Saturday, August 20, 2022

Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2022 Opens Ticketing With Initial List Of Exhibitors

Singapore Comic Convention (SGCC) is finally back with an in-person event after a two year-break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During the hiatus, the show changed hands from Reed Exhibitions Singapore to Generation Experience, and ran a virtual event in December 2021. This year, SGCC will return with an even bigger show, taking up 2 levels (Level 1 and B2) of the Sands Expo & Convention Centre on 10 & 11 December 2022.

Red Dot Diva knows that the local and regional geek communities are itching to get their nerd on at a physical comic convention. We have missed each other sooooo much! Well, you can now get your booty all ready to party because the online ticketing booth for SGCC is now OPEN!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Comic Embassy - Get To Know Clio Hui, Clio Ding and Rixou Low (15 - 30 August 2022)

For the last 3 months, pop-up art community space The Comic Embassy held an array of activities to help raise the profile of our island’s local comic book scene.

From 15 to 30 August, the headlining theme will be Realms Of Allures, and artist ambassadors CLIO HUI, CLIO DING and RIXOU LOW (Liu JiaHui) are poised to share their art and experiences about comic book creation in the local marketplace. The trio have each published original books set in an alluring and imaginative fantasy world filled with cyborgs, demons, dinosaurs, fallen angels and vampires.

To find out more information about the events scheduled from 15 to 30 August 2022, check out the link here:

Here’s an introduction to the three artist ambassadors for the last fortnight of The Comic Embassy:

Monday, August 8, 2022

Night Safari Hosts An Ultraman (And Merliger) Pop-Up Experience - 5 August to 31 October 2022

Remember the specially produced “SingapoReimagine ULTRAMAN” webisodes of Ultraman battling kaijus in various iconic Red Dot Island tourist spots? In the final exciting battle at Marina Bay entitled “FINAL / Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore”, all three monsters - Red King, Neronga and Gubila - combined forces, and Ultraman was having difficulties fighting them off alone when... dun dun dun... the normally placid Merlion transformed to a red and silver kaiju named Merliger, and helped him win the fight. So awesome!

If you still cannot get enough of Ultraman and Merliger, the two heroes have joined hands to battle wildlife threat kaijus at the Night Safari, during a fun pop-up experience starting from now till 30 October 2022.

Here are some activities in store for you at the Ultraman Pop-Up Experience:

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Comic Embassy - Meet Sam Lay, Sean Lam and Kang Jing (1 - 14 August 2022)

Since The Comic Embassy's launch in June 2022, the pop-up art community space has hosted a number of local comic book creators like artists Foo Swee Chin, James Leong, Alan Bay and Collin Yap. These ambassadors met art students, comic book fans, did live drawings, drew portrait sketches as well as conducted interesting workshops about illustrating comic books. Creative guests like poet Felix Cheong also shared about their personal creative journeys.

Last month, on Community Day, a busy flow of comic book fans, art students and members of the public mingled and sat down for portrait sketches by the artist ambassadors. The many colourful participants of the Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore dropped by that day, adding on to the convivial and creative ambience of the place.

The Comic Embassy will wrap up its busy and fruitful run promoting the local comic book scene at the end of August 2022. Before that happens, the organizers have planned a list of exciting activities, and will be introducing more featured guests throughout the month.

From 1 to 14 August, the theme will be Realms Of Chiaroscuro. SAM LAY, SEAN LAM and KANG JING are the three featured artists who will share and demonstrate the use of their skills and techniques of using light and darkness to tell compelling narratives. There are also scheduled sessions with other creatives like veteran artist Cheah Sin Ann (best known for The House Of Lim), Zaki Rahman and Danny Jalil.