Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updates on Mark Torres' Visit at Invasion!

Red Dot Diva has got some cool updates about the Mark Torres event that people are waiting for!

Firstly, the important details - the time of Mark Torres' appearance at Invasion! store next week. Here they are:
9 Mar (Fri) - 5pm till 9pm
10 Mar (Sat) - 2pm till 5pm

Mark has also gone for the MUNNY, and has personalized this vinyl toy to commemorate his visit here (see pic on left). Red Dot Diva hears that one can win this special toy at Invasion!, but details are still to be worked out by the organizers. So keep checking Invasion's Mark Torres Event FB page and stay tuned.

Also, has anyone tried looking for those viral posters around town yet??? Hurry, you have just about one week left! Read more about the fun treasure hunt on a previous blog post.

The organizers have also just finalized the rules for the treasure hunt:

1. Contestants who hunt down these stickers must take pictures of themselves with the stickers and then upload them on Facebook.
2. You must LIKE Invasion! Comics' Facebook page and tag both themselves and Invasion! on the photos.
3. First 10 folks to find any sticker will win a prize. Only 1 prize will be given away per contestant. If the photo has already been uploaded, the repeated uploads will not be taken into account.
4. The winner will get a free sketch from Mark on the event dates.

Curious to know more about Mark Torres? Then get the scoop from Red Dot Diva's quickie Q&A with him earlier this week!

Mark is all eager to meet the Red Dot Island comics fans, so don't miss his appearance next week!


Check out Mark Torres' deviantart page!

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