Wednesday, May 18, 2022

You Won't Believe It's Trash Art Exhibition - Intricate Models Built By Local Artist Simon Tan

The YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT'S TRASH (YWBIT) Exhibition organised by Lendlease to promote sustainability and zero-waste habits may have already ended, but Red Dot Diva still cannot get over how amazing the art pieces were. So, she decided to publish this belated blog post as a reminder of the time when she stood there admiring the impressive models on display at Parkway Parade. Besides Parkway Parade, the roving exhibition was held at Paya Lebar Quarter, Jem, and 313 Somerset.

All the intricately built models were by one man, a local retiree and self-taught artist named Simon Tan. Mr Tan uses various recycled materials like cardboard, foam, paper, toothpicks and even broom heads to make these art pieces. Most of them were very recognisable pop-culture characters or props like the Alien Queen from the Alien vs Predator universe, the monster from Frankenstein, and the Star Destroyer from Star Wars.

There was even a sculpture of Sir Stamford Raffles, complete with tiny "engraved plaques" at the base of his pedestal. Just like the statue you see standing at the Singapore River in real life.

Besides Mr Tan's models, there were also displays about recycling and zero-waste that featured colourful illustrations designed by local environmentalist Woo Qiyun together with designer Stacey Yip. There was also a collection drive where the public was encouraged to place recyclable items like plastic bottles, clean aluminium drink cans and paper into an onsite vending machine.

Red Dot Diva thought the exhibition was very inspiring. It showed that creativity knows no limits, and neither should age be a major hindrance to creating art. If you missed show at any of the malls, you can still check out Mr Tan's sculptures in this RDD video edit of the event at Parkway Parade. Maybe you will be moved to make something beautiful or useful from recyclable materials too!

Friday, May 13, 2022

May The 4th SG 2022 at Suntec City - We're One With The Force

This year's May the 4th activities landed for 10 days from 7 to 16 May 2022 at the prime trade planet of Planet SuntecVIII.

After a lengthy blockade on trade and travel between certain sectors of the galaxy, it was really good to be able to meet up with various interplanetary allies again. On the 1st day of the Star Wars Day celebration, Red Dot Diva was happily reunited with her geek bro, Jedd and fellow geekstresses Jas and Gwen.

Together, they explored the sights in the various sections of the planet's city, like the impressive display of Star Wars Black Series action figures and LEGO builds at the West Wing. Over in the East Wing, the bustling marketplace offered creative toy photography prints by Plastic SG & Friends, and vibrant paintings by art collective DPLMT. Most of the items were available for sale, with net proceeds going to charity (KHH Health Fund).

While wandering along the North Atrium, Red Dot Diva got acquainted with a cute furry creature called Hamsters - many of which were up for adoption. Nearby, costumer and avid geek Herve Cotton demonstrated a gorgeous live painting of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The unique art piece will also be sold for charity.

Recently, Red Dot Diva reported that the Imperial Forces have been attempting to set up their base at Planet SuntecVIII. Not surprisingly, their scouting missions have attracted attention from the Jedi and Rebels. So, as you carry on with your business around the city, you would most likely stumble upon lightsaber skimirshes between the Light and the Dark Sides of the Force. Just remember to remain in the safe zone, even when the intense battles look very exciting!

At 4PM to 6PM today (14 May), a huge crowd of citizens from all over the galaxy will be gathering at the North Atrium for a record-breaking feat for the most number of people dressed as Star Wars Characters. If you have a Star Wars costume and want to join them, do sign up using the link: You will also stand a chance to win prizes from a lucky draw!

For those who were unable to join in this year's festivities, here is a Red Dot Diva video special of the highlights of May the 4th SG 2022:

Till we meet again, May The Force Be With You!

Monday, May 2, 2022

It's A Trap! May The 4th Star Wars Day Lands on Suntec City - 7 to 16 May 2022!

On May the 4th, the entire galaxy will be celebrating Star Wars Day. This year, local fans will be eagerly gathering at Suntec City of Planet SuntecVIII, from 7 to 16 May 2022.

Based on intel gathered by her informants, Red Dot Diva found out that the Empire is eager to expand and set up a new base. She spotted a team of intimidating Imperial officers, stormtroopers and Mandalorians scouting Planet SuntecVIII a few weeks ago.

