Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oops! The Intersect Found Diva's Island Hideout

Pic from Zac's Twitter
Red Dot Diva got made.

Her protective fortress of an island hideout has been located. Her identity almost revealed.

She also got duly Flashed.

So Utterly Betrayed by the Truly Evil @eserei and @beckyb731.

But she is not complaining. *g*

How can she?? When the Intersect is ceremoniously Chuck-ed across her way in the form of the awesome Nerdy-handsomeness of Zachary Levi?

True. Red Dot Diva is unable to infiltrate the NerdHQ at SDCC this year. So many minions to gather, so little time. - Sigh -

But that does not rule out the high possibility that she will besiege the geek enclave next year. In fact, she's already preparing her .. ahem... ammunition for the attack.

Proof of Diva's Betrayal by @eserei27 and @beckyb731 :

Watch out O Leader of the NerdHQ. Yes, we have indeed.... TWEETED.

Red Dot Diva Will.Be.BACK to stomp the base for all things NERD-y.

Prepare for a red hot sparkly entrance!


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