Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 2 Is Now On AMC Asia

Following the phenomenal success of "The Walking Dead" (TWD), a prequel/ spinoff called "Fear The Walking Dead" (FTWD) was aired last year on the AMC cable channel.

The show is also the brainchild of TWD's Robert Kirkman and co-creator Dave Erickson. There seems to be lot of faith placed on FTWD's showrunners, as a second season was renewed ahead of the airdate for its Season 1 premiere.

Set in sunny and highly populated city of Los Angeles, FTWD followed the series of events that unfolded right after the initial onset of a virulent strain of infection. A group of survivors which consisted mainly of an extended family, stumble and bicker as they attempted to avoid being zombie lunch. Although to be clear, in the series' timeline, the hungry biters were called "The Infected".

Red Dot Diva found the first season of FTWD a very very VERY slow burn, even though there were only 6 episodes aired.

Almost all the characters were unlikeable and seemed to move in a drunken stupor; their actions and decisions in most scenarios frustratingly insipid. There were a couple of okay characters like the mysterious Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) - who only appeared toward the end of the season, and the astute Salvadorian refugee and ex-soldier Daniel Salazar, who generally distrusts the intentions of the people around him.

Although if you like mental torture, Red Dot Diva assures that FTWD continues TWD Universe's penchant for writing teenage characters whom one wishes could be shoved straight to a group of biters, just to get on easier with life.

Shocking or intense moments that are par on course in a zombie show were few and far in between. To put it simply, FTWD S1 was boring.

Now, Season 2 of FTWD has premiered internationally earlier this week on 11 April. The story continues where the viewers last saw the survivors at Strand's luxurious seaside mansion. They were planning to escape the horde of zombies via sea on Abigail, the swanky yacht owned by Strand.

Red Dot Diva caught the first episode, and the pace is just as slow and the characters are still acting like spoilt brats in the face of danger. Their choice of actions and bland facial expressions seem so incongruent in their current state of emergency. The only ones who seemed poised for action are the two characters mentioned above - Strand and Salazar.

The season opener did end with a kind of twist though. The survivors' real dangers may not actually come from the Infected themselves but something, or someone, very human. So, there may be a small hope yet, that FTWD S2 may play out in a more interesting manner.

"Fear The Walking Dead"  is being aired on AMC Asia same day as the USA, on every Monday at 9 AM. A repeat telecast will be aired on the same day at 10 PM, followed by "Talking Dead: Fear Edition" hosted by Chris Hardwick. AMC Asia is available on Singtel TV on Channel 322.

Meanwhile, if you haven't caught FTWD at all, and are curious as what it looks like, here is one of the teaser trailers:

Personally, if you have time only for one zombie drama, Red Dot Diva thinks you just need to stick with TWD, which is a far more superior show.

If you have extra bandwidth for zombies, then she highly recommends Syfy Channel's "Z Nation". Seriously, try that series out if you have the time. You might be surprised at how much fun you'll have watching it! It's a superb appetizer, especially after you have groaned and cringed and have your heart all wrung out watching an episode of TWD.

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