Thursday, July 7, 2011

NBC Wants You To Stay "Awake"

When Red Dot Diva saw the trailer for new TV series "Awake", she thought it looked like a very promising and intriguing mind-warp. It was one of the rare trailers that really captured her attention.

Then, she noticed it was going to air on NBC. Surpriiiiise!!!

Together with the other new supernatural-fairytale-cop series "Grimm" (check out the blog post about it here), NBC seems very eager to put up some pretty good looking new shows for this upcoming Fall Season.

"Awake" is about Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) who was involved in a car accident with his wife, Hannah (Laura Allen) and son, Rex (Dylan Minnette). When Michael regained consciousness, he found himself living in parallel worlds - one where is wife is still alive but his son is dead; and the other where his son is alive while his wife has passed away.

To try to keep both of them in his lives, Michael goes back to detective work and attempts to solve crimes in each reality and does not quite know whether he is actually still awake or lucidly dreaming.

The series also stars Wilmer Valderrama, Steve Harris, BD Wong and Cherry Jones! David Slade ("30 Days of Night"/ "Twilight: Eclipse") is the director for the pilot.

Red Dot Diva thinks that the best thing about "Awake"got to be its main actor Jason Isaacs - popularly known especially to "Harry Potter" movie fans as the cowardly-malevolent Lucius Malfoy. Jason has actually been around much longer than the "Harry Potter" movies. He first caught her eye as the evil Lord Felton in the movie, "Dragonheart" (glorious shirtless scene, hello!). Other than his hot bod, Red Dot Diva considers Jason as one of the British actors who is a natural screen grabber, and especially sexy as hell when playing a baddie.

Not to say that he isn't equally sexy as a do-gooder! Try catching him as the lead in the BBC UK series "Case Histories" and one can see how under-rated Jason is as an actor. Besides, one can actually see what "Lucius Malfoy" looks underneath all those dark robes in "Case Histories"! *wink wink*

Well, before Red Dot Diva needs to get a drool bucket, here's the "Awake" trailer that offers many glimpses of Jason's manly presence and oh, those intense blue eyes!

Red Dot Diva is super-envious that SDCC 2011 folks will be able to catch the "Awake" panel on Thursday July 21st featuring Jason Isaacs himself, and the show's producers Howard Gordon and Kyle Killen. She is certain there would be some exclusive preview snippets for the series. And all she can do is to check Twitter and websites for the scoop. - sigh -

Why can't Red Dot Diva have Jason Isaacs in one of her parallel worlds? Please?

"Awake" seems almost like a small-scale version of "Inception", and Red Dot Diva suspects such intricate co-existing storylines would need convincing actors to draw viewers into the different worlds. The cast for the series seem strong so she thinks "Awake" is definitely worth checking out.

Er... if NBC doesn't cancel it just after three episodes!


Click here for the official "Awake" page on NBC's website!

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