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Singapore Comic Con 2022 Artist Highlight - Edison Neo, The Brains Behind Martial Arts Comic ‘Snake Claws’

Tick, tick, tick. The clock's ticking down to Singapore Comic Con (SGCC), which will be happening at will return to Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay on 10 & 11 December 2022.

Ahhhhh! Mild panic setting in. Red Dot Diva does not feel that she is quite prepared for the pop-culture convention of the year. Are you all set for the comic con already?

For the second installment of the SGCC 2022 Artist Highlight interview series, Red Dot Diva is pleased to introduce local cartoonist Edison Neo. Edison has self-published comics like the martial art rouser SNAKE CLAWS as well as the anthology entitled NO-BRAINER.

After reading SNAKE CLAWS, Red Dot Diva has been kicking herself as to why she has not gotten to know Edison sooner. His artwork and storylines are wildly exuberant, and funny as hell. Well, Red Dot Diva cannot make any more excuses now. This is because she has asked Edison a list of nosy questions, a number of which are about SNAKE CLAWS!

Red Dot Diva (RDD): Hi Edison!! So, when did you start to create and publish your own comics?
Edison: Hi! I have been making and self-publishing my own comics for the past 3 years. I do this in my own free time as I have a full-time job in a completely different industry. I was always a comic reader since young, and I did like to draw, but they were mostly doodles in textbooks during class and stuff of that nature. I only got into drawing seriously much later, 5 years ago, to be exact, when I found out that one could learn things like perspective and anatomy and I wanted to learn how to make comics the proper way.

So, I started creating comics around that time, as I attempted to practice and improve. Somehow I didn't feel much progress just drawing in a sketchbook, but once I tried doing short stories with sequential art, I was more engaged and felt more improvement.

RDD: That's so cool! Did you have a mentor to help you with the process of creating comics? How did you learn and improve on your comic making skills?
Edison: I didn't really have a mentor, although you could say that indirectly, my mentors were the great comic artists and writers who I avidly followed, referenced from and studied. I mostly learnt through trial and error, starting small with a one-page story, then 4/5 pages, then 8 and so on. SNAKE CLAWS was the first time I completed 22 pages, which is the length of a typical comic book issue. The improvement came just from sheer repetition and practice and constantly comparing to the actual published comics and trying to point out what was lacking.

RDD: Your comic series SNAKE CLAWS is a martial arts extravaganza. Were you a Shaw Brothers / Golden Harvest fan? Who is your favourite martial artist?
Edison: Definitely yes, SNAKE CLAWS is a byproduct of Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest and Stephen Chow movies, not to forget the countless period dramas that were always on television. I’m sure like most Singaporeans, these movies and television shows were ubiquitous and its tropes, cliches and traits are ingrained in our understanding of the genre. Haha, I don't think I can choose a favourite because there's so much good work out there. However I will say that my Mount Rushmore is Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li and Gordon Liu.

RDD: I read your SNAKE CLAWS series, and it was flying barrels of fun. Love the sense of humour – the insanely creative names for the wuxia moves and the nostalgic cheesy marital arts dialogue. The art was so colourful and kinetic. How much research did you do to get the martial arts movements right in those panels?
Edison: Thanks for the kind words! The book really goes overboard with the move names all in the name of fun, so it’s really not based on any actual real moves. Probably 75% of the moves were just made up on the spot to fit the fighting scenes and I just ran along with what worked, e.g. "Snake Devours Chicken Wings" ;) . If you get the collected edition, there’s a glossary of moves at the back and you can tell how nonsensical everything really is.

For the most part, I sketched out and choreographed the fighting moves quite freely, without much structure and based it around who needs to be having the upper hand and what the location of the fight was. For example, for a fight I might give it 4 pages to play out, and then break down the parts in which the momentum should swing back and forth. There was one instance in which I actually did reference a scene from a movie. In Book 4, the Frostbite Immortal, there is a double page spread in which Snake Claws and the old lady are face to face trying to twist each other's arms to get the upper hand. I wanted to get the hand positions right for something like that so thankfully I actually saw a scene in one of the movies (I have forgotten which one) which had that exact sequence. So I paused the video frame by frame to refer to when drawing. Other than that, I don't recall much re-watching, because it would have taken me too long, haha.

