Friday, September 27, 2019

Gamestart Asia 2019 Announces Guests including Takashi Tokita and Luna Lorrain

As announced earlier this year, 2019 will be the last iteration of homegrown gaming convention, Gamestart Asia. The show has been taken over by Germany company and event organiser Koelnmess.

From 2020 onwards, gamescom, the industry largest event measured by exhibition space and number of visitors, will hold its Asian version in Red Dot Island's Suntec Convention Centre. The festival will be a four-day event, with industry segments, e-sports, product showcases, and special guests as well as the usual cosplayers.

This year's Gamestart Asia's theme is “Asian Mythology”, and some guests have already been announced for the exciting event that will be taking place in about two weeks' time on 12 & 13 October 2019. Check out the guest list below:

Takashi Tokita is a game developer with Square Enix, the company that publishes very popular games titles like the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts.

He was graphic director and co-wrote sub-plots for the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. For the survival-horror game Parasite Eve, Takashi Tokita was both director and writer. He is also the creative director for Tokyo RPG Factory's latest game called Oninaki.

Takashi Tokita will be on the main stage on 12 October, where he will share more about his projects and experience in the gaming industry.

Watch the launch trailer for Oninaki:

Talented Malaysian violinist Luna Lorrain will be performing tunes from various games and anime. She has performed in several high profile shows in the region, like Comic Fiesta, Asia Comic Con and AniManGaki.

Here's her special message for the fans:


Richard Suwono is a digital artist and designer from Indonesia, who is especially passionate about fighting games. His past projects include conceptual design for Dungeons and Dragons, Heroes of Might and Magic; YuGiOh TCG;

If you love Richard's art style, you can order the convention t-shirts designed by him at the online shop!


This year, Riyukii Cosplay will be dressed as Gamestart Asia's official mascot, Alyse. Riyukii is well known for her cosplays of Hanzo (Overwatch), Shuten Doji (FGO), Nero Claudius (FGO), has released several photo books of her works.

There is something new happening at Gamestart Asia 2019.

An experiential, escape room-inspired game called The Castle, curated exclusively for the convention will take place at the event! It takes 4 people to play the game as the Moon Clan, or the Sun Clan.

For the Moon Clan, you will be put on a special puzzled-based mission to hunt down a demon locked up in an abandoned castle. As for the Sun Clan, you will be tasked with various activities meant to ensure that the demon is locked up and remains sleeping, so that the world would not fall into chaos.

You can gather up your clan members, or sign up as a solo player and join other players for a thrilling adventure within The Castle. Each person's registration fee just for the game is SGD10. Click here to register!

As the days draw nearer to the convention weekend, more news are being rolled out by the organisers. As for now, Red Dot Diva is sure that all the usual favourite activities of Gamestart Asia will be on site this year - the popular Doujin Market for your shopping needs, the exciting e-sports competitions include SEA Major 2019 amd FIFA 20 Championship, the engrossing table top games, and the various charming indie games at Founders Base.

What are the prices for entry into Gamestart Asia? 
Day tickets cost SGD 12 each. The VIP pass costs SGD 70.00, and includes tickets for both days plus a logo t-shirt, lanyard, goodie bag and early entry into the show hall at 10 AM.  Cosplayers in full recognisable costumes will enter the convention hall free of charge!

There will also be a loot bag for the first 200 people to enter the hall on each day of the show. So, don't forget to get your tickets online!

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