Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harvey Tolibao vs Wendy Chew: Clash of the Psylockes

It was a night of When Harvey Met Wendy.

Marvel artist Harvey Tolibao had decided to extend his stay in Red Dot Island yet again. And on his last night here, he met up with some local comic geeks for a casual dinner at a rowdy pasta diner.

Local chibi/ sketch artist Wendy Chew aka Mashi was invited along so that she could get some tips from an artist who has had his work published and distributed internationally. Red Dot Diva reported that, as usual, there was much chat about comics and art.

And everyone was commenting on how Harvey was *always* drawing, regardless of where he was at. He also started drawing at the dinner table while the group was waiting for dinner to be served!

After the rather enjoyable dinner (no GST, no service charge!), the group proceeded to a bayside Starbucks. Simply to hangout and talk more comics.

Andre (the Giant) brought a special art book of drawings by concept artist Ayami Kojima and many in the group, including Harvey, oohed and ahhed over Ayami's marvellous detailed brush strokes and choice of vivid colours. Red Dot Diva's little evil heart throbbed at those gothic images. So bloody good, they were!

All that artistic love ended up with both Harvey and Wendy doing an impromptu draw-off at the very scenic Marina Bay setting. As it turned out, Harvey isn't the only quick draw-artist out there. Wendy is pretty fast with her sketching too!

After their Psylockes were done, Harvey gave Wendy a useful critique and some practical tips on how to make her profile more prominent.

Then, they swapped their drawings as a memento for each other.

Which made it another fun-filled Friday night full of geeky goodness.

Here's a video of "Clash of the Psylockes' and how it all went down!

Mashi, Red Dot Diva and Harvey (pic by Alwyn)

If one is craving for more comic art love, remember to visit Noval Hernawan, Rudy Ao and Wendy Chew at the Comic Art Show 2011 on 30 and 31 July at Wilkie Edge! They will be sketching and exhibiting their art pieces and Red Dot Diva knows that all three are absolutely eager to meet the local comic or art lovers.

And if one is craving for more Harvey, get your tickets to the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Con on 20 and 21 August at the Suntec Convention Centre NOW!! Harvey will be doing signings at the Marvel booth and releasing his special limited edition sketchbook!

With these two events coming up, Red Dot Diva thinks that local comic fans are havin' it pretty good!


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Check out more of Mashi's art at her Deviantart page!

Special thanks to "my Jimmy Olsen" - Alywn for filming and editing the video!

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