In terms of comics inspiration,, I can only think of Dragon Ball Z which was a strong influence, however for western comics, they were few and far between. That was why I wanted to make
SNAKE CLAWS a western style comic with longer and more choreographed fight scenes, instead of a page or two of punches and kicks. However, I do want to mention Defenders #7 from the 2017 run, that has always stuck with me. There is a sequence of about 6-7 pages of a fight between Iron Fist and Elektra and it was one of the most intense fight sequences I've seen in big two comics. Best part about it is that it was wordless, no dialogue at all. I wanted to do that in SNAKE CLAWS but make it the whole issue, haha.

RDD: Other than the art, the other thing that stood out for me in SNAKE CLAWS was the wide range of onomatopoeia that you used. Did you make those noises while drawing them to see how they could best fit into the particular action?
Edison: No, strangely I don’t do that, although I heard many cartoonists do exactly that. I mostly use the onomatopoeia that sounds close to what I think it should sound like, and sometimes they are just added to a panel to balance out the composition.

RDD: I love Snake Claws. I have a thing for villains, and if a villain is written well, I know the story is going to be entertaining. Do you have an all-time favourite villain? Did you model some of the characters in the series based on people you know?
Edison: Thank you :) Wow, that is a really difficult question, haha. In my first draft while thinking about what I could write a story on, it was a bunch of protagonists going to find and defeat Snake Claws. So I wanted to do an origin story for this bunch of protagonists. I ended up finding out that thinking of the backstory for Snake Claws was way more fun than the original idea, so it became focused on Snake Claws in the end. My all-time favourite villain would probably be Magneto from the X-men, although I'm not too sure you can consider him a villain anymore, haha. I guess this balancing aspect of both the good and bad parts of a character shows in Snake Claws, but I did not have an exact character that I drew inspiration from. I just wanted him to be really despicable but still likeable. Very contradictory, and I'm still figuring it out, haha.
RDD: Ahhhh!!! I do love Magneto too. He's one of my top fave comic book characters.

RDD: Two years ago, you were on Daniel Warren Johnson’s online portfolio review. That was pretty awesome. He gave you a lot of practical and useful tips on how to improve the art and story-telling in your draft SNAKE CLAWS comic book panels. After you completed SNAKE CLAWS, did you send him a copy? What were his comments on the finished story?
Edison: Yes, that was a life-changing opportunity. In fact, after the video, I sent him Book 1 and he told me to send him Book 2 when I was done. Not only did he read it but he got on another call with me to go through the entire book. I was really floored by his generosity. Unfortunately he got very busy after that and we haven’t been able to get in touch much. I’ll pass it to him one day, haha.

RDD: How did you get hired for IDW’s FAMILY TIME comic? What was your reaction when you knew you got the gig? How is the project coming along?
Edison: Back when I first started making comics, I worked with a writer, who was getting into the industry as well. After the project, we didn’t have a follow up project but we still kept in touch. Funnily enough, earlier this year, he messaged me and told me that he was working at IDW in the editorial staff and that he saw my portfolio brought up.(I had submitted through another editor before). A few months later, I was approached for the project and was told that the creators of the story liked my portfolio from a bunch of other options, so I was really really fortunate. My reaction was a mix of shock, joy and gratitude, but also, a lot of motivation to get down to work, which is just about to start as they are finalising the script for issue one.

