Saturday, March 3, 2012

SDCC 2012: The Insanity That Is Comic-Con Registration

Red Dot Diva knew that the assault on online registration day for SDCC 2012 was going to be crazy.

But having the passes selling out in less than an hour?!?!?!!

That's INSANE!

Last year, SDCC passes sold out in less than 7 hours and that was already unbelievable enough.

And the sell-out was despite of a glitch concerning the link which SDCC initially sent out to people. (as EPIC as always). That was resolved later and some people said the registration process was much smoother than last year's.

Quick-thinking and savvy fans who were not able to grab the 4-day w/ Preview or 4-day Passes then tried to get single day passes for each day. And some were successful.

So, the frenzied pursuit for SDCC passes has got Red Dot Diva thinking.

What's up with the craziness regarding Comic-Con in the last few years? Does this mean that it has gotten way too mainstream and very much less "geek" now? Or is it just the surge of Twat.. er... sorry again, Twilight fans that is causing the turbo-speed ticket sell-out in the last two years?

It is a good thing then, that The Nerd Machine is taking some of the events out of the convention centre via The Nerd HQ and catering to those who are not keen to stay in long lines for several hours a day. This year, Nerd HQ will be held at the Culy Warehouse in the heart of Downtown San Diego. Word is, the Nerd Machine guyz have already started planning for programs and events.

Although, Red Dot Diva is also beginning to worry that, as word gets around on how cool Nerd HQ was in 2011, tickets for their events might be snapped up just as quickly too!

In fact, Red Dot Diva is already thinking of perhaps going to SDCC only in alternate years. If one is more into comics, NYCC is a much cozier event to be in. The artist alley at NYCC is much bigger too and there seem to be better opportunities to meet your comic heroes. If you are unable to get to SDCC 2012, perhaps try getting tickets to NYCC 2012, Oct 11-14 at Javits Convention Centre! The 4-Day tickets are on sale right now!

Or, you could try for the returned tickets when SDCC organizers re-sell these out to the public. This usually happens around May/ June.

In these few months leading up to SDCC, Red Dot Diva will be strategizing on how to negotiate around SDCC more differently this year. She is definitely planning on getting less involved in long lines and might even try attending more niche panels. But, she's willing to forsake those plans for Star Trek 2, The Hobbit or anything Quinto-related!

Red Dot Diva would love to spend more time networking, meeting and interviewing interesting people who have a story to tell. So, if you know of anyone who would love some blog coverage, give her a holler by emailing her or messaging her on Facebook!

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