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Michael McMillian Talks Mages, Vampires and Panda? - Part 1

Gaining lots of comic creator cred in the last past year or so is actor Michael McMillian.

Not only has his comic series "Lucid" been published via the indie company Archaia, he has also co-written the "True Blood: Tainted Love" graphic novel series together with Marc Andreyko. And as one knows, the HBO TV series version of "True Blood" has a huge dedicated cult following!

It is crazy-geeky SDCC weekend right now. And last year, Red Dot Diva was delighted that she had the opportunity to chat with the very likeable, un-Steve Newlin-like Michael at Archaia's booth.

Ahh.. Good Memories. Fun times!

So to mark the one-year anniversary of "Lucid"'s book launch, Red Dot Diva thought this would be the best time to give Michael an extra signal boost for his current and upcoming comic creations!

Here's Part 1 of the interview:

Red Dot Diva: "Lucid"’s story has a wider arc based on the legend of Merlin. There have been many versions of the “King Arthur/ Merlin” story on various mediums. Which ones have been your favourite?
Michael: I first read the King Arthur myths from a big illustrated book during a road trip my family took through England, Wales and Scotland when I was a kid. Whenever I think of Merlin, Arthur and Camelot... I think of that book. I read "THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING" like Matthew Dee did in high school. That was the gateway drug to Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey, so that version of Camelot will always be on of my favorites.

Red Dot Diva: Has there been any indication that there will be a "Lucid" Volume 2 yet?
Michael: Both Archaia and Before the Door want to do it. It depends on sales so we will see. Maybe I'll get some good news at Comic Con this weekend?

Red Dot Diva: In "Lucid" #4, we finally see Ariah and what she actually is. Will she be back?
Michael: Most definitely. Matthew's relationship with Ariah and where she went at the end of Vol. 1 will be explored in future volumes.

Red Dot Diva: Oh, and Wren! Does the world of "Lucid" have a place for mage who was turned into a zombie?
Michael: Wren is one of my favorite characters. She is OK after Edison's defeat. That's her handing Matthew the Black Book on the second to last page of the fourth Chapter. So more Wren indeed! We will see her again. I'd love to have her star in her own book!

Red Dot Diva: And if "Lucid" Vol. 2 was to be published, what/ who will Dee and his friends be battling against? (Maybe some “bomohs”(or shamans) based in Singapore??)
Michael: I don't know if he'll be visiting Singapore, but my idea for Vol. 2 would have Matthew globe-trotting in a more "James Bond-ian" way. Expect to meet combat mages from Russia and China. It'll be a "magical Cold-War" epic.

Red Dot Diva: Are there any comic artists whom you dream to work with for a project?
Michael: Yes. Chris Sprouse on Spider-Man. Frank Quitely on anything. I got pretty close to working with my other favorite artist, J.H. Williams III when he illustrated a short story I had a hand in back in Fables #100, but I didn't write the script. Still, it's one step closer!

Red Dot Diva: Are you going to do things a little differently at this year’s SDCC? What are they?
Michael: The "Lucid" / "Mr. Murder Is Dead" panel with Zachary Quinto, Victor Quinaz and Before the Door won't be happening in the convention hall this year. We'll be at a huge charity event at the NerdHQ that was created by "Chuck"'s Zachary Levi near the convention downtown. 

There are a bunch of great panels and guests that the convention simply couldn't hold that fans will love to come see. Our hope is that it will really appeal to the old-school comic and fan crowd.

Red Dot Diva: Any particular celebrities/ comic creators you are targeting to meet at SDCC?
Michael: How about the guy who played Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back? Who's he? Why isn't he more popular? Bossk is the new Boba Fett. You read it here first.

Michael will be doing various signings at SDCC this weekend. And "True Blood: Tainted Love" #6 - the final part of the series - was also released this week! Don't miss the chance to meet him and give him lots of attention!

Here is Michael's autograph signing schedule for Saturday at SDCC:

Archaia booth
2 - 3.30 pm 

IDW booth
4 - 5 pm

Since Red Dot Diva can't make it to San Diego this year to fangirl like only an Island Diva can, do give Michael a LOUD HELLO and a BIIIIGG HUGGG on her behalf when you see him!


*** Red Dot Diva Online Contest Alert!!!
Michael has autographed a copy of "True Blood: Tainted Blood" #2 to be given away to the chosen winner! Details will accompany the interview Part 2 blog post.

So don't forget to check back for Part 2 of a bloody kind of interview with Michael McMillian, which will be published soon!


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