Sunday, October 20, 2019

HBO Asia - "Watchmen" Premieres 21 October 2019, Same Time as the U.S. Telecast

Anybody who has anything to do with any of these shitty Watchmen travesties, even as a member of the audience, will be dragged screaming to hell by their nipples,” ranted writer Alan Moore in an interview that he did with creative arts blog, Inside The Rift last year.

Well, considered Red Dot Diva to be one of those willing to be dragged straight into brim and fire, because she is all set to catch the premiere of HBO's WATCHMEN on Monday, 21 October at 9 AM (SG); 8 AM (THAI/ JKT). The new series by executive producer Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers), is neither a prequel nor sequel to the brilliant original graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. In fact, Lindelof calls his version a “remix”, and he was also the writer of the pilot episode.

So what does this “remix’ look like? Based on the trailers, the series has mostly new characters, and is set some 30 years after the events in the graphic novel. This is still a time when costumed superheroes have been outlawed, but now, a group of white supremacists have decided to put on masks in the likes to the deceased vigilante anti-hero Rorschach.

The large cast includes Regina King as Angela Abar aka Sister Night, a police detective trying to solve a murder of a colleague, Jeremy Irons as a much older Adrian Veidt (is he Ozymandias??), Don Johnson as head of city's police force Judd Crawford, Jean Smart as Laurie Black (Silk Spectre), Louis Gossett Jr, Tom Mison, Frances Fisher, and more.

Some lucky critics and fans got to watch an early screening of HBO's WATCHMEN at the recent New York Comic Con 2019, and reviews have been more than positive. Many noted that it was bold, contemporary and . Red Dot Diva can't wait to experience this for herself in a few hours' time!

The series is available on HBO cable channel as well as on HBO GO. If you are unable to catch the original telecast at 9 AM (10AM  from 4 November), there will be an encore on HBO on the same day at 10 PM. Remember to tune in every Monday for new episodes. The series runs for nine episodes.

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