The planet is located at a popular trade route, making it home to several equipment yards and food markets. It also has a constant water supply, which, based on local custom, is a symbol of good fortune. And if one decides to let loose for awhile, there is a number of very alien-friendly cantinas to choose from. No wonder the Imperial officers seemed pleased with their scouting mission.

It was not long before Rebel spies noticed the Imperial presence in bustling Suntec City. So, they too arrived at Planet SuntecVIII to see what the Dark Side has been up to.

There have been confrontations as the Jedi quickly sensed where the Dark Side has been lurking. Red Dot Diva sighted one of these lightsaber fights a week ago!

Gather your squad, and get ready for this epic clash between the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force, with an interesting lineup of activities located around Suntec City.

There will be tons of photo opportunities with costumers as they patrol around Suntec City. You can also enjoy the wide range of Star Wars collectibles, fan art and toys on display. Event exclusive merchandise will be available for purchase as well, with proceeds from the sale going to charity. To add on more skills to your Star Wars fan experience, there are various workshops which you can attend, e.g. building Star Wars-themed terrariums or customising your own Bata sneakers.

Check out the list of events below, so you can plan when visit Suntec City to enjoy the festivities!


Star Wars Character Patrol Meet and take pics with your favourite Star Wars characters as they patrol Suntec City! 4-6, 9-13 May at 7PM;
7-8, 14-16 May at Noon, 4PM, 7PM
Lightsaber Skirmish The Sith have been found by the Jedi! Watch an exciting Lightsaber performance by FightSaber Singapore.
Find them either at North Wing or at the Fountain of Wealth!
Weekends only
Noon, 4PM, 7PM

EAST WING #03-344/345 (next to “Zero Latency”)

Exclusive Event Merchandise Exclusive Star Wars Day Singapore merchandise that is available only at Suntec City!
All profits from sale of merchandise will go to charity. (See Instagram post below for a set of micro-figurines of DarthTerra and DeathTrooper that you can purchase during the event.)
11AM to 8PM
Collectibles Bazaar Sale of vintage & retired Star Wars collectibles, fan art & more! Daily
11AM to 8PM
Star Wars Toys Display (Vintage) Display of vintage Star Wars toys produced from 1977 to 1985!
Presented by Singapore Vintage Star Wars Collecting Fan Club.
11AM to 8PM
Fan Art Display – Terracotta Army Showcase of the Star Wars Terracotta Army, handpainted by Abdullah Ismail.
All proceeds from the sale of these custom pieces go to the KKH Health Fund.
11AM to 8PM
Fan Art Display by DMPLT Check out artworks by creative collective DPLMT, created exclusively for Star Wars Day Singapore! Daily
11AM to 8PM
Toy Photography Exhibition The toys are alive! Toy Photography exhibition presented by Plastic SG & friends. Daily
11AM to 8PM
Fan Clubs Showcase Find out more about the various Star Wars Fan Clubs in Singapore (e.g. 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Fightsaber) & how to join them! Weekends & PH only
11AM to 8PM
Blast-ATrooper Charity Photobooth Blast a Trooper & take a photo for charity today! A NERF blaster activity using kid-safe foam darts.
Photos by Canon Singapore.
Weekends & PH only
11AM to 8PM

NORTH WING #01-457B & #01-458A/B (in front of “Samsonite”)

Toys Display (Modern) Be awed by this display of modern-era Star Wars collectible toys.
Presented by Suhaimi's Gulliver's Chronicles.
11AM to 8PM
Hamsters in Space Hamsters of Star Wars fans, living it up in a galaxy far far away.
Presented by Little Hammy Rescue Singapore.
11AM to 8PM
Star Wars Green Space Imagine an entire Star Wars jungle in your living room!
A Nature Terrarium presented by Green Banana.
11AM to 8PM
Fan Art Showcase: Herve Cotton Watch local costumer & painter extraordinaire Herve Cotton speed paint his favourite Star Wars characters on canvas! 7 & 14 May
2PM to 6PM

WEST WING, outside “Bricksworld”

LEGO Star Wars Display Everyone loves LEGO! Check out these amazing LEGO Star Wars displays by the fans! Daily
11AM to 8PM

