Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Game of Thrones Special: Interview With The Affable Kristian Nairn

The HBO fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones", based on the novels by esteemed author George R. R. Martin, has a sea of characters.

Some are very short-lived; many suffered horrible fates and quite a few seem to grow in the hearts of the series' fans.

One such character is the loyal and humble servant Hodor from the noble House of Stark. Towering over many and slow in wit, he can only utter one word "Hodor" and carries crippled Bran Stark around in a kind of basket or harness.

Hodor did not have many scenes in Season 1 but Red Dot Diva is certain that many viewers of the TV series would have found it difficult forget the famous nekkid-Hodor episode. ;)

Irish actor Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor on screen is actually a giant in real life too. Standing almost at 7 feet tall, Kristian is not only an actor, he is also a well-known DJ and electronic music producer in his own right! Kristian has DJ-ed and performed in many music festivals and shows internationally. Now, that's what you call Groovin' Large.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Squeeworthy Movie Trailers: Tim Burton-esque Films Galore!

Tim Burton fans, you're in for a treat this year!

There will be three.... THREE movies which would have the touch of the talented twisted-meister Tim Burton.

Red Dot Diva is a huge fan of Tim Burton's strangely beautiful and macabre works of art and she counted herself fortunate to be able to visit the Tim Burton Exhibit held at LACMA last year.

The exhibit was quite small but had a comprehensive display of Tim Burton's works from his childhood days till the present. There were many letters, paintings, doodles, poems, rare footage, puppets, props, costumes, even the screening of "Hansel and Gretel" - a film that actually ran on the Disney Channel during Halloween of 1983.

The experience was like taking a surrealistic journey inside Tim Burton's mind, catching wondrous glimpses of the disturbing artistic influences and ideas which have been brought to life in several movies on the big screen.

And to know that there are more Tim Burton movies coming soon... well... SQUEEEE!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Interactive and Illuminating i Light 2012 at Marina Bay

The Marina Bay Waterfront area is one of the prettiest places to visit at night on Red Dot Island, and one of Red Dot Diva's favourite people-watching spots.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect arena for the i Light Marina Bay - an outdoor light art festival on sustainable energy presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and organised by Smart Light Singapore (SLS). It is the first and only one held in Asia!

Last year, Red Dot Diva went for the first i Light Marina Bay festival with some of her friends. It was a muggy night but she remembered that it was moderately enjoyable, because it was the first time she was walking along the Promenade.

For this year's i Light, Red Dot Diva's hardy 68-year-old momma joined her as walking companion. It turned out to be a cool and beautiful night - great weather for a good leisurely walk around the bay.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cybertron Convention 2012: Mostly Nostalgia and A Buying Frenzy

The only version of Transfomers Red Dot Diva remembers well was the animated series, "Beast Wars", and those noisy Michael Bay movies. "Beast Wars" was particularly memorable maybe because it was not anime-style and had a very entertaining script with several interesting characters.

Still, as unfamiliar with much of the Transformers world as she was, she crawled out of bed early Sunday morning to be at RWS Sentosa the opening of the Cybertron Convention 2012 mainly because of:

1. a press pass (she has already mentioned that she's a nosy person, ya?)
2. the opportunity to hang out with her cool geek buddies
3. to see and gauge what kind of crowds were coming for the convention

Filipino comics artist Mark Torres and companion Punky happened to be in town. And since there were spare passes available and it was their last day in Singapore, Red Dot Diva invited them to come long to the Cybertron Convention with the rest of the gang.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cybertron Convention 2012: Going Behind The Scenes - A Media Preview

Panels at the ballroom entrance (click for bigger pic)

Most of you should be well acquainted with the fact that Red Dot Diva is very inquisitive.

So she could not pass up the chance when she was invited for a special media preview to check out what's happening behind the scenes just a day before the Transformers Cybertron Convention 2012 opens.

There was one thing that she decided to do a little differently for the Cybertron Convention. It was to rope in a Red Dot Dude aka Andre aka Million Dollar Smile to help her cover the event. An extra pair of hands is always very useful when one needs more photo coverage or watch out for other stuff happening at the same time!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Noise Singapore 2012: A Showcase For Local Art Noise

Say what you may about the "lack of art expression" in Red Dot Island, and Red Dot Diva has found herself more willing to beg to differ. Especially in the last 2-3 years.

The art scene has been visibly flourishing in recent years. More commercial art galleries have been setting up shop here. And undoubtedly, the current generation - who have been exposed to a wider level of international influences - are more willing to break free from the shackles and expectations of the usual progression of stable career = success.

Even if more arts-liberal folks may deem the local platforms of art expression to be "government-funded" (or, in another words - censored), Red Dot Diva feels that the amount of promotion and support available in our small island-city is quite substantial. And to have any amount of support for art expression is far better than none. There are worse places to be in where one cannot even get on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or speak one's mind in at least - a humanely responsible manner.

It was during one bland, run-of-the-mill lunch hour, when Red Dot Diva somehow stumbled upon a mini art exhibition at B4 of ION by accident. "Ooh! Pretty Colours!", she first thought. A quick check around and she found out that it was part of the Noise Singapore 2012 Showcase.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

SDCC 2012: The Insanity That Is Comic-Con Registration

Red Dot Diva knew that the assault on online registration day for SDCC 2012 was going to be crazy.

But having the passes selling out in less than an hour?!?!?!!

That's INSANE!

Last year, SDCC passes sold out in less than 7 hours and that was already unbelievable enough.

And the sell-out was despite of a glitch concerning the link which SDCC initially sent out to people. (as EPIC as always). That was resolved later and some people said the registration process was much smoother than last year's.

Quick-thinking and savvy fans who were not able to grab the 4-day w/ Preview or 4-day Passes then tried to get single day passes for each day. And some were successful.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updates on Mark Torres' Visit at Invasion!

Red Dot Diva has got some cool updates about the Mark Torres event that people are waiting for!

Firstly, the important details - the time of Mark Torres' appearance at Invasion! store next week. Here they are:
9 Mar (Fri) - 5pm till 9pm
10 Mar (Sat) - 2pm till 5pm

Mark has also gone for the MUNNY, and has personalized this vinyl toy to commemorate his visit here (see pic on left). Red Dot Diva hears that one can win this special toy at Invasion!, but details are still to be worked out by the organizers. So keep checking Invasion's Mark Torres Event FB page and stay tuned.

Also, has anyone tried looking for those viral posters around town yet??? Hurry, you have just about one week left! Read more about the fun treasure hunt on a previous blog post.

The organizers have also just finalized the rules for the treasure hunt:

1. Contestants who hunt down these stickers must take pictures of themselves with the stickers and then upload them on Facebook.
2. You must LIKE Invasion! Comics' Facebook page and tag both themselves and Invasion! on the photos.
3. First 10 folks to find any sticker will win a prize. Only 1 prize will be given away per contestant. If the photo has already been uploaded, the repeated uploads will not be taken into account.
4. The winner will get a free sketch from Mark on the event dates.

Curious to know more about Mark Torres? Then get the scoop from Red Dot Diva's quickie Q&A with him earlier this week!

Mark is all eager to meet the Red Dot Island comics fans, so don't miss his appearance next week!


Check out Mark Torres' deviantart page!