Monday, July 4, 2011

Harvey Tolibao And The Merlion - Part 1

Talented comic artist and fan favourite Harvey Tolibao, who is known for his swift sketching skills, seems to becoming one of Red Dot Island's frequent visitors.

Red Dot Diva was surprised to find that Harvey was a guest at last Friday night's dinner at Iluma. She thought it was coincidental that his visit came so soon after the announcement of the Merlion-istic STGCC-only comic variant for "Captain America #1" (by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven). After all, Harvey was the artist for the variant cover!

Together with Harvey, Alywn Liang, Andre Chee and Harvey's girlfriend Juli, Red Dot Diva made valiant attempts to slurp down a very salty bowl of Japanese ramen while having a geeky time catching up with the rest. The second activity was definitely far easier.

As usual, Harvey was in high spirits and all smiles. In fact, he had lost some weight and looked pretty fit too.

After the casual dinner, the group made a jaunt to TCC Clarke Quay for coffee, where a mini autograph session took place.

While lots of geeky talk was being made, the group unexpectedly bumped into Alwyn's friend - a French guy named Francois - who saw the comic books being signed and took a curious interest in Harvey's work.

Right there and then at our riverside table, Harvey did a superb sketch of Silver Surfer and immediately acquired a new fan.

Throughout the night, several questions were being bandied around about a certain local icon and so it was decided that an impromptu video interview be filmed at a nearby Burger King. (Note to self: That is why one has to look as Red Dot Diva-ready as possible at all times.)

Foremost in many comic fans' minds is definitely *that* question about the variant cover featuring *that* fishy-tailed creature, so Red Dot Diva got her toes dangerously wet and nabbed some very frank answers, courtesy from Harvey himself.

(No iconic emblems were harmed during the making of this video)

And that was Part 1, kindly "sponsored" by Heaven and Earth Green Tea.

Red Dot Diva says there are more frank answers coming up in Part 2!


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Special thanks to "my Jimmy Olsen" - Alywn for filming and editing the video!

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