Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sphero BB-8 Can Now Be Your "The Force Awakens" Movie-watching Mate!

Make some space on the sofa!

That small but charming Sphero BB-8 robot-toy is so ready to watch "The Force Awakens" movie with you!

With his ability to react to certain key scenes via audio cues, this makes BB-8 a perfect mate for watching the movie over and over again. Especially, if your non-geek pals are already bored over the various Star Wars tropes and references, and utterly unimpressed by Kylo-Ren or Rey.

All one needs to do is sit BB-8 on his charging base and make sure he's connected to the app. There is now a new "Watch With Me" option. Place the smart device next to the bot, and let BB-8 do his thang! Apparently, he'll chatter and whistle at junctures, and get freaked out when evil-emo-divo Kylo-Ren appears on screen.

Red Dot Diva can't wait to try this out with her Sphero BB-8 when the weekend arrives.

She will post about the experience after "The Force Awakens" movie night!

By the way, "The Force Awakens" movie is already available online on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Video! The Blu-Ray and DVD sets are on sale today 5 April, and includes several special features. So, it's a great time to have a Star Wars binge session with BB-8.

When Red Dot Diva bought Sphero BB-8 mostly on a whim, she did not expect it to be updated with such unique and interactive features. Contrary to a fellow colleague's dismissive comment that "What's so great about it? You paid so much to see him roll around and do nothing", Sphero BB-8 is beginning to be more like a companion than just a toy. The possibilities seem to be exciting, depending on how innovative the developers get.

There's another related gadget that Red Dot Diva can't wait to be on sale later this year. When worn on a wrist, Sphero's Force Band will enable BB-8 owners to be able to command the bot via hand movements, like come forward or putting him into drive mode when one's hand is resting at the side of the body.

That would free owners from controlling BB-8 with only the smartphone or tablet, which should create a whole lot of fun!

It's time to save up those monie$$$!

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