RDD: How do you go about preparing for an artist alley booth at conventions? Please let us know what we can look out for at your booth at the upcoming SGCC.
Edison: Honestly, I’m not too sure, I’m still pretty green myself and this is my first convention as an exhibitor and as a visitor. I signed up for a booth back in 2020 and Covid has delayed it till now. I’ve just been trying to keep things simple for my first time, so I’m just bringing my comics to sell and probably do some sketch commissions. The comics that will be available are of course, SNAKE CLAWS Vol. 1 which consists of Books 1-6 collected into a trade paperback with bonus material at the back.

Also, I have a solo anthology called NO-BRAINER, consisting of different short stories along with chapters of my current sci-fi adventure comic called Thoomgard: Final Mission, which is up to issue 4 right now. This will all be available at the convention too. Plus, I will have a bunch of original art for sale and for perusal, which are the pages from my own work and other work-for-hire projects as well :). I’ll try my best to have some sketch commission slots too, which can be signed up for at the convention, and I’ll see how many I can do in the two days, haha. That is mostly it for me, and I think I will have my hands full for the whole time there.

RDD: Sounds busy enough! I hope lots more readers will get to know about your comics and art. I'll definitely be checking in at your booth during the weekend!
No-Brainer comic by Edison Neo



Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2022 Hosts A Prelude Event at City Square Mall (8 & 9 October 2022)

Singapore Comic Con 2022 Artist Highlight - Filipino Illustrator Bea Gomez aka BlueToaster

Friday, November 25, 2022

Singapore Comic Con 2022 Artist Highlight - Filipino Illustrator Bea Gomez aka BlueToaster

It is just two more weeks to Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) (previously known as Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention), the island's pop-culture event of the year! The comic convention, featuring over local and international 40 guests (Red Dot Diva is beginning to lose count!) and 350 exhibitors, will return to Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay on 10 & 11 December 2022.

Having a slew of renown guests appearing at SGCC is exciting for sure. However, Red Dot Diva has a soft spot for what used to be called “Artist Alley”. This segment of the exhibition show floor, filled with booths from aspiring artist, craters and writers to well-known one, is the indie heartbeat of the creative community. Generally, everyone there is friendly, which helps when you are hoping to make new connections!

In previous years, Red Dot Diva publishes interviews with a few indie artists before the physical convention kicks off. After a two-year hiatus due to the recent pandemic, the RDD pre-SGCC interview tradition returns! To kick-off this year's “Artist Alley” spotlight, Filipino creative Bea Gomez aka BlueToaster bravely fielded Red Dot Diva nosy questions:

Red Dot Diva (RDD): Hello Bea! How did you decide to focus on a career as an artist?
Bea: Hi! I worked as an animator, character designer, and graphic artist in the TV and gaming industry for a few years, then I eventually went on to focus on illustration and comic creation full-time. Focusing on creating artwork that I wanted to make gave me the opportunity to have my works displayed in Thailand, where I lived for some time while backpacking around Asia. Travelling inspired me to share the amazing things I've learned. So now I want to use my art to educate people on topics that I love, and inspire people to travel and be curious about the world through history and fantasy inspired artwork.

RDD: You used to work in MTV Philippines. What did you learn most from your time there, and were the projects you were involved in that were memorable to you?
Bea: Honestly, the biggest take away I got from working there was that working an office job, though creative, was not for me haha! I really like my solitude and peace while I work, which I didn't get much of while working there. I did work on projects that I'm immensely proud of; like the opening billboards I made, all the 3D motion graphics I designed, and helping out with the rebranding.
Hades as a greaser! (by Bea Gomez/ Bluetoaster Art)

RDD: Who are your primary influences in your artistic style?
Bea: My biggest influences in my style are illustrators Matt Rhodes and Claire Hummel (Shoomlah). Matt Rhodes has a talent for telling stories and establishing an entire world with a single image. I want to emulate that visual storytelling in my artwork. And Claire Hummel's amazing character design style and graphic design skills are just *chef's kiss* It sparks joy!

