion tends to get a hold of Harvey every time he's on the Red Dot Island. For he stayed on for another few extra days this time round again. And it won't be long before Harvey's back here for STGCC.

There will be more amusing Harvey vids coming up on this blog real soon, featuring another guest artist plus a couple of Psylockes!

Look out for them!


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Special thanks to "my Jimmy Olsen" - Alywn for filming and editing the video!

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