Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Psych-Out! .. Live at Comic Con

The first day of Comic Con 2010 was USA Network day for Red Dot Diva. Together with Evil Twin @_mriel, they turned up at the line outside the convention centre at 5.30 am for Ballroom 20. Just so that they could be up front for the panels. Even though Ballroom 20 was not as cavernous as Hall H, it was still a very large venue that could hold about 4,000 people.

The panels didn't start early either. Red Dot Diva and @_mriel doggedly stayed in line and waited for about 7 hours before we could enter Ballroom 20. "Burn Notice" was slated to be the first at 1 pm, followed by "White Collar" at 2.15pm and finally "Psych" at 3.30pm.

Out of the three, Red Dot Diva thought that the "Psych" panel was by far the most light-hearted and entertaining.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playing With Germs

... becomes less dangerous and more cuddly with GIANTMicrobes.

All of us get sick once in awhile. Some unfortunately, get seriously sick with a killer virus or a debilitating disease.

In any case, Red Dot Diva asks: Do you know what those nasty microbes really look like?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diva-Smooches To Mabes and SArmy!

... for this lovely glittery spankin' new header that suits the tone of the blog really well!!

Just look at that shiny image above!

Thanks to the sweet classy @Mabetini for helping the Red Dot Diva out.

BTW, @Mabetini helped created Sylars_Army (or SArmy.. maybe soon renamed to ZArmy) -- a sanctioned Zachary Quinto fan group that raises money for charities - like The Epilepsy Foundation and more recently, the drive to help Haiti. There will be charity drives, contests, and auctions from time to time.

Red Dot Diva gives a strong stamp of Red Dot approval for SArmy. Join the SArmy, or buy some of their merchandise and help make a difference!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Supernatural Spoilers From Comic Con

After the “Smallville” panel, the crowd moved about trying to find new seats.

A woman from the backstage crew came out holding the name cards for the “Supernatural” panel. Now up until the point, the only people who were confirmed as panel members were executive producers Sara Gamble and Ben Edlund.

Knowing everyone was watching her, she placed the cards for the producers, and then stood at the empty spots waiting to place the cards for the cast. All eyes were on her, as she slooooowly placed the card for Jensen Ackles. Followed by Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver and lastly Misha Collins!

A Darker Nikita - Preview Screening at Comic Con

It has always been a tradition for the last few years that there will be a special screening on Comic Con's Preview Night. This year, WB decided to promote CW's "Nikita" - their remake of that popular TV show "La Femme Nikita" from many years back.

After many hours of waiting in line and making our cursory preview round of the exhibit hall, Red Dot Diva and her pal, @eserei27 decided to rest their tired feet and bums at the cavernous Ballroom 20 where the "Nikita" preview screening was held.

After watching the "Nikita" pilot, it felt that Red Dot Diva found that it wasn't so much a remake, but more a sequel to the original series.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meeting Mark Sheppard at Comic Con

Mark with talkative fan
I met Mark Sheppard!!!

I don’t know who you are, but if you own a television set you would have seen Mark Sheppard. He was Romo Lampkin (Baltar’s attorney) on "Battlestar Galactica", the Ring Director in "Chuck", Ivan Erwich on "24", and Crowley on "Supernatural". He also made appearances in "Warehouse 13", "Firefly", "Medium" and more. Of interest to me, he plays Sterling – the team’s recurring nemesis – on "Leverage", which had me wishing for a surprise appearance at the panel but no dice.

No worries, though, because I went to see him on Friday. I thought he was going to be signing from 2 p.m. to whatever time, but he was actually around from 10 a.m. to 2:30. When I got to his booth, he was cleaning up the space (I thought he was setting up) and his 11-12 year old son was waiting around for him. There was this older guy standing there chatting him up. There was still a line for him, even though he was trying to get away, and I stood at the end of the line patiently awaiting my turn.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Surprise Guest at the Smallville Comic Con Panel

The San Diego Convention Center's Ballroom 20 was filled to maximum capacity on Sunday, 25 July, in excited anticipation for the caliber of panels scheduled that day.

First to begin was "Smallville". I was lucky enough to manage 4th row center.

To start the panel the moderator, Geoff Johns, came out on stage to announce they that were going to show a recap of the past 9 seasons and a glimpse into Season 10 – The final season. This was expected of course, however the snippets shown for season 10 made it look be an AWESOME year!

(Note: There may be some Season 10 spoilers!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gaining Leverage at Comic Con

No clue what Wil Wheaton is doing here but it's cute!
One of the Comic Con panels that I was most looking forward to was "Leverage". I’ve seen every episode and I’m completely in love with Christian Kane, who plays Eliot on the show.

This was one of the few panels that I can honestly say – even sitting in line was fun. The Community panel was going to be in the same room much later in the day, and while we sat in line, Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Chevy Chase each walked past us.

When we finally got into the room, my friend, Maxii, and I made it for the second row at the front of the room. I think it’s Comic Con’s cruel joke on its attendees that the entry doors to every room are ALWAYS in the far back of the room so that everyone has to run and jostle for position once the doors open.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Comic Con Virgin No More

It used to be a niche convention for all things nerdy and geeky. A place where only hardcore comic fans from all over the world gathered in troves once a year.

In recent years, Hollywood and electronic games companies entered the scene, and the San Diego Comic Convention has now exploded into mega proportions.

Hardcore geeks may moan about the loss of their previously sacred hunting ground but folks like Red Dot Diva, who is not from the USA and loves all things pop-culture and media (and yes! that includes comics!) has now found a really good excuse to take a geeky holiday in San Diego.