RDD: What do you still want to accomplish as an artist? How do you set achievable goals for yourself?
Bea: I REALLY want to go to conventions outside of Asia to spread my reach and make more artist friends around the world. Maybe even have my artwork diplayed in more galleries around the world. I'd also like to expand by writing books and making video games. When I set goals, I break my goals down into many different mini goals or tasks that will eventually help me reach my ultimate goal. It's like a game; you fight little monsters until you reach the mini-boss then the big boss and win the game! I like to look at achieving goals, and life in general, like playing a game. Gamifying your goals helps keep motivation and makes doing tasks and reaching your goals FUN!

RDD: With mental health being a prominent topic ever since the recent pandemic, how do you keep yourself on an even keel? What kind of safe places do you retreat to when you need to re-centre yourself?
Bea: I recently went through a really hard time, and what I did to re-center myself was to isolate myself and focus on taking care of me and only me. I really like my solitude. So when I find myself really stressed out or overwhelmed by the cacophany of the world, I go on "hermit mode" and isolate myself, and stay away from social media to escape all the negativity. I play video games to escape reality for a while, but mostly I journal and write story ideas.

RDD: What practical advice do you have for those who intend to be a freelance artist, and start their own online business?
Bea: Not sure if this is technically "practical" but my advice would be: understand what your limits are and ALWAYS make time to rest. When you let your passion go up in flames, you can burn yourself out and completely lose your passion to draw. Also stand up and stretch once in a while.

RDD: This isn’t the first time you have a booth at SG Comic Con. How was the experience like the last time (2019), and what will you be doing differently this time round?
Bea: Last SGCC, I had a broken ankle and had a huge cast on, but that didn't hinder how much fun I had! I brought art from other Filipino artists with me last time. It was really nice promoting artists from my country, but it was quite difficult to handle the sales of multiple artists. This year it will just be me, and maybe my friend Frillion. The only difference this year, I think, will be that my booth is smaller and I'll be only selling my (and maybe Frillion's) art only. I also want to sell more paper-based products and prints to lessen the environmental impact my products have.
Meh-rit badges (lol! Love the pun!)

RDD: Please share with us what we look out for at your booth at the upcoming SGCC.
Bea: I'll be having a whole load of completely new products and product types! There will also be a bargain bin with old merch that will be sold for SUPER cheap! Come by the booth and tell me a fun fact or something cool that you learned. I love meeting new people and learning new things!
RDD: Woohoo! I'll definitely gonna be tracking you down at the convention.
Daruma pins

If you don't know where to start when checking out the artist booths at SGCC, put down Bea aka BlueToaster's booth as one of your stops!

You can also check out her wonderful artwork (including her slice of life webtoon called Plan Bea) at these links:



Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2022 Hosts A Prelude Event at City Square Mall (8 & 9 October 2022)

Singapore Comic Con 2022 Artist Highlight - Edison Neo, The Brains Behind Martial Arts Comic ‘Snake Claws’

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Join The Rebellion At Raffles City - Star Wars: Andor Light Projection and X-Wing Fighter Display

Calling all STAR WARS nerds! It's time to gear up, and head to Raffles City mall to join the Rebellion.

For this year's Christmas festivities, CapitaLand is bringing Disney-themed installations called “From Our Family To Yours to their 16 malls around Red Dot Island.

In Raffles City, STAR WARS fans get to step into a small section of the galaxy far far away from now till 25 December. The highlight is the scaled replica of the Incom T-70 X-Wing Fighter on Level 3.

Adorable astromech droid BB-8 is also sitting in the X-Wing, all ready to be your co-pilot for your next space adventure.

The X-Wing Fighter display is part of a promotion for STAR WARS: ANDOR. The first season of the 12-episode TV series, which stars Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, is currently being streamed on Disney+.

ANDOR is the prequel to the Rogue One movie, a spy thriller that unveiled how the Rebels managed to steal the Death Star plans. The race to get the plans to the Rebel headquarters was what kicked off Episode IV: A New Hope, the first STAR WARS film released in theatres back in 1977. Rogue One also introduced us to the Rebel Alliance's intelligence agent Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), reluctant heroine Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) as well as K2-SO, a modified KX-series security droid with a penchant of speaking his mind.

