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Team Cap Armed with Quips at "Captain America: Civil War" South-East Asia Press Conference, Singapore

Mostly, it was Anthony Mackie who was firmly locked and loaded with quips and trash talk in a show of rivalry against Team Iron-Man. However, the beardy but very hunky Chris Evans was all charms at the "Captain America: Civil War" South-East Asia press conference held at Marina Bay Sands, Red Dot Island on the morning of 21 April 2016.

The press conference was attended by cast members Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, who was accompanied by Joe Russo, one half of the movie's directing team. The team flew in from another press junket in Beijing, China which had no time difference from Red Dot Island, so if they had suffered any jet lag, it did not seem noticeable at all.

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Team Cap was generally in good spirits and were quite chatty during the press con, although Sebastian Stan looked deep in thought and seemed to be still channeling a cleaned-up version of Winter Soldier for most of it. At times, he resembled Grumpy Cat, albeit far better looking. (Sorry, the real Grumpy Cat.) But when Seb chose to smile, it was such a sweet sweet smile.

Sebastian said very little at the press conference. All the talking went to Joe, Chris and Anthony. Red Dot Diva wished someone had asked Seb a direct question. She had a good one in mind and raised her hand a few times, but due to time constraints (and/ or host Glenn Ong's personal preference), she wasn't chosen to ask it. Oh well.

She was glad that geek bro Jedd got to fire the first question to director Joe Russo on behalf of local movie publication F*** Magazine. Check out the video below on what Joe said:

When asked about how they prepare themselves for press conference, Anthony Mackie grinned and showed off his use of Singlish. "Yes, lah! Yes, lah!" he said.

"We try to get to know the culture that we're in, and eat the food and meet the people whereas Team Iron  Man, they would just go away and being pampered. They'll go from the press conference to the spa. And from their spa to their jet. You know stuff like that." Oooh. Shots fired!

Anthony continued as the room laughed, "It's more so about learning stuff about the people, and eating stingray and chili crab. Stuff like that. Or learning 'Yes, lah!' or 'No, lah!" Things like that, we really enjoy."

A question was thrown to the cast member as to who are their favourite on screen heroes and villains of all time. Here's their answer:

Drawing upon the movie's reference as to what the Falcon's suit was called, the journalist from The Straits Times asked Anthony Mackie what he would call Iron-Man's suit. Hilarity ensued as Anthony wittily deconstructed the entire Team Iron-Man. Hahaha.

As to how the guys honed their body (yum yum!) for the superhero look, all ready for action, here's Chris Evans honest confession:

The mood became a tad gentler when Chris Evans was asked about to choose a female comic book character as a potential lover for Captain America. Apparently, this was a difficult choice to make, so guess who he picked?

The last question for the press conference came from Zed of local geek/ lifestyle magazine Justsaying.Asia. He asked Joe Russo about how important "Captain America: Civil War" is going to be for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"It's incredible important," Joe Russo affirmed. "Winter Soldier changed the internal structure of the Marvel Universe with the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. I think that this movie changed the psychology of the Marvel Universe in a very important and significant way, and the ramifications of Civil War is not over. They will carry over significantly into Infinity War. So this movie is really setting up the two defining films of all of Phase 1, 2 and 3 and the Infinity movies, and puts all the characters in a very complicated place. So I think, it's critical important. Probably the most important Marvel movie today."

"Captain America: Civil War" premieres in theatres islandwide on 28 April 2016. Red Dot Diva has watched it and it's a FANTASTIC movie. It's not just a good superhero action movie; it's also one that will give fans all the FEELZ, as well as shifts the entire way things are going in the MCU.

As Joe Russo aptly summarized at the start of the press conference as to why the worldwide audience should watch "Captain America: Civil War": "I think it's a really compact story, you could call it a culmination film of everything that preceded in the Marvel Universe because it brings all the characters together. I'm a big fan of the fight. The spectacle is enormous in the film. I think the performance is exceptional and we have an incredible cast. And it's heartbreaking, but it's also very full of fun so you'll have a well-rounded experience at the movies."

So, have you all got your movie tickets yet??


Before the press conference ended, there was a photocall, with the cast gamely posing for the cameras.

Feast your eyes on some of RDD's choice "Captain America: Civil War" photocall pics :)

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For the group shot, Joe Russo showed how great he was at his job by directing the others where to look.

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Thanks to Glam Bloggers Alliance geek pal, Mr. Million Dollar Smile Andre Chee for being Red Dot Diva's press con photographer!

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