Friday, October 11, 2019

Gamestart Asia 2019 - The Cool and Awesome Games (and Mead!) to Look Out For!

Gamestart Asia, the region's premiere gaming convention for both hardcore gamers, casual gamers and industry players kicks off tomorrow for the 6th and probably, final time.

Red Dot Diva attended the Media Preview and had a peek of the show hall, which had a look and feel in tune with this year's theme “Asian Mythology”. Of course, the e-sports competitions like the SEA Major, will be the major highlight of the weekend, as well as the games in all its varied forms for fans to try out and play - tabletop, mobile, console, arcade, VR. You name it, the show has it. 

Some of the show's highlights and guests have already been mentioned an earlier RDD article (click here to read it), but there are even more exciting and fun things to look out for in the exhibit hall.


Disney/ Marvel's booth is the first thing you will see when one enters the hall, and it is brightly dressed with the trademark superhero colours of your favourite Marvel comic book characters.

This is the place to have a look at MARVEL Super War, the company's first MOBA game, where you can choose to be a superhero character, like Captain Marvel, the Hulk or Deadpool, and battle with your friends online.

At 2 PM on 12 October (Saturday), The Walt Disney Company will be making on the main stage with the Special Game Showcase. So, don't miss this segment if you love Disney/ Marvel characters!


Next to the Disney/ Marvel booth is where you can immerse yourself in as Iron Man via a Playstation VR experience. In this game, you get to suit up in Iron Man's armour and fly around shooting fireballs or punching assigned targets.

Red Dot Diva tried the game, and the feeling of being able to fly like Iron Man was pretty cool. (Bonus points for the Playstation head gear! Even while wearing spectacles, the VR goggles fit her head perfectly.) The game got trickier from the mid point onward, when one had to navigate around rock formations to get to the targets. Even though the booth handler was constantly helping her with directions, she kept crashing into the rocks (ouch!), and missing the targets. She believes many of you out there will fare much better than her! Haha. Oh, and do be careful not to get too excited and trip over all that wiring while playing the game!


Thanks to Square Enix Asia, fans of FF will be able to try out the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo at Gamestart Asia 2019. This booth is going to be hot, and there are limited spots available, so tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis for those who want to check out the demo.

If you are an ardent fan of Final Fantasy, must Cheong to the booth and score those tickets! The booth is to your left when you enter the hall.


Sadly, Mr. “You're Breathtaking!” aka Keanu Reeves is not coming to the convention, but the game Cyberpunk 2077 will be there!

The open world RPG game by CD PROJEKT RED, will be screening a special game screenplay video at their booth, and the first 150 fans of the day will receive an A3 poster! This will be the first time the screenplay video is made available in Asia.


From the makers of Exploding Kittens, comes the super fun card-dodgeball game mash-up called “Throw Throw Burrito”!

By scoring a card set, you win points and then, you also get to throw foam burritos at your friends! You lost points if a Burrito hits you. You might even get to do a one on one Burrito Duel. This game gets quite physical, and probably therapeutic too! “Throw Throw Burrito can be found at The Sanctuary, which is where the actual food and drinks are.


Talking about The Sanctuary, Red Dot Diva got a taste of the Classic mead brewed by homegrown Lion City Meadery at the Media Preview. The taste was almost like cider - light, refreshing and super-quenching. The alcohol content is low, at only about 5.5%.

Here is co-founder and brewer Sanjay Jegatheesan with the different flavour of mead that they are offering at the convention - the Classic, Blueberry and Spiced.

Most people have tasted beer but not mead, which is made from fermented honey. Hence, this is a fantastic chance for you to try some. Go visit the guys at Lion City Brewery, grab a bottle of mead and imagine that you are living in a magical fantasy realm (Middle Earth maybe?). 


Something's definitely brewing between show's official mascot Alyse (by Riiyuukii Cosplay), and a mysterious unnamed nemesis dressed in black (played by Yuuno).

There is a story developing between the two protagonists, and you will be able to find out more when both characters interact with each other live at the exhibit hall over the weekend!

This year's Gamestart Asia is packing a wide range of experiences on the show floor for game enthusiasts and casual gaming fans. In addition to the games and e-sports, there are also performances on stage by violinist Luna Lorrain and musician/ pianist V.K.

Remember to line up early! Be the first 200 of the day, and you will receive a random loot bag, which will include goodies like Gamestart's official merchandise, and swag from Armageddon and Razer!

See you there!

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