The series ANDOR turns back time to Cassian's childhood and his early days as a mercenary. Due to his reckless actions while in a Morlana One corporate facility, Cassian falls under the radar of the Empire. While trying to escape from capture, Cassian is being roped into the rudimentary network of rebels even though he insists that he is unwilling to fight for their cause. What will it take for Cassian to become a full-fledged freedom fighter?

If you have yet to watch ANDOR, you can catch the scenes from the critically acclaimed series projected on the walls surrounding the X-Wing model, together with a stunning light show. The projection show begins every 15 minutes from 7 PM to 9:45 PM, from now till 20 November. During the intervals, stay and enjoy the rousing musical scores by John Williams from the many STAR WARS movies, including the iconic theme song and The Imperial March.

Being part of the Rebellion means that you will need to procure essential supplies for your missions. Red Dot Diva says not to worry. From now till 20 January 2023, there is a pop-up store selling Disney, Pixar and Marvel merchandise at Raffles City's L2 Atrium. Brands including Klosh, L’zzie, Shop The Paw, The Elly Store, Royal Selangor and more will be offering geekwear, bags, stationery, Lego models, toys, collectible statues and more.

There will also be an exclusive Disney-themed Recyclable Tote Bags (to be purchased separately at SGD 10) eligible for those who purchase any item in the pop-up stores (while stocks last).  These limited eco tote bags come in blind packs with four designs inspired by beloved Disney, Pixar and Marvel characters.

Bringing your precious load with you, make your way to the ground floor of the mall.

Be careful as you sneak past the 3-metre tall Imperial AT-ACT Walker standing guard near the shopfronts.

Red Dot Diva enjoyed being immersed in the STAR WARS universe for about an hour or so. She stayed for a few rounds of the light show because the X-Wing just looks sooooo awesome. Plus, the film scores brought back so many good memories!

Definitely not to be missed if you are a STAR WARS fan (and cannot afford to go to Galaxy Edge anytime soon).

May The Force Be With You!

RDD's Tip: For another angle of the X-Wing Fighter and light show, look for the Convention Centre's escalators and go to Level 4. On the left is an indoor balcony. You will be able to check out the display from *ahem* a higher ground.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Jiangshi Galore At Daniel Yu x Blaxk's Altered Realities: A Jiangshi Introspection Exhibition (till 20 Nov 2022)

Local toy designer and sculptor DANIEL YU takes centrestage at an exhibition hosted by collectibles store and creative space BLAXK at Funan Mall. The exhibition entitled Altered Realities: A Jiangshi Introspection launched on 30 September 2022, and it is still running till 20 November 2022.

Red Dot Diva got to know about DANIEL YU'S creations when she spotted his toys displayed at a Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention many years ago. His iconic Jiangshi (commonly known as “Chinese vampire”, although it is more like a zombie?) vinyl figures beckoned to her dark, macabre heart. There is something nostalgic about the jiangshi. The creature is such a classic Asian horror trope that has been ingrained in our psyche, especially those who watched a lot of the Hong Kong horror movies of the '80s and '90s.

Altered Realities: A Jiangshi Introspection is dedicated to DANIEL'S Jiangshi and other toy designs. Creative works by thirteen local artists have also been invited to put their visual spin on the Jiangshi. With that in mind, Red Dot Diva had to pop by BLAXK for a look. She visited the space during the First Wave of the exhibition that included art interpretations by Allison M. Low, Clogtwo, erikartoon, Claire & Pann Lim, Inkten Nadirah, Ratking, and Zan Cheong.