WEST WING, #01-K4 (next to “Uniqlo”)

Star Wars The Black Series Display For the first time ever, check out the complete collection of every figure ever released from The Black Series 6” action figure line Daily
11AM to 8PM

GALACTIC WORKSHOPS at North Wing, #01-457B & #01-458A/B (in front of “Samsonite”)

Star Wars Terrariums Create your own mini world and brighten it up with a LEGO build!
Each slot costs $40, with proceeds going to charity.
7 & 14 May
11AM to 1PM
North Star Wars Sneaker Art Customise your very own pair of galactic kicks with Bata sneakers!
Each slot costs $70, with proceeds going to charity.
8 & 15 May
2PM to 5PM
Toy Photography Learn the art of toy photography & bring your toys to life!
This is free to attend!
8 & 15 May
11AM to 1PM
Play the Star Wars edition of Unlock! The Escape Game Win prizes if you manage to solve the mystery!
This is free to attend!
16 May
11AM to 2PM; 4PM to 7PM
Badge Making Customise you very own Star Wars button badges & wear them on your galactic adventures!
A set of 2 badges costs $2, with proceeds going to charity. While stocks last!
11AM to 8PM

May the 4th is an event fit for the family, and the younglings have special activities for them to enjoy too.

Jedi Academy Lightsaber activity for kids 12 & below. Train under the Jedi Masters of Fightsaber Singapore!
This is free to attend, subject to event's capacity limit.
Suntec Plaza, outside “PasarBella”
7, 8 & 14 May
Timing TBC
Kids Fashion Parade For kids 12 & under, come dressed as your favourite Star Wars character & stand to win some cool stuff!
You just need to show up from 4PM or get spotted at the event!
North Atrium
14 May
4PM to 6PM


Star Wars Day Singapore: Power of The Force! Be a part of history as we set a new Singapore Book of Records attempt for the largest gathering of people dressed as Star Wars Characters in Singapore!
Details on how to sign up for this event will be coming soon on the event microsite.
North Atrium
14 May, 4PM to 6PM


Star Wars Day Metaverse Get online, participate in an attack on the Death Star, visit the photo gallery & win some prizes! Details coming soon. Most probably via the event microsite.
Support the battle! Declare your allegiance! Vote to support the Empire of the Rebel Alliance & stand a chance to win some prizes! Details coming soon. Via the event microsite


Hello There! And Everywhere! Follow the action as Gerald Cacas & his team draw their favourite Star Wars character by cycling around Singapore! LIVE - 7 May
All day!

There is just so much to see and do for the May the 4th SG celebration 2022. Red Dot Diva missed many of the familiar faces from the community during the pandemic's social restrictions. She really hopes to catch up with some of you at Suntec!

May The 4th Be With You!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The LKY Musical Is Back (7 to 18 September 2022) - Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

After two years of restrictions, social distancing and downscaled live events, Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) and Aiwei triumphantly announced the return of THE LKY MUSICAL!

During its first run in 2015, THE LKY MUSICAL about Red Dot Island's former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, was watched by over 50,000 people. This time, the event will be the island city-state's first large-scale musical production since the pandemic, and is poised to entertain and inspire thousands more at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands, from 7 to 18 September 2022.

THE LKY MUSICAL is an ode to the late Lee Kuan Yew. It depicts the personal journey of the formidable statesman, from his younger days at Raffles College, through the brutal Japanese Occupation, the threat of Communism, and his various ups and downs leading up to Singapore's Independence in 1965. The story also documents how the main players around him influenced his actions and decisions, including the woman who stood beside him.

Award-winning and well-known actor Adrian Pang (The Pillowman, The Full Monty, Much Ado About Nothing, The Son, and so many more) will return on stage as the formidable politician Lee Kuan Yew. In this 2022 production, the critically-acclaimed performer Kit Chan will take on the role as Mrs Lee nee Kwa Geok Choo. Red Dot Diva last saw Kit Chan live in 2017, as Empress Dowager Cixi in Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress, and her stage presence is unforgettable.

The music of THE LKY MUSICAL is written by famous, multi-talented songwriter and personality, Dick Lee. For THE LKY MUSICAL Reboot, he will be adding new arrangements and songs to the production.

