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Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019: More Guests Announced - Sarah Andersen, Fishball, Donny Cates and Yasmine Putri

The rebranded Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) that will be held Marina Bay Sands' Convention Centre on 7 & 8 December 2019, is ramping up the excitement with an interesting, varied guest list!

So far, the headlining guests include comic book artist fan favourites like Greg Capullo and Jock. The convention will also be welcoming Transformers artist Livio Ramondelli, upcoming artist Creees, illustrators Tara McPherson, Joey Spiotto and Prema-Ja, as well as cosplayers Jin (BehindInfinity) and Astarohime.

This week, SGCC announced a new initiative called "WORK IN PROGRESS (W.I.P.)" for South-East Asian creators. There will be more details on this at the end of this article.

The convention also welcomes even more wonderful guests to the local pop-culture event of the year. They are:


You would most probably have seen Sarah Andersen's quirky webcomic called SARAH'S SCRIBBLES, which features a googley-eyed, introverted girl and her struggles in daily in life. Sarah's observations on the minute details on every day moments like going to a bathroom, the weird things pet cats do, dealing with the summer heat and life's anxieties are spot on.

Sarah Andersen's work of art are also available in books, like HERDING CATS, BIG MUSHY HAPPY LUMP and ADULTHOOD IS A MYTH.


Malaysian artist Fishball's best known work is her webcomic MY GIANT NERD BOYFRIEND detailing about her life and adventures with her very tall boyfriend. When Korean-based portal Webtoon started publishing the webcomic, it quickly went viral and became an internet sensation.

The last two times Fishball was in Red Dot Island for Illustration Arts Fest, the sweet, affable artist attracted a looooong line of fans hoping to meet her and get their books signed. So, here's a Red Dot Diva tip --- if you are looking forward to your chance at SGCC, line up early!


Donny Cates has been getting a lot of attention lately with his brilliant writing chops headlining several Marvel comic books series like VENOM, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, DEATH OF THE INHUMANS and his current one with Ryan Stegman, ABSOLUTE CARNAGE.

He also has creator owned titles - West Texan-style fantasy adventure GOD COUNTRY, horror series REDNECK and a story entitled BABYTEETH about a teenage girl who turns out to be the mother of Anti-Christ.


Freelance artist Yasmine Putri hails from Indonesia, and her artwork is amazing! Her portfolio includes working with brands like Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering), White Wolf Publishing (Exalted, Mage), and Warhammer comics.

Her flexible art style may vary but they usually take on bold colours and dynamic movements, so it is not a surprise that Yasmine has caught the attention of the "Big Two" - Marvel and DC. She has drawn for covers like Marvel's FEARLESS, SPIDER-GWEN, AVENGERS and WAKANDA FOREVER.

Most recently, her homage to horror movies for the variant covers of DC's limited series DCEASED was skillfully rendered, and oh so scary.


This year, SGCC has also kicked off a brand new initiative called "WORK IN PROGRESS (W.I.P.)" to help connect local and South-East Asian creators with publishers.

Many of our fans don’t just gobble up comics and pop culture but are also aspiring creators with their own original ideas and unique stories to tell. We hope that with the W.I.P programme, we can unearth new talents, encourage people to explore opportunities to turn their passion into reality and make their dreams come true by turning their passion projects into published works,” said Mr. Suhaimi Sainy, Senior Manager, Reed Exhibitions.

Aspiring creators will submit their proposals which will be vetted by participating publishers such as Shogakukan Asia, Asiapac Books Pte Ltd and Vividthree Productions Pte Ltd + Darkbox Studio Pte Ltd. Those with creative and original story-telling pitches will get to meet the publishers at SGCC 2019, and stand a chance of having their works published.

Shogakukan Asia is pleased to work together with SGCC and fellow creators in the W.I.P programme,” said Mr. Bunsho Kajiya, Managing Director, Shogakukan Asia Pte Ltd. “As the leading publisher of manga titles, Shogakukan Asia's editors possess a treasure trove of experience and knowledge which we would like to impart to a new generation of local and regional talent.

Chong Lingying, Manager of Asiapac Book commented, “We are delighted to be working with SGCC on this initiative to encourage aspiring creators in the region. Our company has always been committed to nurturing emerging comic talent, having published early works of many successful and well- loved comic artists such as Wee Tian Beng (Singapore), Chan Kok Sing (Malaysia) and Hu Rong (Japan/China). W.I.P programme is a fantastic opportunity for artists to give their dream career a shot.

Submissions will open on 29 August 2019, so if you have been waiting for such an opportunity, do get your drafts and pitches ready!

Have you got your SGCC 2019 tickets yet? Grab them online now!



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