Upon entering the exhibition space, Red Dot Diva felt as if she was immediately transported to a psychedelic-supernatural world. The colourful Chinese-style talisman strips hanging from the ceiling were most inspired. According to the folklore, if you stick an enchanted talisman on a jiangshi's forehead, you will stop it in its tracks. BLAXK had designed talismans to represent the names of each of the participating artists in the exhibition. So terribly ingenious!

Flying Taoist swords and an eight-sided mirror added to the entire Instagrammable effect on how one can protect itself from hungry jiangshis.

Red Dot Diva also admired the limited edition Jiangshi Junior (100 pieces only, and all sold out!), which is an exclusive collaboration by DANIEL YU and BLAXK. The figure has 7 points of articulation and looks grosteque-adorable, which is what DANIEL YU does best with his toy designs.

There was also a showcase of more than 120 of DANIEL YU'S Jiangshi creations and his past works of other strange creatures and monsters, like Lunar Beast, Fortune Twins and Bird Shaman - all from his own personal collection.

Artwork and collectibles of the featured artists invited to pay their tribute to the Jiangshi were also superb. One of Red Dot Diva's favourites is the very tongue-in-cheek “In Case Of Jiangshi Break Glass” talisman by Claire & Pann Lim aka Such a necessary household item in case of a jiangshi apocalypse, right?

One of the artwork on display is a imposing looking jiangshi by the visionary artist ClogTwo. (Check out my short video below for a peek of what the other artists' contributions look like.)

Watch Red Dot Diva's short video of The First Wave:

The Second Wave of the exhibition is currently on right now, with a different set of artists featured. They are ANACATHIE, ANTZ, FREAKYFIR, Mojoko, Jessica Emmett, and Sam Lo. Red Dot Diva has not found the time to check out their artwork yet. If you are not able to make it to the exhibition, you can take a peek of their work at BLAXK Instagram account.

As part of The Second Wave, an exclusive and limited edition Disney x ActionCity's Mickey Jiangshi figure was launched. The unique 16cm tall vinyl figure, with 7 points of articulation features beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse dressed up as a jiangshi, complete with a talisman. The official licensed item designed by DANIEL YU is so popular that pre-orders have all been snapped up.

Do hop by Altered Realities: A Jiangshi Introspection exhibition to DANIEL YU'S wonderful creations, and the artwork by our local artists.

Just be careful. Don't get cursed and get turned into a jiangshi, like Red Dot Diva. (She's cured now, BTW.)

Dates: Now till 20 November 2022
Where: BLAXK by Actioncity, #01-03 Funan Mall

Follow DANIEL YU on social media here:
Instagram -
Website -
Facebook -
Youtube -

Monday, October 24, 2022

Gamescom Asia 2022 - A Peek At The Physical Trade Zone

Gamescom Asia 2022 wrapped up its show last weekend. The premiere gaming convention for developers in South-East Asia ran from 20 to 22 October 2022. While the Entertainment Zone (B2C) was held online with 2 livestreamed shows, the Trade Zone (B2B) segment was held physically at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. Red Dot Diva and her media buddy Gwen dropped by the show floor on 21 October (Saturday) for a quick walk-through.

The showfloor was targetted primarily for professionals from the gaming industry, with booths showcasing various game studios, gaming technology and peripherals. Ample space was allocated to provide opportunities for networking and making business connections.

Despite that, anyone with an interest in video games will still find something to engage them, especially in the Indie Village.

The Indie Village had a good range of games. A few of the games caught their interest, like Hexlords: Quantum Welfare, Project Unseek and the sharp, bold graphics of The Gripper ( Being the gamer geek of the duo, Gwen tested two of these games, and here are her comments about them.

Hexlords: Quantum Warfare (
Hexlords is a PVP strategy game that combined tower defense with characters inspired by pop culture icons. The gameplay was fairly fuss free, allowing players to drag and drop their characters to take down the towers. While the quick gameplay did not give us time to dive into character lore, the creators of Hexlords have expressed hope in expanding the backstory of the characters and we certainly hope that will be the case.

