Sunday, September 18, 2011

Comics XChange 2011 -- More Local Flavour For This Comics Event

After the shrewdly mixed stew of East and West elements at the recent STGCC 2011, Red Dot Diva thinks it is a good time for something more local. Something laced with curry-flavour with generous portions of sambal belachan.

Comics XChange 2011, organised by the Association of Comic Artists Singapore (ACAS) in collaboration with Moontique & Story Kitchen, aims to be just that.

Held at the Goodman Arts Centre (90 Goodman Road) on 1st and 2nd October 2011 from 10am to 8pm daily, Comics XChange 2011 is holding a host of more locally-relevant programs, including panels and workshop/ seminars with a slant towards the business side of things.

Take a look at the menu offered during Comics XChange 2011:

There's the pretty multi-flavoured first dish called Let’s Talk Comics & Business Seminar: A few local speakers who are well-versed in comics, manga and graphic novels will be giving a series of talks on quality writing to publishing and the use of new digital platforms. The speakers include Cheah Sin Ann (local satirist and creator of "House of Cheah" comic strip), Jerry Hinds (ACAS President and Nice One Entertainment publisher), Benjamin Ang (newly signed Marvel artist from Singapore), Joyce Chng (local writer), Aravind Menon (director of Jove Pater media, co-creator of "Salvation Sam") and Otto Fong (creator of "Sir Fong" series) amongst others.

What Red Dot Diva thinks would be specially valuable for attendees is that they will have a chance to bring along their story and art portfolios for critiques! There's also a possibility of a few of them to land a trial assignment.

Check out the Comics Xchange website for admission costs!

Next up is the starchy staple of CXC Captions and Actions Workshops. The workshops aim to teach and demonstrate the basic building blocks of constructing a good story, including plot/ story structuring and developing interesting characters and character dialogue.

So, if anyone is interested in learning the tools about concept work, Red Dot Diva says these classes may be of interest to you. The sessions are conducted by Senior Members & Associates of the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) (ACAS). And..... wait for it ....... Prizes (including useful new digital devices help in comic creation!) will be given to the best students attending the workshops.

The Comics Xchange website has the sign-up costs for this workshop.

For proficient/ hardcore creators who up for a challenge, Red Dot Diva recommends the high-energy-exotic comics aphrodisiac - 24 Hour Comics Day @ CXC. In this event, one is to produce a 24-page comic in 24 hours.

Those stories completed within the timeframe will be shortlisted for possible publication in December. Those who are unable to complete in time will still be given notable mentions. It is all about self-challenge!

Finally, the range of sweet-juicy-tarty desserts of the CXPO Bazaar filled with the various offerings from
local creators and artists as well as pop-culture retailers. There will be a festival-like atmosphere of booths selling books, merchandise and apparel with pretty good discounts. Red Dot Diva sees that Dave Chua and Koh Hong Teng - the team from graphic novel "Gone Case" will be there, as well as Collateral Damage. She also hears that locally-based artist friends Kelvin Chan (aka Rocketraygun) and Noval Hernawan will be having booths too!

Hmmm.... she thinks it might do them good for her to go nom on their artistic wares when she is at Comics Xchange.

Plus .... there will be 50+ cosplayers making their appearance at the event, courtesy of CosAsia - Singapore’s premier costume retailer. W0000t!! Red Dot Diva knows that would get some people totally excited with all those swirls of eye-candy!

So, if one needs to fill their pop-culture/ comics/ anime/ manga appetite, get the Comics Xchange tickets at Gatecrash or call the Gatecrash Hotline: 6100 2005.

Red Dot Diva hopes to see you there!


Some Comics Xchange links for one to note and click on:
- Official Website
- Facebook page
- Twitter


Specially for those non-local folks:
Sambal Belachan - Chili-based sauce made of pounded fresh chilis and shrimp paste. Pungently spicy.

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