Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Gone Case" Creators Answer Diva's Questions

Think local and one may haplessly have Jack Neo's movies in mind, as well as the incessantly repetitive Channel 8 Chinese serial dramas. Or even worse, have mental images of that *gasp* gratingly annoying Singlish-spouting contractor who's "best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam".

Therefore, it is with much relief, that Red Dot Diva is now able to replace these mental pictures with a realistic yet heartwarming story that's identifiably local.

The story she is referring to is the graphic novel "Gone Case" written by Dave Chua and illustrated by Koh Hong Teng.

The graphic novel, which was launched at STGCC 2010, is based on the book by Dave Chua, which was first published in 1997. The book received the commendation award at the Singapore Literature Prize 1996.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

C2E2 2011 - More Geekery in Chicago

For those in the Midwest, C2E2 2011 will be back in Chicago with more geeky shennanigans on the weekend of March 18-20!

With a sub-theme of pop-culture + food, one of the highlights in this year's C2E2 is a special fine-dining date with some fantastic Marvel folks at Topolobampo, owned by Top Chef Master Rick Bayless. The Marvel guests are C.B. Cebulski (VP/ talent scout/ writer/ intrepid foodie), Brian Michael Bendis (comic creator) and Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer).

Click here for the details! Tickets at USD 500 each will go on sale on January 27. Only 8 lucky fans will get to enjoy this special opportunity.

Red Dot Diva is already salivating at the thought of yummy nom noms, and she is sure that these guys make fabulous dinner company. Unfortunately, she will not be able to teleport herself to Chicago this March.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Gone Case" - Book Signing At Kinokuniya

Always on the look out for a refreshing read, Red Dot Diva got to know of the locally-created graphic novel "Gone Case" from a few blog articles around the time of STGCC 2010.

Unfortunately, because she was busy doing a one-diva-show during STGCC, she missed grabbing a copy of "Gone Case" at the booth hosted by writer Dave Chua and artist Koh Hong Teng. So, she reminded herself on her frequently updated to-do list, that she should get a copy of the graphic novel after the STGCC weekend.

It was only after Christmas that Red Dot Diva managed to grab herself a copy of "Gone Case", and after reading just three pages into the graphic novel, she was hooked.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

About Robots and Vikings with Ivan Brandon - Part 2

Isn't it really nice when one gets into a kind of rhythm when chatting about topics that two people are passionate about?

That was how energizing it was when Red Dot Diva engaged comic creator Ivan Brandon in a 30-minute conversation the Saturday afternoon of STGCC Day 2.

Ivan, who had previously seemed quite solemnly intense to her, was slowly beginning to reveal an intriguingly more insightful and perceptive side as the interview progressed.

After talking about how he started out in comics and his experience meeting "NYC Mech" fans here to TV being his second favourite medium, Red Dot Diva decided to tune into his "editor psyche".

Friday, January 14, 2011

About Robots and Vikings with Ivan Brandon - Part 1

It all began with a harmless online sideswipe on Twitter relating to the sticky topic of chewing gum which Red Dot Island is internationally notorious for. And that was how Red Dot Diva had her first brush with well-known graphic novels writer/ editor, Ivan Brandon. Digital-style.

Ivan Brandon made his name as one of the creators for the robotic-"NYC Mech" world. So, Red Dot Diva thought that was rather apt.

She sure did not expect to bump into him and his pretty wife at GnB Comic's pre-convention event. Ivan happened to be there together with a host of other STGCC guests. They were also there at the shop for David Lloyd's special appearance. Towards the back of the crowded shop, Ivan had settled himself on a cream-coloured sofa; his dark observant eyes quietly surveying the crowd.

Their eyes met and Red Dot Diva promptly introduced herself. Shaking hands, Ivan insisted that he does not chew gum, but pointed out that his wife had a pack of gum hidden in her bag. Red Dot Diva impishly noted that this was most unfortunate, for as a responsible citizen of this island, she now had to call and report the matter to the authorities immediately.

There wasn't much of an opportunity to chat more as some fans swooped in eagerly upon Ivan with comics for him to sign - which he gladly obliged.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon with Harvey Tolibao

Red Dot Island sure has its special draw for Filipino artist Harvey Tolibao - who currently draws for Marvel Comics. After all, he stayed on the island for another 3 weeks subsequent to the STGCC wrap-up!!

Those who might not have known better may have supposed it could be the wide range of yummy local food which lured Harvey for a longer stay. It could also have been the super-warm reception he gets from his loving fans here. But Red Dot Diva confirms that there were also other more personal reasons. *wink wink*

One thing for certain, Harvey did not keep his hands idle while he was on the Red Dot Island. He kept himself busy and did a talk at the National Library on 22 December. Then, there was another round of signings and sketchings at Absolute Comics on 30 December.

And if that wasn't enough, Harvey ended his 'why is he still here? stay' on Red Dot Island with a free-of-charge art exhibition at Ink Singapore, Wilkie Edge on 1 and 2 Jan 2011. A great way to celebrate a New Year weekend, Red Dot Diva could indeed testify.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stan Lee's Shiny New Star!

Pic by Getty Images
And Finally.... on 5 January 2011, 88-year-old legendary comic creator and he-of-many-cameos, Stan Lee, was given his very own star along Hollywood's Walk of Fame!!

Red Dot Diva says that it's about time! What took them so long?!?!

After spending his lifetime creating all those well-loved superheroes and super-villains, Mr. Stan Lee's name is now immortalized on a star in front of the Live Nation building at 7072 Hollywood Blvd. (Just in case, if one wants to gawk at the shiny new star, Red Dot Diva says.) And BTW, it is the 2,428th star to be placed on the Hollywood sidewalks.

Stan Lee looked all hale and hearty and full of smiles at the ceremony. He was accompanied by his equally radiant wife, Joan. With his trademark shout of "Excelsior!" his star was unveiled, with Paul Newman and Sophia Loren as his star's "neighbours".

When she gets that age, Red Dot Diva hopes she still looks this mischievously jaunty and in the pink of health.

So... another excuse to walk down Hollywood Boulevard maybe? The last time Red Dot Diva was there in July 2010, she stroked Keanu Reeves star and just about molested Antonio Banderas'.

The next time, she may well hunt down and get pervy with Stan Lee's star! (Don't think he'd mind, right?) XD

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kicking Back with David Lloyd at STGCC - The Sequel

Red Dot Diva was really fortunate to nab some interview time with veteran comic creator, David Lloyd during STGCC 2010. Due to his busy schedule that weekend, she hadn't expected to have a moment with him at all!

After chatting for some time about his projects "V for Vendetta" and "Kickback", the mood took a less serious turn as Red Dot Diva moved on to other side and fun topics.

It was a good thing that happened as well, because the bunch of Marvel panelists had finished their session at the lecture theatre, and were streaming back into the guest lounge for some relax-time. The feeling of camaradarie in the room was definitely getting a little louder. In a way, that was to Red Dot Diva's benefit, for David was also more visibly relaxed by now.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kicking Back with David Lloyd at STGCC - part 1

It probably came with that typical Asian cultural sentiment of Respect for a more experienced older person. But when Red Dot Diva was given a rare chance to meet veteran artist/ comic creator, 60-year-old David Lloyd, she couldn't say no!

Being an ardent movie-goer, Red Dot Diva was familiar with the "V For Vendetta" film that was, more or less, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. And therefore, she was very eager to meet David in person.

David was here in Red Dot Island as a Special Guest for GnB Comics, and he was also making special appearances at STGCC 2010, together with the other popular comic creators from Marvel and DC.