Project Unseek (
Project Unseek showcased an interesting concept, rather reminiscent of survival games like Don’t Starve and teamwork games like Among Us. The characters reflected the typical high schools of America, with player characters such as Jock, and while gameplay felt a little clunky, it was still exciting enough that you would want to play again. Project Unseek is a multi-player game, and according to the creators, Twitch integration is somewhere in their future. It will be interesting to see this being played on Twitch streaming, given the collaborative nature of the games.

Someone else was already test-playing The Gripper, so Red Dot Diva and Gwen did not manage to try the game. They observed the playthrough of the story-driven action game, where you use a grappling hook to strike down your enemies. Then, they wandered around the other sections of the exhibition hall, noting that there were the dedicated German, Swedish and Singapore pavilions.

Of course, they zoomed into the eye-catching Singapore pavilion. Must support local! The pavilion included booths manned by game studios like Cargo, Good Morning Games, Lionfish Studios, and Ysbryd.

They decided to try Lionfish's web-based Ninja Apprentice that was developed in collaboration with Ministry of Education. You get to control the game's protagonist, who is either a katana-wielding fox or a black ninja red panda? (raccoon?), and by slashing the correct hanyu pinyin pronunciation for the Chinese word displayed, you get points and level up. Simple, cute but quite effective. In fact, perhaps Red Dot Diva should play this more often to improve her atrocious command of the Mandarin language.

Other gaming brands like Mytona, Infinite Studios also showed their presence at Gamescom Asia's Trade Zone. Panels with industry speakers were also scheduled during the convention but Red Dot Diva and Gwen did not have the time to stay on for these.

Dropping by Gamescom Asia for a quick tour was a nice introduction of what the gaming festival has to offer. Gamescom Asia is set to return next year from 19 to 22 Octboer 2023 at Suntec.

Red Dot Diva cannot wait for the Entertainment Zone to be back as part of the physical show. The buzz and excitement as the gaming community gets together, for the first time at Gamescom Asia, will definitely go through the roof!


Note: For the consumers, a slew of gaming news and highlights were announced during the online shows PRIMETIME and STUDIO. Don't forget to watch the recorded livestreams at Gamescom Asia's Youtube channel!


This article was written by Red Dot Diva and Gwen Ng.

Photo credits: Red Dot Diva and Gwen Ng

Gamescom Asia is the satellite event of Gamescom, the world's largest event for computer and video games and Europe's largest business platform for the games industry. Both events are organized by Koelnmesse, one of the world's largest trade fair companies.

For more information and the latest updates, visit Gamescom Asia website, or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Power Up With Dwayne Johnson's Under Armour Project Rock x Black Adam Training Collection

The BLACK ADAM movie from the DC Extended Universe is now out at the theatres! Black Adam (whose real name is Teth-Adam) is based on the DC character who originates from the same comic book series as Shazam. Unlike the superheroes most people are familiar with, Black Adam is not a “nice” guy. For one thing, he has little compunction in killing people to get what he wants or needs.

Superstar Dwayne Johnson, who stars as the titular anti-hero, has mentioned that the BLACK ADAM movie is his passion project. This is the first time Black Adam is appearing on the big screen. So, to celebrate and promote the movie's release, Dwayne Johnson has created a striking line of performance wear called the Black Adam Training collection as part of Project Rock, his global partnership with sportswear brand Under Armour.

Black Adam deserved more than a portrayal,” said Dwayne Johnson. “He deserved a transformation. Every training session, every rep, every drop of sweat was my commitment to disrupt the very notion about this character and myself.”

The limited edition apparel collection, which includes tops, hoodies, shorts and leggings, is mostly in solid black with the iconic yellow lightning symbol of Black Adam.

The training wear also includes styles and sizes for women as well as kids, which Red Dot Diva thinks is awesome.

One of the items that most fans will be clamouring for is The Ultimate Training shoe, the Black Adam PR 5 (US$160/ SGD 219), which apparently, had been battle tested by Dwayne Johnson himself. The shoes do look cool, comfy and very eye-catching, if you choose to wear them on your training days.

