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Introducing Rudy: Astroundingly Intricate Artwork

Just astounding. Simply astounding.

Red Dot Diva was shown a couple of Rudy Ao's sketches a couple of months back, and she could see that the details in Rudy's artwork are extremely intricate. It is obvious that he invests a great amount of time to his craft.

One way to check Rudy's pieces in real life is to come down to Wilkie Edge for the Comic Art Show 2011 on 30 - 31 July, and to see him do his drawings in person!

Like fellow artist Noval Hernawan, who will also be making an appearance in the same art show, Rudy is originally from Indonesia. And get this - Rudy graduated from university in architecture!

Rudy was actually a consultant for architecture and interior designing projects for many years. He even taught the subjects plus comic art to students from 1998 to 2002. While still working full-time in architectural, interior and landscaping design with an international firm called Belt Collins, Rudy made sure he found time to indulge in side projects doing illustrations, games and movie concepts.

Then, in 2010, Rudy decided to start a comic studio with some friends in Semarang, Indonesia named House of Imagi and later, decided to move to Singapore hoping for better exposure.

Red Dot Diva was told that Rudy is a man of few words, but he was very eager to share in text about his love for comics and its art form.

Red Dot Diva: When was the first time you realized you’ve fallen in love with drawing?
Rudy: Since I was a kid, I loved watching superhero cartoons like "Space Ghost", "The Young Samson", "Shazam", and so on. After watching the shows, I tried to make impressions of the characters by sketching. That is when I begin to love drawing and comics.

Red Dot Diva:When was the first memory of you and anything related to comics?
Rudy: My older brother likes reading comics, and I liked to read with him and draw all the characters!

Red Dot Diva: You have done many different things including games/ movie concept and even architectural work. What is it about drawing comics that is so special to you?
Rudy: If I could just draw comics, I would! Drawing comics is indeed special to me, but there is little prospect in drawing comics in Indonesia, which was why I branched out into other areas.

Red Dot Diva: Being a comic artist is pretty competitive these days. So how do you ensure that you keep yourself marketable and visible?
Rudy: Well, I don't think of drawing comics as a competition for money in terms of commissions or job. What is important for me is the satisfaction I get from drawing comics - maybe I cannot make a steady income out of it, but it is an interest that is important and special for me.

Rudy: Drew Struzan, Norman Rockwell, Alex Ross and Boris Valezo are definitely at the top of my list.

Red Dot Diva: Name us your artistic inspirations.Red Dot Diva: What / Who do you like to draw best?
Rudy: Thor and Superman!

Red Dot Diva: And what/ who do you like to draw least?
Rudy: Hmmm, that would be Spiderman - because I don't like drawing the web suit! Hahaha

Red Dot Diva: What do you use to render your artwork to the final result? Any special software or process that you like to use?
Rudy: If I had the time, I would hand paint. But because I have a pretty busy schedule, I usually paint digitally because it is much faster. My favorite programs to use would be Adobe Photoshop, ArtRage Pro and Corel Painter.

Red Dot Diva: Tell us a bit more about your company House of Imagi?
Rudy: The House of Imagi is an art house that I started a year ago in 2010 with friends, and we worked on Haliger, Australian Comic Education, the 3D cartoon film "Chronicle of Java" and several comic covers.

Red Dot Diva: How did you get involved to do Comic Art Show 2011?
Rudy: I met Noval and Alwyn last year at STGCC 2010, and when I met them again this year after I moved to Singapore, they offered me to showcase my work at the upcoming Comic Art Show 2011.

Red Dot Diva: Will you be preparing or showing anything special at Comic Art Show 2011?
Rudy: Of course! But it wouldn't be a surprise if I tell you now! Hahahaha..

Red Dot Diva: What are your next projects?
Rudy: My next project is my own comic consisting of characters I created. I've visualized this comic a long time ago.... It is a mix of magic, fantasy and horror all in one.

Wow. A man of many artistic talents indeed and even with a possible creation up his sleeve.

Now that Red Dot Diva has introduced everyone to the three artists involved in The Comic Art Show 2011, one can already appreciate that each of them - Mashi, Noval and Rudy - has a distinct style of their own. She is sure fans who drop by will find something visually exciting to connect to.

So, don't miss the indie art event happening in two week's time! Ask a few more friends or family members to come along too. Plus, it will be a fun opportunity to meet and hang out with fellow comic fans.

Certainly, Red Dot Diva will be there moseying around with her camera and recorder, and she hopes to meet and catch up her readers there!!


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His wonderful art can also be found at his Deviatnart page. Click here!

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  1. As a man who puts his heart into the matter, I wish Rudy Ao every success and good luck for Comic Art Show 2011.