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Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 - Q&A with Creative Hong Kong-based Artist Tik Ka

Since Tik Ka Ng's playful mash-ups of Western superheros and pop-culture characters dressed in Chinese opera and traditional costumes have gone viral, Red Dot Diva has kept a constant eye on his Instagram feed to see what amusing images he will come up next. Even celebrities like Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr have noticed these creative mash-ups!

In his Tik Ka from East series, he has drawn the Guardians of the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, various Star Wars characters, and even characters from the Minions movies in old school Chinese clothes.

Other than these mash-ups, Tik Ka has exhibited his paintings internationally in cities like London, Paris, New York and Milan. He has also designed for vinyl toys, like the attractive Hambuddha series, and the Chinese-looking Santa Guan figurines.

Red Dot Diva: Before Tik Ka from East series, you have another one featuring cute, cherubic babies, especially one called Chizi. How did this baby theme come about? 
Tik Ka (TK): I started from contemporary art. Before my discovery to infuse Chinese elements into the baby theme, I was a creative for an advertising firm. It was a highly charged profession, and I felt the strain. And it made me wonder if that is what I really wanted. I decided to leave that profession behind and concentrate on painting. I feel complete when I am busy with my paintings, and I have no regrets with that decision. 

Red Dot Diva: What made you decide to branch out from babies to drawing Western pop-culture characters and superheroes in Asian costumes and scenarios? 
TK: The baby painting art world or “Chizi”, is maintained throughout my paintings, while Tik Ka from East was derived from a culmination of Chinese elements. My years experiencing the mix of East and West culture while growing up in post-colonial Hong Kong has inspired me artistically. I try to mix these elements in my works, and I see the finished product as a representation of myself. 

Red Dot Diva: The Chinese opera costumes in these mash-up drawings are very detailed. Did you do a lot of research on this?
TK: I love Chinese culture! From the splendid food their dramatic opera, and its rich history and have spent countless hours researching. It is thus wise to find a balance between East and West elements, sort of like finding a common ground so as not to misrepresent any culture. 

Red Dot Diva: Of all the Tik Ka from East mash-ups that you have done, which is your personal favourite? Also, with the Ip Man mash-up battles, which one do you wish would really happen? (My favourite is Ip Man vs Voldermort. Haha)
TK: Oh, this is a good question! At this moment, the “Star Pot” (inspired by Star Wars) and the “Chinese opera” (inspired by Average) are my favourite collection. Yup, I also love Ip Man vs Voldemort. I try to put in some fun in those ideas. The world needs more fun! 

Red Dot Diva: Since you have drawn so many superheroes, which superhero movie is your all-time favourite, and why? 
TK: When I was young, I love watching Star Wars, He-Man, and Batman, and I love reading Dragon Ball comics. Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be my all time favourite. They can arrange a variety of large and complex projects, into something so worthy and enjoyable. 

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Red Dot Diva: More and more artists (old and new) have been getting on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to showcase their drawings, how do you maintain your unique voice in such a crowded space? 
TK: I have not thought of anything in particular, but it is best, “to do what you like”. 

Red Dot Diva: Is this your first time attending a exhibiting/ attending a convention in Singapore? If so, can't wait to meet you! Do share what we can expect from when we see you at your booth at Singapore Comic Con.
TK: This will be my first exhibition in Singapore! The paintings and designer toys I have brought along are representations of East meeting the West. So, come on down and see the magic for yourself! 

Don't miss meeting Tik Ka at the convention this weekend. He will be signing at Autograph Alley on both days, and will also have a mini exhibition at his booth, featuring his pieces of artwork and designer toys.



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