Sunday, July 24, 2011

SlamCon 2011 - An Inclusive Con Party!

Todd and the beautiful SArmy ladies!
Tired of not getting invited for all those hoity-toity exclusive con-parties during SDCC??

Then, there's always SlamCon!

"Heroes" actors and comic geeks Todd Stashwick, Brea Grant, comic artist Dennis Calero kick-started a casual party at the Hyatt Hotel, mezzanine bar at 9 pm last night! Together with them was "Warehouse 13" writer, Deric A. Hughes.

Many of Red Dot Diva's Twitter buddies like @Mabetini, @doubleshiny, @TsarMaxii, @beckyb731, @wikkibird, @TheReal_Rebel and @ebrown2112 joined in the geeky carousing, kicking it back with drinks and having a swell time with the crowd. Todd even called @Giddy4Gideon on the phone to say hi!

And there was even a great view of the fireworks at the marina! View Todd's twitvid where he and Brea say hi!

Other folks like "Heroes" producer Foz McDermott and writer Jose Molina ("Firefly", "Terra Nova") joined in later to party up with the rest too.

With such a laid back, easy-going mix of creators, celebs, well-known geeks and just down-to-earth fans, it's already becoming one of the best SDCC 2011 party ever. ;)

Red Dot Diva thinks that Todd, Brea, Dennis and the crew should try to do this for every convention they are at and get it to be is Devilish as possible.

After all, conventions are about having fun, meeting new people and making friends!!

PS: Don't forget to say hello to Todd and Dennis at their "Devil Inside" booth #FF-05 at Artist Alley. "Devil Inside" the webcomic was launched at SDCC last year, which makes this their 1st year anniversary!

Brea Grant will also be signing on Sunday with brother Zane Grant, Missy Suicide, David Hahn and Cameron Stewart for Suicide Girls at IDW's Booth #2643 at 12 pm!

Have an all-out geek-style FUN for Red Dot Diva, y'all!! *MWAH*!!

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  1. I LOVE this idea. I am really considering SDCC next year and hope they do this again!