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Game of Thrones Special: Interview With The Affable Kristian Nairn

The HBO fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones", based on the novels by esteemed author George R. R. Martin, has a sea of characters.

Some are very short-lived; many suffered horrible fates and quite a few seem to grow in the hearts of the series' fans.

One such character is the loyal and humble servant Hodor from the noble House of Stark. Towering over many and slow in wit, he can only utter one word "Hodor" and carries crippled Bran Stark around in a kind of basket or harness.

Hodor did not have many scenes in Season 1 but Red Dot Diva is certain that many viewers of the TV series would have found it difficult forget the famous nekkid-Hodor episode. ;)

Irish actor Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor on screen is actually a giant in real life too. Standing almost at 7 feet tall, Kristian is not only an actor, he is also a well-known DJ and electronic music producer in his own right! Kristian has DJ-ed and performed in many music festivals and shows internationally. Now, that's what you call Groovin' Large.

In anticipation of Season 2 of "Game of Thrones", which will premiere in HBO USA on 1 April, Red Dot Diva invited him for a cosy digital tete-a-tete. What was most amusing was seeing his email answers peppered with numerous energetic exclamation marks. It was quite obvious to Red Dot Diva that Kristian was excited to talk about his work in the popular fantasy series!

Red Dot Diva: When did it really hit you that "Game of Thrones" has become so phenomenally popular internationally?
Kristian: It was through Twitter really! I could start to see the passionate base of fans spreading geographically to South America, Asia, and Europe… and of course, the USA. It's amazing to me that the story has such an international appeal and it's a huge credit to, firstly George RR Martin for his incredible story crafting, and also to HBO for such a successful changeover!

Red Dot Diva: Do you find that you prepare your mind differently before doing a DJ gig and a Hodor scene on "Game of Thrones"?
Kristian: It's a similar process for me, but with slightly different components. When DJ-ing, I am definitely trying to keep my mind very much switched on, and for Hodor, it's really the opposite. But to still be present in the scene, and to react well to what is happening, because I believe Hodor IS a great reactor… I don't think too much is planned in his head!

Red Dot Diva: And what kind of music do you think Hodor would dance to?
Kristian: Erm, I know its NOT Justin Beiber! I think he is into 80's and 90's 'Hair' metal, like Motley Crue, and Skid Row. I'm pretty sure he could rock the season one beard on a Harley!

Red Dot Diva: Have you heard of Singapore's Zouk Out, and would you ever consider coming here to perform a DJ gig?
Kristian: Actually, I have heard of it! I have a good friend who is a DJ in Singapore… he has told me about it! I would LOVE to perform at it! I have a great residency at Kremlin, back in Belfast, but I am always happy to go to great events like that!

Red Dot Diva: What has been the your most challenging experience on the "Game of Thrones" set?
Kristian:  I can say, without much thought, it's the heat! When we started filming for Season 2, it was the middle of the summer in Ireland, although, it REALLY doesn't look like that on camera! My Hodor outfit is pretty much two inches thick of wool and pretty heavy. When you add in the weather, the lights and whether of not I'm carrying Isaac (who plays Bran Stark)… it really can become ridiculously warm. That would be the main factor that tires me out. Otherwise, it's a joy to work on the sets!

Red Dot Diva: Has your height ever intimidated anyone on set before?
Kristian: It can intimidate people, to be honest, but over the years, you realize that it's their problem, not yours.. and it's important to keep being yourself. If someone is worth knowing, they won't be intimidated for long! On set, I don't think so. Everyone is so accustomed to working with the people of Westeros, who really do come in all shapes and sizes!

Red Dot Diva: If you were not from the House of Stark, which house would you root for?
Kristian: That's a good question! I think all the houses have their pros and cons! I love all the characters so far from Baratheon, so I think I'll pick that for now!

Red Dot Diva: Who is your personal favourite character in the "Game of Throne" series? and why?
Kristian: Without a shadow of a doubt, its Varys! Conleth Hill has done an incredible job of bringing him to life in my opinion. It is just spellbinding to watch. I love how his words twist and manipulate, but always covered in honey!

Red Dot Diva: Have you attended comic conventions before? And what have your experiences been like?
Kristian: I have attended a few recently. Being a huge geek myself, I LOVE these events! The only drawback is that it can be hard to get time to look around all the cool stuff for yourself!! But the best part is definitely meeting the fans.. it makes is all more real.

Red Dot Diva: How much do you like geek girls?
Kristian: On the above topic, I like geeks of ALL kinds! In general, and I'm talking mainly about "Game of Thrones" fans here … you couldn't meet a nicer bunch of passionate, knowledgable and respectful people. I can speak for all the actors here, that we are very grateful for that!

Red Dot Diva: Please do confess -- What are your guilty pleasures?
Kristian: It is no secret that I'm an MMO game fan, and sometimes, even when busy with work, I STILL spend too much time in them. Also I prioritize them too highly over hanging out with friends. Still though, they are a great escape, if taken in moderation.. But that's the problem… I find it difficult to take them in moderation!

Red Dot Diva: What should we expect from Season 2 of "Game of Thrones".
Kristian: In my opinion, I think you can expect even more from Season 2. I think the directors were really amazing and in their stride this year. It really feels like a big family there, and I hope that comes across on screen, Definitely expect more Blood, Sex and Scandal!

And Red Dot Diva thinks that sounds just splendid!

To whet the appetite for Season 2, which will air in just a few days in the USA, here's one of the trailers:

Who's ready to join Red Dot Diva in hurling insults and curses at Joffrey Baratheon for another season? Say aye!


Asian "Game of Thrones" fans, Heads Up!

HBO Asia will be releasing a series of special interview footage on their YouTube page, every week starting from 29 March to the eve of the series premiere on 20 April!

The interviews with some cast members took place in London on 28 February 2012, and Red Dot Diva is VERY pleased and excited to announce that a few of her questions were answered by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) and Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark)!

First up, will be an interview with one of the bad boys, Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister), which  is slated for release 29 March.
Do remember to check out the videos and Get Ready!



Go say hello to Kristian Nairn on Twitter and Facebook! He is really friendly and Red Dot Diva hopes to be able to meet him in person one day -- her 5' side by side with his 7'. A marvellous photo opportunity. ;)

Red Dot Diva will also like to give **big MWAHs** to the HBO Asia "Game of Thrones" promo team for giving her the video interview opportunity!

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  1. What a great interview!! Nice to be able to see the person behind the character. He seems very happy to embrace fandom.
    Looking forward to a future photo op of the Diva and Mr. Nairn. :)