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Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 - David Mack Returns, Lineup Includes Jim Mahfood, John Layman, Tik Ka and Koh Hong Teng

The guest list for Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 is getting better and better!

In the latest news on the pop-culture convention's guest lineup, there will be fan favourites returning to Red Dot Island, like David Mack, Mirka Andolfo, and James C. Mulligan, as well as first-timer guests Jim Mahfood, Alexander Iacarrino and John Layman together with Asian-based creators Koh Teng Hong, Peach MoMoKo, Tikka from the East and Michael Sng.

It is always a joyous time of year when David Mack decides to return to our local comic convention. He has built up a loyal fan base in this region, and his booth is always busy!

David Mack is well known as the creator of the KABUKI graphic novel series, and as the co-creator of Marvel character Echo from the Daredevil comics. His beautiful brush strokes can be seen in varied and high profile projects like JESSICA JONES, FIGHT CLUB 2 and FIGHT CLUB 3, AMERICAN GODS, and Dynamite's new series released this year, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

David was also involved with the exceptional, Emmy-nominated opening title sequence for Marvel TV Series “JESSICA JONES”, as well as the concept design, artwork and sequence for “CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER” together with with Sarofsky Designs. Fans of Showtime series “DEXTER” will be familiar with his art in the Early Cuts episodes, and noticed a his recognisable artwork featured in the series episodes.

Wow! It's amazing that SGCC 2019 has managed to score Jim Mahfood as a guest!

The artist's wildly bold, expressive and seemingly chaotic artwork is unique, and drawn in a style that is hardly seen in comic books.

Jim Mahfood has his own creator comics, beginning with his self-published GRRL SCOUTS under the 40oz Comics banner, in the pre-internet era of 1995. The comic helped boost his profile, and he got to work with Marvel in X-Men's “GENERATION X UNDERGROUND SPECIAL”. GRRL SCOUTS series was later published by Oni Press and Image Comics.

Since then, Jim Mahfood has worked with all the comic book companies, including Kevin Smith's “CLERKS”, and indulged in many other visual art projects, like advertising, murals and custom body painting.

Recently, he has provided art for Titan Comic's “21ST CENTURY TANK GIRL”, IDW's “MIAMI VICE: REMIX”, and character design for the award-winning (and best Spider-man movie ever!) “SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE”.

In the last couple of decades or so, the art of making movie posters seem to have been forgotten. The posters of late tend to lack creativity and have a cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste look to them. So, it makes Red Dot Diva's heart sing to see that freelance illustrator Alexander Iaccarino has made the art of movie posters all beautiful again!

By combining his artwork and screen-printing, Alexander Iaccarino's posters look both classic and modern at the same time. His poster images are elaborate, with eye-catching composition and intricate details of the characters of the movie or TV shows. He has also created official poster artwork for Star Wars and Marvel, and has worked with several companies like Playstation, AMC and NBC.

Food is a favourite topic with locals, and in John Layman's award-winning and New York Times best-selling, creator-owned comic book series “CHEW” (with artist Rob Guillory), there is no lack of mention about that as well as Cibopaths, who are er... rather like telepaths, except that they gain insights on past history from eating food.

During his many years of writing and editing experience, John Layman has also worked on Detective Comics, Eleanor & the Egret, Thundercats, Red Sonja, Marvel Zombie vs Army of Darkness. His current projects is “OUTER DARKNESS” published by Image Comics, with artist Afu Chan. The series takes a team on an on-going mission in outer space where there are demonic possessions and encounters with spirits and ghosts.

As a reader of many locally created books and comics, Red Dot Diva thinks that Koh Hong Teng's innate talent of portraying the details and trivialities of life in Red Dot Island is a wonder to behold.

She first got to know of his work from the “GONE CASE” graphic novels with writer Dave Chua, where his drawings on the familiar HDB-landscape was heart-warming as well as heart-breaking. In 2012, Epigram Books' “TEN STICKS AND ONE RICE”, he won a Bronze Award at the 7th International MANGA Awards together with writer Oh Yong Hwee. This made them the first local comic book creators to win an international award from Japan.

Last year, Koh Hong Teng teamed up with Dave Chua to launch their Asian-fantasy tale “THE PRODIGY” at the Singapore Writers' Festival. At SGCC 2019. he will be launching a new China history-inspired book called “THE ASSASSINS” in the style of Chinese pulp comics called lianhuahua.


Italian artist Mirka Andolfo is returning as guest of the convention! Red Dot Diva loves her luscious, rather naughty take on female figures and characters, like Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, as well as a strong, lively illustrations of teenage superhero Ms. Marvel.

Mirka Andolfo's own created graphic novel series, “SACRO/ PROFANO” and “UNNATURAL” are popular with international audiences. She has also drawn for publishing companies, Aspen Comics (“DAMSELS IN EXCESS”), Dynamite (“CHAOS”), Valiant, Zenescope and BOOM! Studios. She recently announced that her new gothic horror 3-volume comic series with Panini Comics Italia entitled “MERCY” will be released in November 2019.


James C. Mulligan's beautiful fine art and illustrations of popular characters from Disney, DC Comics and various pop-culture properties are sought after by collectors all around the world, including celebrities and corporations like Hugh Hefner, Johnny Depp, Sony, Coca Cola, Lexus, Elvis Presley Enterprises and Dreamworks, just to name a few. His association with the Walt Disney Company has spanned two decades with projects that include Light Magic and Haunted Mansion Holiday.

A fan favourite with the fans here, he is no stranger to the Singapore Comic Convention, having been a guest here twice already. What you might not know, is that James is also a global brand ambassador on social media, and besides drawing, he can be seen globe trotting in various locations, making friends with llamas in Peru, and even helping to extinguish a bush fire in South Africa.


Hailing from Japan, Peach Momoko's art looks distinctly Asian and anime in style. However, upon closer look, her artwork is more of a fusion with Western aesthetics. This puts an interesting spin on her drawings of Marvel comic book characters, where she has contributed variant covers for Ms Marvel and Black Cat comics.

For fans of her work, you can grab an exclusive SGCC 2019 Peach Momoko-designed t-shirt at the Reed online store!


Red Dot Diva is delighted to learn that Hong Kong artist Tik Ka will be coming to town. His social media account is high on her Instagram browse list, because his playful mash-ups of Western pop-culture characters drawn with Chinese faces, costumes and backgrounds are humorous and spot-on. There are hardly any captions on his Tik Ka From The East Instagram posts, so sometimes it is fun working out who are the alter-egos in their elegant historical Chinese garb.

Tik Ka has also put his stamp on designer toys with the Hambuddha vinyl toy figurines released with Mighty Jaxx.


Michael Sng, the former Chief Product Designer of plastic action figure STIKFAS, is now the owner of Machination Studio. The company specializes in design and production of mechanized walking dieselpunk robots or tanks, under the Codename Colussus series. His product display at NYCC 2015 brought him attention to an international audience, and he continues to strive to bring these unique toys to collectors on a personal level.

Here's a video of “ADAM SAVAGE: TESTED” with Michael Sng and one of his creations, the Mk.I Cyclops, at NYCC 2016:

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