Saturday, September 3, 2011

STGCC 2011: Diva Stalking The Elseworlds Booth

The Elseworlds booth at STGCC 2011 started off as a humble idea to offer support to the convention by hosting Marvel artist Mico Suayan and local indie chibi artist Wendy Chew (aka Mashi).

The booth later became the artistic umbrella for two more Marvel guest artists who hailed from the Philippines - Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan. And with that added number of talents, Elseworlds became one of the "must-stops" for comics or graphic arts fans at the convention.

Although Red Dot Diva helped to promote Mico's appearance at Elseworlds booth in the weeks leading to STGCC, she has yet to meet the artist himself! So, after a busy round of almost back-to-back interviews on Day 1, her next thing to do was to check in with Da Boss Alywn and to say hi to Mico.

There were warm hellos all round the booth, as Mico - who's absolutely photogenic in person with his L'Oreal-worthy hair - seemed equally pleased to finally meet Red Dot Diva too. Plus, it was always lovely to see bright-eyed Wendy again.

While this mini hullabaloo of nerdish attention was happening, Red Dot Diva saw Carlo Pagulayan (whom she had never met at that point of time) do a very obvious double-take when he caught sight of her. He then said very simply, "I know you."  

Red Dot Diva froze, startled by that sudden declaration. Pairs of curious eyes all turned to her direction. "I saw you in Harvey's (Tolibao) video," Carlo continued.

"Ohhhh." Red Dot Diva pretended to give a big sigh of relief. "That was not me. It was my Evil Twin." Carlo looked unconvinced. She then quickly slinked away to another corner of the booth. Never a good idea to have one's super-villainess identity revealed too soon.

From her vantage point, Red Dot Diva was pleased to note that the booth was constantly buzzing with people. Many were interested in the comics sold at one side of the booth. Several others wanted to get commissioned drawings from the artists. Some were just contented to get autographs and meet their idols.

Both Mico and Wendy were also selling their own limited edition sketchbooks and art prints. In fact, Wendy had some of her cute original art on display (see pic below) and many of those bigger-sized ones were sold out by the end of the convention!

Too cute not to like!

Mico's sketchbook was filled with his eye-poppingly detailed sketches. His take on light and shadow in the featured art pieces was particularly impressive. Later in the evening, it was revealed that Mico had drawn secret doodles in random sketchbooks. Now, that was a fun and innovative way to draw more interest to his artwork!

Red Dot Diva wants to know - did anyone get a Mico sketchbook with these secret drawings?

Towards the end of Day 2, Mico did a live art demo where he drew a piece of Sabertooth vs Wolverine. Red Dot Diva took some time to sit beside Mico to watch him at work. She observed that Mico stays silently focused as he concentrates on putting his artistic skills on paper.

That didn't stop Indonesian artist Rudy Ao from coming over and cheekily hamming up a quick spoof of Wolverine though!

To appreciate the amount of detail that went into the drawing, Mico started doing the special demo piece at about 5.30pm and didn't finish till slightly before 8pm! His fingers were tired out of course, but he made sure he completed the piece. The drawing was open for bidding and there were a few folks eyeing on that precious piece of work.

Check out the video of Mico doing the live demo here:

The finished art of Sabertooth vs Wolverine by Mico Suayan finally went to a comics fan, Lip Tat, who had the topmost bid. W0000t!

Because there were so many interesting things happening at Elseworlds, there was always a stream of curious visitors, making it a great place for Red Dot Diva to "people-watch" that weekend. Well-known blogger Andy from Toys REvil came to visit on Day 1. There were the HereBeGeeks dudes who fell in love with Wendy's adorable artwork, hardcore comics fans Andre and Chew who were constantly around, and the Salvation Sam gang wandered by on Day 2.

Alwyn, Wendy and Leinil Yu
Fellow artists Leinil Yu and Sonny Liew also stopped by to have a chat. And towards closing hours, DC's Director of Events & Retailer Services Fletcher Chu-Fong came by to say hi.

It was the first time many of us met Fletcher that weekend. And he was always super friendly and very charming. When Wendy presented him with a copy of her sketchbook, he kissed her hand like an old-fashioned gentleman! Awww...

As the convention drew to a close and everyone was packing up their booths, Wendy gave Mico a terrific surprise gift. In the copy of her sketchbook presented to him, she mischievously revealed a sketch she had sneakily drawn of Mico - to his utter delight!

Wendy capturing a great likeness of Mico

For Red Dot Diva, the cheerful camaraderie around Artists' Alley and Elseworlds was definitely one of the best parts of STGCC 2011.

And before a tired but happy Red Dot Diva had to call it a day at the convention too, it was mandatory to give due appreciation to those hardworking and artistic Mico, Carlo and Stephen biceps.

For posterity.

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