Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comic Art Show 2011 - Day 1 Was Buzzing!

Set in the arty part of the Bras Basah-Selegie area, Wilkie Edge was a nice quiet spot to host an indie-styled Comic Art Show.

Red Dot Diva strolled in about 2 pm and immediately spotted a couple of familiar faces. To her surprise, several art pieces were already sold, leaving empty spaces on the exhibition wall! And a few more which were still on the wall, were already tagged with orange "SOLD" stickers. Wow.

This was just 4 hours into the opening of the exhibition. A great start to a local show focused on comic art!

She has seen some sneak peeks of the drawings by the talented artists - Noval Hernawan, Rudy Ao, Wendy Chew (aka Mashi) and Kelvin Chan - but it was still wonderful to see the drawings up close in real life.

The people from Reed Exhibition were also there at a small booth selling tickets to the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention. Placed on the table were Star Trek Captain Kirk action figures and DC posters which were dangled as ticket-baits to casual passersby and visitors.

The four artists were seated in two separate tables opposite the exhibition wall, and most of them were busy concentrating on drawing commissions artwork by fans.

Red Dot Diva has already met Wendy a couple of times but haven't met the other three artists yet, even though she has exchanged digital words with both Noval and Rudy. And it was Rudy who had the biggest, brightest smile when he recognized Red Dot Diva as she strode up to his booth.

Diva meets Kelvin Chan
Local artist Kelvin Chan was the last artist to join in the Comic Art Show and hence, Red Dot Diva could not catch him for an interview prior to the event. So, when there was a lull in the crowd later afternoon yesterday, she quickly lured Kelvin aside to have a nice chat with him and get to know him better. Do look out for a separate interview blog piece on the very busy artist!

For the rest of the afternoon, Red Dot Diva was happy to note that there was a consistent flow of people stopping by to view the art piecs and talk to the artists. Some were folks from the local geek crowd whom she already know - like @sarahcoldheart and her friends, Andre, Chew, Jon, Ryan and the gang from Salvation Sam. What was nice to see were the new faces - who may have merely passed by but were intrigued by the eye-catching drawings displayed around the area.

As she spent time chatting with her friends, and taking photos, Red Dot Diva never fails to be constantly amazed just watching the artists "do their thang". They make it look so easy!!

Rudy sketching Thor

So if one is curious, what were some of her favourite pieces at the Comic Art Show?? Here are pics of some of them!

Elektra by Mashi

Thor by Rudy

Yoda by Kelvin

Cyborg-Superman by Noval

Red Dot Diva also had fun tweeting pics of some of the art pieces out to her followers, and some comic fans overseas were rather interested in the art-styles of the folks here.

If one is a comic creator who has stumbled upon this blog article or Red Dot Diva's tweets, and is interested in any of the artwork by the four artists, feel free to drop her a note or comment. And she will definitely try to get you in contact with Kelvin, Noval, Rudy or Wendy!

Oh. Oops.. .time sure does fly. Red Dot Diva has better get going. She's gotta quickly get her sexy butt down to Wilkie Edge again for Day 2 of Comic Art Show!

Come back soon for a report and more pics!

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