THE LKY MUSICAL will be directed by veteran London West End director Steven Dexter, who has won three Straits Times Life Awards. For local productions, he has directed Forbidden City, Fried Rice Paradise; A Twist of Fate, as well as The LKY Musical 2015.

The other creative team members include story writer Meira Chand, the book by Tony Petito (the late founder of SRT) and lyricist Stephen Clark.

When Red Dot Diva recalled that the 2015 run of THE LKY MUSICAL was a satisfying theatre moment, mainly because of the standout performance by Adrian Pang, and the multi-media visuals that help remind the audience of how our nation came to being. She also remembered that it was the first time she saw Benjamin Chow on stage, all fiery and attention-grabbing as LKY's opponent, Lim Chin Siong. The actor taking the role of the influential left-wing leader has yet to be announced, and Red Dot Diva is curious to find out who that might be.

If you did not manage to catch THE LKY MUSICAL the last time, this is your chance to watch this production on stage. Early Bird Special with 15% off the ticket price, is now available if you buy your tickets at!

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Manic and Outrageous Creativity of Everything Everywhere All At Once

A24's EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is an exhilarating and mind-bending assault on the senses. Writer-directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, also collectively known as the Daniels, have fueled the metaphysical, martial arts film in an exhilarating bombardment of utter weirdness.

Just like the numerous "what if" scenarios you might have wondered about your own life, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE offers the various iterations of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh)'s existence. A harried, mousy Chinese immigrant laundromat owner, Evelyn has many adulting problems. One of them is trying to save her failing business from a persistent IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdra (Jamie Lee Curtis and her glorious belly). She is also trying to plan a Chinese New Year party for the community, dealing with accepting her aimless daughter Joy's (Stephanie Hsu) sexuality, and trying to shield that revelation from her disapproving, estranged father (James Hong).

While in the midst of getting her tax matters resolved at the IRS, Evelyn's sweet, clueless hubby Waymond (Ke Huay Quan) suddenly transforms into heroic "Alpha" Waymond from another universe. Alternate universe Waymond, who can take down several adversaries with the help of a deadly fanny pack, convinces Evelyn that she is the only one who can save the multi-universes from an egoistical big bad called Joby Tupaki (also Stephanie Hsu).

Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds.

Asian icon Michelle Yeoh is the anchor of the film. Despite all the weirdness, including a world where humans have hotdogs for hands, Yeoh milks nuance and groundedness in each and every version of Evelyn. Whether Evelyn is a glamourous celebrity, skilled teppanyaki chef, basic laundromat owner and matriarch, or a sensitive woman with hotdog hands, Yeoh pulls off the different facets of Evelyn's character with her athleticism, grace and comedic timing. EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE reminds the audience once again that the multi-talented Michelle Yeoh deserves to be front and centre of her own universe(s). A movie like this should have been her Hollywood moment way earlier than this.

The mainly Asian cast offers strong performances in their roles as well. Stephanie Hsu is fearless in her dual roles of the frustrated and depressed Joy, and the relentless villain Joby Tupaki. And well, the legendary James Hong does what he always does best. However, Red Dot Diva relished what she feels is the best Easter egg throughout the movie - Ke Huy Quan as Waymond.

Most Gen-Xers would remember Quan as Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom when he was a young boy. Quan left acting for many years after he was unable to get good roles as an Asian American in Hollywood. So, it is such a joy to watch him return in front of the camera kicking butt as action-packed "Alpha" Waymond, looking oh-so debonair in a suit as Romantic Waymond, or goofy father Prime Waymond, who is not afraid to show strength through kindness. With the Waymonds of the parallel universes, Red Dot Diva thinks that Quan has managed to break a few more stereotypes about Asian men by showing that a Asian masculinity does not mean the need to take on an Alpha role all the time.

Based on the trailer, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE may seem like a colourful, chaotic mess. In actual fact, behind all that verse-hopping and bizarre scenarios that include butt plugs, googley eyes and weapons in the form of sex toys and a giant bagel, the movie script is delightfully creative and ingenious. Like, isn't life messy anyway?

By giving homage to familiar visuals that include the sensual, smoky nightworld of Wong Kar-wai, the Shaw Brothers old-school kung fu fight scenes, or the cartoony warmth of Pixar's Ratatouille, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE offers not just one message, but several.