The Project Rock x Black Adam collection is meant to inspire athletes and fans to reach for their own fitness goals - just like the work Dwayne Johnson had to undergo while preparing for the Black Adam role. So, if you feel like you need a stylish power boost to your training regime, you can purchase items from the collection at retail outlets around the world and online at

As for the BLACK ADAM movie, Red Dot Diva thought it was fun, and had enough exciting action sequences to keep the audience entertained. Her favourite scenes involved a very silvery foxy Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson/ Doctor Fate, as well as the fight scenes between Black Adam and Hawkman. It was also glorious to watch the Justice Society of America (JSA) come to life on screen. Unfortunately, as part of the movie's promo, the cameo in the mid-credit scene has been spoiled for most geeks. But, Red Dot Diva says nothing beats the flood of emotions that wash over you when that particular moment unfolds before your eyes!

Have you watched the BLACK ADAM movie yet? Did you like it?

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Gamescom Asia 2022's Virtual Entertainment Zone And Where You Can Watch It

Gamescom Asia is only a week away! The premiere gaming convention will be held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20 to 22 October 2022.

Not gonna lie, Red Dot Diva was disappointed when Gamescom Asia 2022 announced that the B2C Entertainment Zone will be a fully online show this year. She had been hoping to be able to interact with fellow geeks on the show floor, while trying out new games at the various exhibitor booths. Still, the fact that the festival is set to go on despite globally challenging times, shows the industry's confidence about gaming in this region.

Gamescom Asia's industry segment, called the Trade Zone, will remain as an in-person event at Suntec. Over 80 exhibitors from 16 countries are geared up to showcase their games and expertise during the event, and industry attendees will be able to enjoy the exhibition area with scheduled panels on stage, trade conference, networking opportunities, and speed-dating sessions.

As for the consumers, here are ways that you can still part of this year's Gamescom Asia Entertainment Zone:

PRIMETIME - 19 October 2022 (8 - 9 PM SGT)

The one-hour PRIMETIME show will kick off the Entertainment Zone, with news, first looks, game premieres and more. Some of the brands that will be showcased include Sony PlayStation, Sega, Tencent, Scopely and Hooded Horse. The session's host Victoria Cheng will be presenting in English, while international hosts Dejet and Mint will engage audiences virtually in Bahasa Indonesia and Thai respectively.

STUDIO - 23 October 2022 (1 - 7 PM SGT)

STUDIO will stream a programme consisting of a special spotlight on Southeast Asian video games and developers, a Singapore showcase, a first look at Scopely’s latest game trailer, a fireside chat on Japan’s games scene, and a broadcast of World Warrior - Capcom Cup IX Qualifiers. Tashbunny will be the English host for STUDIO, with Dejet and Mint continuing to provide the Bahasa Indonesia and Thai versions respectively.

** You can catch PRIMETIME and STUDIO streaming live on Gamescom Asia's Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

STEAM EVENT PAGE - 19 to 23 October 2022

Look out for more information on Gamescom Asia's Steam event page which will go live so that gaming fans can have access to game demos and previews, as well as flash sales. Participating studios will also be broadcasting about their games on Steam.


For those who want to interact with the gaming community during the event, you can hit Gamescom Asia's official Discord channel.

To get a taste of what this year's Entertainment Zone will be offering, check out the teaser below:

Red Dot Diva will be her usual kaypoh self wandering the Trade Zone on 21 October, Friday. So, do look out for pictures and videos posted on her social media (FB/ TW/ YT)!


Gamescom Asia is the satellite event of Gamescom, the world's largest event for computer and video games and Europe's largest business platform for the games industry. Both events are organized by Koelnmesse, one of the world's largest trade fair companies.

For more information and the latest updates, visit Gamescom Asia website, or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, TikTok, and LinkedIn.