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Diva's Sneak Peek of The Game of Thrones: "The Worlds of Westeros" Experience at ION Orchard

Parts of Westeros have arrived in ION Orchard Basement 4!

From 2 to 7 April, fans will be able to enter the different worlds in an interactive event promoting the upcoming Season 6 of HBO's insanely popular fantasy drama series, "Game of Thrones".

Red Dot Diva strode into the Seven Kingdoms yesterday, and here's the sneak peak of The Game of Thrones: "Worlds of Westeros" event!

Photo by Ed K


Photo by Ed K

William Simpson is the lead storyboard artist of the series, and his work involves putting the visual ideas into artwork sketches to aid the director and film crew as a visual reference. William has also conceptualized the design of a few characters in the series, including the Three-Eyed Raven and the unforgettable White Walkers.

The talented artist was in town last year during the promotion of the previous season, and at this event, many of his wonderfully detailed original storyboard artwork are on display.

The extracts from certain scenes are recognizable just based on his drawings. So amazing!


The White Walker Sword
First time on public display here in Red Dot Island are a number of sword props used by various characters in the series.

Photo by Ed K

Those who follow the books and series closely know that the swords have names, and the well-known ones like Needle, Oathkeeper, and Ice, Ned Stark's massive sword that is made of Valyrian steel, are available for close scrutiny.

Red Dot Diva was very impressed by the amount of work and details that goes into the making of the swords. There were intricate beading and careful leatherwork on the scabbards, and just look at the carving on the hilt of Trystane Martell's sword! WOW!


In all its imposing glory, a replica of the Iron Throne sits at a raised platform at the most commanding section of the exhibition.

Battle with your enemies to sit on the throne and claim the power to rule over the kingdoms of Westeros!

Red Dot Diva can tell you that she is not going to give up the seat on the Iron Throne anytime soon!

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... or pat his thorny head .. or just scream in excitement/ fear/ show of aggression (take your pick!) as the ferocious dragon raises and lowers his head while flapping his wings.

Red Dot Diva found this interactive part of the exhibition the most baffling of all. Without proper direction, it was difficult to decipher where one's eyeline should be and how to time one's movements with Drogon's. Also, this segment might work better, if there were props around, like a shield or sword, for people to wave around against the green screen.

"Patting" Drogon was tricky due to the way he's positioned on the screen. The simplest action was pretending to scream as if the Night's King just sneaked up behind you, which was what Red Dot Diva did after 4 to 5 attempts of mismatched movements. It just goes to show what a pathetic actor Red Dot Diva is. So yes, she will *have* to keep her day job.

Here's the video of her very bad acting.


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Red Dot Diva's first reaction to this - OMG OMG OMG!!

Without doubt, the 90-second 4D virtual reality experience is THE HIGHLIGHT of the entire "Worlds of Westeros".

A couple of years ago, Red Dot Diva tried an Oculus Rift experience at SDCC and felt it was very brief, and the visuals were quite grainy. She expected the same from "Ascend the Wall", but to her surprise, the technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and the concept for this one was out of this world!

Once she adorned the entire headset and headphones, Red Dot Diva was immediately transported into the North and having a cold, windy ride on the winch, going 700 feet up the Wall. There was also a chance to "walk" at the top of the fort itself.

Red Dot Diva tried "Ascend the Wall" twice. The second time she was curious to see how far the virtual reality enveloped her vision, and tried looking up and behind her, and still, the illusion was not broken. It was So Very Spellbinding!

She shall not reveal what else happens during the experience.

You just HAVE TO to try it out yourself!

(Note: Those with extreme vertigo or fear of heights may want to skip this though. Use your own judgement!)

Yep. There's also House Starhub!

For a hardcore fan of the series, The Game of Thrones: "Worlds of Westeros" is one way to make your fantasy come true.

Too bad, the exhibition does not include costumes and other kinds of props, which would generate even more interest.
Regardless, the entire interactive event is a lot of fun, and will give you something to talk with fellow geeks for quite awhile. Plus, it's FREE OF CHARGE!

So, grab your Westeros-loving buddies, grab your house banners and march on to ION Orchard from 2-7 April, 10 AM to 10 PM.

It is something Not to be Missed!

Better still if you can go later today (2 April), because young actor Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark in the series, will be doing a meet and greet from 3 - 5 PM!

See you there!

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