The film takes the audience on an emotional journey about possibilities, and urges us to take a hard look within ourselves concerning expectations versus reality. It levels up on Asian representation, and opens the window to Chinese culture and mentality without making it look exotic. It also highlights the sacrifice of immigrants all over the world, and the fractures caused by generational trauma. The story could have easily provided a cynical take on the human condition. Instead, it presents optimistic notions, like Kindness (with a capital K and with much aplomb) is the key to healing relationships. At its very core, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is about the conflict between a mother and daughter, and how their relationship is being transformed for the better.

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE is absolutely worth your trip to the movie theatre. It is best to watch it for yourself so that you can verse-jump through the absurd manic spectacle while appreciating the subtext. You will laugh, and you will cry.

And as for Red Dot Diva, she doesn't think she will ever see bagels the same way again.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Feel Like A Giant At Suntec's Hong Kong: Through The Looking Glass Exhibition

Itching to travel again but not sure if it is worth the hassle with various Covid 19-related advisories in place? One way to get your quick fix this weekend, albeit in a very small scale, is to visit the Hong Kong: Through The Looking Glass Exhibition at Suntec City. The exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO), celebrates the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The show will wrap up this Sunday, 17 April 2022.

Displayed in glass casings at the Suntec City mall's East Atrium as well as near the playground at Level 3, are 40 handmade miniature models capturing the essence of Hong Kong's unmistakable cityscape, traditions and food culture. There are models of iconic buildings like the Blue House Cluster and Tai O Heritage Hotel as well as festivals like the Cheung Chau Bun Festival.

The photos posted here are just a peek to give you an idea of how detailed the miniature models are. You can check out more pictures on Red Dot Diva's Instagram, but she insists that it is a more magical experience viewing the displays in person. Nothing beats peering into some of the models and marvelling at the love and sweat poured into making teeny-weeny pots of plants, and shiny bling-blings at a goldsmith shop. Not to mention, breaking out into a grin after spotting a doggo doing this wee-wee at a lampost.

There are also many models featuring Hong Kong's food, like a soya bean milk stall, snack shop and teahouses where old men still like to hang out with their precious birdcages in tow. It makes you want to head to the nearest HK food establishment for a yum cha session.

The show is so immersive that Red Dot Diva found herself lost in a world where she is now a giant. Some of the displays have moving parts, like ceiling fans and lights, which brings the models to life. Before she knew it, she spent over an hour or so admiring the high level of skill and passion of the Hong Kong miniature artists.

Don't miss experiencing Hong Kong in a different perspective at Suntec before the exhibition closes. It might very well entice you to visit the real Hong Kong for your next holiday!

Dates: 5 to 17 April 2022
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM
Where: Suntec City East Atrium Level 1 and near Playground at Level 3
Entry: Free of charge

If you really really were unable to make it to the exhibition, here's a highlight video of a few of the models displayed:

Friday, March 11, 2022

Jessica Emmett's Debut Exhibition "SHOW YOUR EEMO" Launches At BLAXK By Actioncity, 12 March 2022

A colourful and interesting art exhibition opens at BLAXK by Actioncity, located at Funan Mall tomorrow, 12 March 2022 (Saturday). It is the debut exhibition of talented UK toy designer, illustrator & 3D artist JESSICA EMMETT, entitled SHOW YOUR EEMO.

Full disclosure here - JESSICA EMMETT is Red Dot Diva's good friend. They first met at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) 2016's Artist Alley, when she was promoting her illustrations and self-printed comics. It was love at first sight for Red Dot Diva and Jessica's various eye-catching and unique character designs. Jessica also designed the rebranded Red Dot Diva logo that you now see on all the RDD social media accounts. So, Red Dot Diva cannot help but feel very proud and happy that Jessica is given a chance to show off her works in her debut exhibition.

The SHOW YOUR EEMO exhibition showcases Jessica's journey in toy design throughout the years. You can admire her earlier toys in a rainbow-hued display, including the adorable unicorn toy which was quite popular with fans at STGCC 2017. Red Dot Diva owns a fuchsia custom made one too!


However, the main spotlight of the exhibition is of course, the iconic Eemo Cloud that Jessica created in 2020. And yes, there are two E's because the raincloud is super emo.

