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Singtel x Netflix Meet & Greet: Diva Shook Hands with "Daredevil" Charlie Cox!

Comic book superheroes seem to be putting Red Dot Island as part of their travel plans this year!

This week, Charlie Cox, star of Netflix's highly lauded Marvel superhero TV Series "Daredevil", dropped by for a few days to meet the media, including a "top secret event" with Harpers Bazaar Singapore. Then, on 28 March early evening, a selected group consisting of 50 pairs of Singnet's subscribers got the chance to meet at Charlie at Comcentre's Singtel Shop!

Thanks to the awesome guys from Here Be Geeks and Singtel's representative, Red Dot Diva had a surprise opportunity to attend the session. How can one say NO to a chance to meet Charlie Cox?!

At Comcentre, Red Dot Diva bumped into two of @Sarahcoldheart's mates - @milodrums and @dinorap19, who were also the lucky winners of the online contest.The registration opened about 10 minutes before 5 PM, and while the Singtel folks prepared the room for the event, @milodrums and @dinorap19 snagged an interview on camera with the media.

The fans were allowed to troop into the room at 5 PM and being kiasu (because she is short and usually cannot see much beyond 2 humans deep), Red Dot Diva scooted to the front of the stage barrier. A young girl with a unique name of Endriana, who came to the event solo, decided to hang around and join the little geeky group too.

Class 95 radio DJ Yasminne was the host for the event, and she said that Charlie will be arriving at 530 PM. She urged everyone to give him a LOUD and WARM Red Dot Island welcome when he steps on stage. In fact, it seems that Charlie was already in the building but was taking a much needed rest.

Yasminne ran down the sequence of events briefly. She said that they were on a tight schedule, so after a short Q&A with Charlie, fans will need to line up and take photos with Charlie in groups of 2 pairs. No selfies allowed. BOO HOO. After which, Charlie will sign some "Daredevil" posters for everyone.

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The 30-minute wait felt like an eternity..... Arghhhhhh.

Then, with a sudden hustle-bustle of activity from the sidelines, Yasminne came on stage to announce Charlie's arrival.

Everyone cheered when his name was announced. WOOHOOO!

Dressed in a simple white shirt and dark coloured pants, Charlie looked noticeably tired, but he seemed to be such a patient and amiable fellow. He was smaller in stature than Red Dot Diva expected, but still sooooo scruffily CUTE! And erm... that wide adorable smile, people! And er... that hint of chest hair?!?

Yasminne asked him about how he prepared for the stuntwork in the series. Here's a video clip of his answer:

The next question about his method on acting as a blind person has probably been asked several times before, but Charlie was willing to tell everyone about some of the ways he dealt with the role anyway.

Charlie said that Daredevil is such a unique character because he's one of the few superheroes that is disabled, is a regular human being, fights crime and yet also strongly believes in a religion. So, the next question was what specifically has he learnt from assuming the role of "The Man Without Fear". Here's what Charlie had to say about that:

Yasminne then tried to get Charlie to dish out some scoop about what his co-stars are like on set. Charlie gave a chuckle and said that he didn't think it was wise to say things about the Punisher and Elektra behind their backs. Hahahhaa. Good point!

Charlie also mentioned that he had to work quite a bit on his American accent for the role, because the character was from New York. He said he's getting much better at it now.

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As a roundup to the Q&A, Charlie was asked to give 5 adjectives about the "Daredevil" series for fans who have yet to watch it. By that time, Red Dot Diva was too mesmerized by his native accent and how cute he was that she might have forgotten what he said. She thinks he said: "Courageous", "Stubborn", "Arrogance", "Gracious", "Fearless".

Then, everyone was hurried to the photo wall to get ready to get their pics with him. Before that though, Singtel had arranged for a mini (literally, mini) surprise for Charlie. A group of really cute kiddie Matt Murdocks was waiting to spend a few moments with him! He was quite taken by them, and asked them to show him their poses.

Pic courtesy from Singtel
For the photo op, @milodrums came super-prepared with the concept. She had drawn a "I Am Not Daredevil" postcard based on the Daredevil #7 comic book by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera. She even brought a pair of Matt Murdock custom red-lensed glasses!

Before the group posed for the photo, Red Dot Diva went up to Charlie first, and shook his hand. "Hi Charlie! Nice to meet you!" Those beautiful hazel eyes crinkled and he gave a very warm smile. "Nice to meet you too!", he said. *SWOON*

So, here's the nerdy group pic :D with Daredevil himself.

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Time was running out, so Charlie was hurried back behind the barrier where a table has been laid out for him to sign a stack of "Daredevil" posters.

There was a point where Singtel said that there was only going to be time for him to sign for only 1 poster for each pair, but Red Dot Diva thinks he signed as many as he could. He seemed to determine that everyone got one and Red Dot Diva overheard him say that he would hate for someone to not get one. Bless his soul!

See the look of deep concentration on his face!

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While he was signing, @milodrums asked him some questions, including the one about the fate of Frank's dog, and what local food he has tried while he was here.

Pic courtesy from Singtel

@milodrums asked the minders if he could autograph her Funko Matt Murdoch, and when they conveyed that to him, he said he would gladly sign it.

So once all the posters were signed, Charlie reached out and took the toy from her, and carefully signed the top of its head!

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Then, it was really time for him to go. Everyone said a round of quick goodbyes, and then whoosh! He was gone.

It was a super-quickie meet and greet session - half an hour the most, but it was awesome anyway! Plus, there's a wonderful momento to remember the occasion by! :D

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Now, all that's left for Red Dot Diva to do is to set some time to binge-watch Season 2 and get my Daredevil" fix!


Thanks to Here Be Geeks and Jariuel from Singtel for the opportunity!

Check out Milodrums' tumblr post for her account of the Charlie Cox meet and greet!


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