Saturday, April 16, 2016

STGCC's Captain America Festival at Marina Bay Sands - Where Team Money Wins!


What did Red Dot Diva tell you? It's always a win to join #TeamRichGuys, coz when you do, you'll get the flow of monie$$. And with that, you can pay for the best option(s) to meet #TeamCap at Marina Bay Sands this coming Thursday, 21 April 2016!

The team behind STGCC, in partnership with Disney and Singapore Tourism Board, has organized a host of activities for fans called the "Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Festival", that includes the South-East Asia Blue Carpet Premiere for the "Captain America: Civil War" movie. The 4-day long festival held from 21 to 24 April 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands' Event Plaza at the Promenade, also offers three festival packages. Two of these give fans the chance to meet the #TeamCap cast members who will be attending the premiere.

The most expensive option, called the "MBS Superheroes Universal Pack" costs a whopping SGD 1,288. WHAM! POW!!! Piggy Bank Broken.

The pack includes:
- 1 set of "Captain America: Civil WarBlue Carpet Premiere & Premiere tickets
- 1 night's stay at MBS Deluxe Room (and live like #TeamRichGuys? If #TeamCap, should stay in Army Camp right? :P)
- 1x Hot Toys Cosbaby Captain America Collectible
- 1x Marvel "Captain America: Civil War"shirt
- 1 day STGCC 2016 ticket
- 1x Festival Activity Play ticket

Despite Red Dot Diva's initial reactions, she is pretty sure there are those who have gold in their blood and are more than willing to spend this sum of money for the bragging rights. After all, there are a lot of millionaires living on Red Dot Island right? SGD 1,288 is peanuts to them.

Another second-tier option called "The Superheroes Pack" which does not include the MBS room stay is priced at SGD 688. Red Dot Diva is pretty sure there will be a bunch of regional fans who would love to get this option to. Just for this very special once in a lifetime chance. Why not? If you don't want to fight for the ballot amongst gazillion fans at SDCC or other USA comic cons and have lots of spare monie$$.

For those who are only interested in the collectibles + STGCC ticket, there is festival pack is at very affordable price of SGD 68.

Basically, simply throw your monie$, and you'll get to hang out with Captain America himself, Chris Evans as well as Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and director Joe Russo.

That leaves the rest of the humble peasants with no spare moolah for this kind of VIP treatment. Red Dot Diva will be joining a bunch of her friends at the Skating Rink, staking out for hours waiting for the celebrities to arrive at the Blue Carpet Premiere.

She might get to meet the cast members; she might not. She is not even sure if she can handle the surging crowd of fans that evening. However, she has been suffering from Severe Biceps Deficiency and thinks the premiere will be a very good time to get her fix. In particular, this yummy pair of biceps (or one hunky right bicep, whichever way you look at it) should work as a great remedy.

Of course, there are other fun activities held at festival too. A regional cosplay competition will be also held at the Skating Rink before the premiere. There is a Super Hero Trampoline installed for folks to jump and tumble their hearts out, and a green screen photo booth which should amuse adults as well as kids. The movie night screening should be a major crowd pleaser. It's complimentary (Wahhhh, so nice!), and it gotta be memorable being able to watch the movies against that gorgeous Marina Bay backdrop.

Red Dot Diva wishes there are also displays of props or costumes from previous Avengers movies but then, if that be the case, maybe all the humble peasant-fans might also need to fork out cash to attend the event.

What she is most eager to experience though, is the lightup of the Marina Bay Sands towers in Captain America colours plus a fireworks display on Friday, 22 April 2016, 8 PM. That should be quite a sight to behold!

More information about the "Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Festival" can be found on their website:

Regardless if you are #TeamCap, #TeamIronMan, #TeamRichGuys or just #SimiTeamOsoCan, it is definitely going to be a fun weekend.

Chris Evans invites you to join #TeamCap at the venue:

So does Anthony Mackie!

Only 4 days more, people!
Red Dot Diva is flailing with excitement.

Don't forget to join the Instagram contests by Marina Bay Sands and STGCC. Who knows? Your awesome superhero poses and wonderful photography skillz may win you the chance to attend the premiere!

Psssssst... It is also not not too late to gather your buddies and start planning about your various Blue Carpet Premiere strategies!

See you there, geeks!


UPDATE - 18 April 2016
Since posting this article, a fan noticed that the two festival packages of $1,288 and $688 have been removed from the Team Cap Festival website.

This was after the Instagram contest details and social media posts were found missing from MBS' own website and Facebook/ Instagram accounts. The posts were re-shared by MBS this morning.

Hmmm.... Things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Seemingly, there were a few people who had bought those festival packages. So, it is either that they are sold out (Red Dot Diva thinks this is highly unlikely!) or that the packages seem exploitative to the fans in general.

Whichever it is, let's all aim to have loads and loads of fun at the event.

And remember to be kind to one another, dear fellow geeks!


UPDATE - 20 April 2016
Last night, the Straits Times posted an article about most of the local fans' displeasure concerning the expensive festival packages.

Red Dot Diva exchanged Facebook messages with ST journalist Yip Wai Yee on her views. ReedPOP's local office has also given their official statement about the "truly VIP experience".


  1. This sounds really awesome! The prices are a bit crazy but it could def be a bucket list thing!

    1. I am quite sure there are people from the neighbouring countries who would pay through their nose for this opportunity. Very shrewd of the organizers to do this.

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