Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cybertron Convention 2012: Going Behind The Scenes - A Media Preview

Panels at the ballroom entrance (click for bigger pic)

Most of you should be well acquainted with the fact that Red Dot Diva is very inquisitive.

So she could not pass up the chance when she was invited for a special media preview to check out what's happening behind the scenes just a day before the Transformers Cybertron Convention 2012 opens.

There was one thing that she decided to do a little differently for the Cybertron Convention. It was to rope in a Red Dot Dude aka Andre aka Million Dollar Smile to help her cover the event. An extra pair of hands is always very useful when one needs more photo coverage or watch out for other stuff happening at the same time!

The meeting point was at Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa - the same venue where the convention was going to be held. From what she heard, there was about 60 media folks invited for the preview. Red Dot Diva was especially glad to bump into Jia Yi - inCinemas' intrepid blogger and former partner-in-crime, whom she hasn't seen for ages.

Punctually at about 1.30pm. Alvin, one of the PR folks from the Cybertron Convention, introduced himself and gave everyone a rundown of events for the media preview. He said that there are many things still not fully installed or displayed and workmen are still putting up finishing touches, but felt that it would be good for the media to get a feel of the place before doors officially open.

Well, for one thing, the Compass Ballroom is definitely huge, with high ceilings. Within the hall itself, there's also an "entrance" to the exhibit area. And at this entrance, attendees can choose if they want to be Autobots or Decepticons and walk in to the hall on different aisles, with a gallery showing characters from each side.

G1 Vintage Pre Reflector Microx

Just within, are the stuff most people would love -- the booth displays of toys and history of Transformers, including the Takara Tomy booth. For those who are not familiar with Takara Tomy, they were the originators of the popular Transformers line. Lead designer of Transformers figures in Takara Tomy, Hideaki Yoke, is one of the key guests of the convention. Red Dot Diva can't wait to hear what he has to say about his successfully long-running career.

Diva Props to Optimus Prime
And right in the middle of the ballroom is the thing that would capture the attention of all participants. It is the 22-foot (approx 7-metre) statue of Optimus Prime. Red Dot Diva has to admit that it is indeed a very impressive-looking replica. A 4-metre high scaffolding installed nearby allows people to take photos of the Autobots leader. There are staircases with wide gaps leading up to the top of the platform. So, ladies.. if you are deciding to wear mini-skirts .............. ............... ...........

Red Dot Diva meeting Bumblebee!

Oh, oh... And what if your all-time favourite Transformers character is Bumblebee??? You'd be in for an interactive digital delight! The Kre-O augmented reality booth brings Bumblebee to life right in front of your eyes. One can give him a high-five or affectionate fist-pump and see him transform into a car and zoom off! Totally Yellow Cute-ness!

Get your $$$$ ready!

Towards the back of the hall is where Red Dot Diva knows most toy collectors and kids would probably swarm to - the Merchandise hall. 'Coz there are few true-blue Red Dot Islanders who do not like shopping. Exclusive merchandise and products like battle masks, iPhone covers, magnets and all kinds of action figures are sitting there waiting to have a home. There's even a yellow Transformers luggage bag that one can wheel on a travel adventure. Maybe to their home planet Cybetron?

As in any other convention, there are the other usuals - like a main stage, screening halls, gaming booths. Some of these cool segments were not ready when Red Dot Diva was there at the preview earlier today, but when they are up, she is quite sure that the entire hall will be absolutely Transformed and ready for the attendees tomorrow!

So, have you decided yet?
Whose side are you on?


For more information about the convention, go to the 2012 TRANSFORMERS Cybertron Con website!

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