I developed Eemo Cloud as the pandemic was unfolding. While the character was based on my own experience with depression, Eemo Cloud quickly embodied much more given how many people have and continue to struggle with mental health... I think it is vital to destigmatise mental health, and art is a great way to start important conversations like mental health awareness.

I really appreciate that people have opened their hearts to this little raincloud, and I'm happy to grow Eemo Cloud together with BLAXK by ActionCity as the key uplifting theme for this debut exhibition and to raise awareness on mental health issues.” Well said, Jessica!

Limited quantities of the Eemo Cloud toy in 3" and 6" sizes are available for purchase exclusively at BLAXK at SGD 99 and SGD 179 each respectively.

To support Jessica's debut exhibition, 19 local and international artists who have influenced Jessica's artistic journey, have contributed their own spin to Eemo Cloud. The diverse and eclectic custom pieces are on display, and they all look fantastic. Just to give you a taste, here are a few pieces that Red Dot Diva was particularly drawn to.

Avid designer toy collectors are already familiar with Daniel Yu's works, like his more macabre Jiangshi collection. His contribution to SHOW YOUR EEMO is named “Our Melancholia” as he feels that ‘the human experience is a shared one’. Red Dot Diva was not disappointed to see that he has included his iconic Chinese vamp in there too!

Fluff Riot's “The Soul Is Rain” is one of the most precious pieces in the collection, with a sad-peaceful fox lying on top of Eemo Cloud. The piece is about mutual respect and empathy, as well as how important true friendship is on the journey to healing. Awwww!

This unamused looking Eemo Cloud named “The Soul Is Rain” is by Yoii aka Anna Johnston. People who know Red Dot Diva is familiar with the same look she gives on many occasions at the workplace.

Want to know the interesting backstory about Jessica and Yoii? They both met briefly at STGCC 2016 Artist Alley because their booths were right beside each other. That was when Jessica was exposed to the world of indie designer toys. She later reached out to Yoii to learn more about making designer toys, which then helped kickstart her path towards creating her own characters and toy line.

Yang of Gagatree contributes this sad, but peaceful and comforting custom piece called “Safe and Somber”. Red Dot Diva loves the shade of blue painted on this piece. It's so pretty and has a very calming and snuggly effect. Like being wrapped up in a soft blanket of blue.

Creon Chkn Head aka Michael Eryk Lalic's
custom piece “Chkn Paint Cloud” stands out amongst the others due to its sheer attitude. Ten, a heroic nogit has decided to shoot a rocket into an Eemo Cloud carrying bright yellow paint hoping that rainy days will turn into colourful ones! Red Dot Diva love the gumption and the spirited optimism.

All of the one-of-a-kind custom pieces will be available for sale through a blind bid system via an online form. Interested collectors can submit their bids online from Monday, 28 March 2022. The successful bids will be announced on Sunday, 3 April 2022. More details will be announced on BLAXK’s and Jessica Emmett’s social media pages. So, don't miss the auction if you are interested to own one of these fabulous pieces.

Besides the different Eemo Cloud pieces, Jessica's latest creations will also be launched during the exhibition. These gorgeous, wonderful creatures are 3D printed! Here's Spider Bear...

and here's Texture Monster - Break.

As Eemo Cloud represents social issues, especially inclusivity, mental health and wellness, the SHOW YOUR EEMO exhibition supports support Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) as the key non-profit beneficiary. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the event-exclusive Eemo Cloud figures and one-of-a-kinds will go towards the organisation.

Jessica will also be conducting workshops at BLAXK for SAMH’s Creative MINDSET Hub, which uses art as a form of therapy. During these workshops, participants will be able to learn more about toy designing and have a chance to customise their own Eemo Cloud figure. Look out for more details will be announced on BLAXK’s and JESSICA EMMETT'S social media pages as well.

Before you leave the exhibition, remember to take a selfie at the photo corner with a couple of Eemo Clouds as a reminder to be kind to yourself and to others.
Diva and Jessica looking eemo-cute

Enjoy the exhibition, and stay healthy, everyone!

Dates: 12 March 2022 to 12 April 2022
Where: BLAXK by Actioncity, #01-03 Funan Mall

Follow JESSICA EMMETT on social media here:
Instagram -
Website -
Facebook -
Youtube -