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Singapore Fans Sing Happy Birthday to Game of Thrones' Actor Isaac Hemsptead-Wright at ION Orchard!

Judging by the love showered upon "Game of Thrones" actor Isaac Hemsptead-Wright during his appearance at ION Orchard yesterday (2 April), it seems the local fans have sorely missed seeing Bran Stark in the drama's previous season.

The audience has practically seen the young actor grow up on screen as Bran. However, the young noble had been missing for the entire Season 5.

At that point, Bran's story had mostly caught up with what had happened in George R.R. Martin's books. The other reason: Bran was undergoing some Westeros-Harry Potter-style training with the mysterious shifu Three-Eyed Raven.

In the new season, there will be more Bran Stark (YAYY!!) and even better still, more handsome badass Bran Stark (W00t, W00t!).

When Red Dot Diva arrived at the venue 45 minutes before Isaac Hemsptead-Wright's scheduled 3PM appearance, hundreds of fans were already waiting patiently at the surrounding area. About 50 Starhub contest winners were also within the holding area, as they will get a chance to meet him in person later on.

Promptly at 3PM, as the "Game of Thrones" theme song blared from the speakers, the host announced Isaac Hemsptead-Wright's arrival to the stage. This is his first-ever visit to Red Dot Island, and the fans were all out to make him feel welcome.

Dressed in black topped off with an army green jacket, and wearing a pair of geeky glasses, the fair young lad was much taller and lankier than Red Dot Diva expected. He was probably about 1.78m or nearing 6 foot tall.

Even though he had only touched down in Red Dot Island just earlier that morning, Isaac was did not seem hampered by any form of jet lag. He was very chipper and looked absolutely delighted to see the throng of excited fans lavish their attention on him.

Watch Isaac Hemsptead-Wright's at ION Orchard:

While on stage, he spent some time answering questions about the Season 6 of the series, and about his initial impressions about Red Dot Island. All the time, he was looked around with amazement at the crowds, who have gathered around at least two floors of the mall.

Watch Isaac sharing a little about Bran Stark in Season 6:

One of the sweetest moments was when the fans sang Isaac an early and surprise birthday song at the cue of the host. Isaac will be 17 on 9 April, and the animated reactions on his face were priceless!

Watch Isaac's reactions to the early birthday song:

At the end of the short Q&A, everyone huddled in for a Isaac wefie!

Red Dot Diva managed to get into the shot, although she has no idea why she wasn't looking at the camera. Chalk it up as a Blur Diva moment!

Here's the wefie from another more interesting angle! Hahaha, and there is Red Dot Diva again!

Photo by HBO Asia
After that, it was time for Bran Stark to lay claim on the coveted Iron Throne. While Isaac made himself comfortable on the prop replica, he grinned from ear to ear, and happily waved to the fans from the second level.

He also took what Red Dot Diva imagined could be the most adorable selfie by someone sitting on the Iron Throne. The dude is so animated, he's like a walkin' talkin' emoji!

A photo posted by Red Dot Diva (@reddotdiva) on

While lounging on the Iron Throne, the lucky winners from the Starhub contest got to meet him in person. Whenever Isaac greeted the fans with a large warm smile, you could see the mix of nervousness and sheer joy on the fans's faces as they got the chance to speak with him for a few moments. There was even a fan dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and she also brought a prop dragon.

Most got him to sign their choice "Game of Thrones" memorabilia, and there was one particular fan who knelt down in front of him, paying fealty to Bran Stark as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Pretty awesome!

See Isaac sit on the Iron Throne and meet a few selected fans:

Red Dot Diva cannot take it.
Such. Cuteness. Overload!!

After the meet and greet session was over, Isaac was ushered by a burly group of bodyguards around the corner where the Oculus Rift virtual reality experience called "Ascend the Wall" was stationed.

Photo by HBO Asia

(Red Dot Diva's note: BTW, this VR experience is SUPERB. Do Not Miss trying it out at the "Worlds of Westeros"!)

What's happening in the VR can only be viewed in one's own headset, so Red Dot Diva could only guess which segments Isaac was experiencing by his movements. There was a moment where he did a cute mini jump back, and that must be due to what happened toward the end of the video.

The host did ask what he thought about experience, but the sound projection at that part of the area was not clear, and Red Dot Diva could hardly hear a thing of what they said. She thinks she might have heard Isaac say that parts of it was very real and pretty scary.

Before the session ended, Isaac moved toward the barrier and tried to make a general round with the fans to sign some autographs. The crowd went crazy at that point! Many shoved their way toward him in an attempt to get a selfie with him, and Red Dot Diva got very SQUASHED in the process of it all.

The mob surrounded Isaac as made his way toward the exit. He didn't mind taking his time with the fans as he grinned and made funny faces in selfies until he was safely escorted out of the event area.


That was intense! But also, Very Fun - mainly due to how super-enthusiastic Isaac was in meeting the fans who took time to be at ION Orchard to see him.

Hopefully, Isaac will have VERY Nice things to say about our Red Dot Island fans to his fellow cast mates so that more will come and see us next year!


For a preview of what the "Worlds of Westeros" event is like, click on Red Dot Diva's sneak peek article.


Season 6 of "Game of Thrones" returns to HBO Asia (StarHub TV Ch 601) with a same-day telecast as the USA on 25 April, 9 AM. There will be an encore telecast at 9 PM.

The series will also be available on HBO GO on StarHub Go and HBO On Demand.

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