Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Harvey Tolibao Event: Geeks Assemble At Planerds

That pesky Merlion sure has a drooly hold on comics artist Harvey Tolibao. It has been two weeks since STGCC 2011 closed its doors and he *still* has not left the Red Dot Island yet!

In fact, Harvey had landed himself in the NRD Prime Forcefield last Sunday afternoon, and was trapped there for a few hours doing signings and limited sketches for fans.

The event, held at Harris Planerds - the mecca for geeks right in the heart of Orchard Road - became a convenient venue for comics fans to assemble. Laid out in front of Harvey's table were colourful comics that contained his artwork, and fans could buy his pretty art prints of Avengers and Supergirl, as well as his limited edition sketchbook titled "Viscosity".

When Red Dot Diva arrived at 1.30pm, there were already a few familiar faces surrounding Harvey's table. And Harvey, always in good spirits (and energized by Green Tea), was set in a steady momentum of signing and drawing sketches.

Red Dot Diva thinks Harvey has a special gift of being able to talk and entertain his fans while drawing (real fast) at the same time. During that afternoon, the art requests that he received ranged from the ever-popular Spider-man to Silver Surfer to Iron Man and even Harry Potter!

While Harvey was taking personalized time with his fans, Red Dot Diva took a walk around the store a few times, curbing the strong temptation to grab a bunch of collectibles and plonk them nonchalantly at the pay counter. Too many cute evil things in Planerds. Ugh.

On one of the low shelves, she also spotted "75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking" written by DC veteran Paul Levitz. It was indeed a beautiful but monstrous artefact to behold. To her credit, she did attempt to pick this giant book up but she simply did not have enough biceps power. And sadly enough, there were no muscley male minions readily available at that point in time.

Come to think of it, where *were* her minions? Grrrr...
Red Dot Diva's note to self: Must chain minions up more securely when taking them out the next time.

As the afternoon progresses, even more familiar faces wandered by. Locally-based artists like Noval Hernawan, Rudy Ao and Kelvin Chan (Rocketraygun) came to say hello to Harvey. Bloggers like 1/3 HereBeGeeks Peter and Ryan from Steelreviews came by the store too. Towards the evening, chibi artist Wendy Chew (aka Mashi) also dropped by to pick up a copy of Harvey's sketchbook.

At one point during the afternoon, Harvey was surrounded by a bunch of young kids watching him in bug-eyed wonderment, as he drew Iron Man and Spidey. Gotta start them young!

Then again, they could have just been distracted by Harvey's very glam, very pearly-pink Man-icure. (O_O)

Harvey also found some time to work on a special art commission for Sabretooth vs Wolverine. It was not finished yet that day, but as one can see from the work-in-progress, it was already a whole lot of !!WOW!!

Red Dot Diva managed to ask Harvey when fans will get to see his next comic project. "It is DC's 'Sinestro #1' - the prequel to the 'Green Lantern' movie. They are finally releasing it. After that, I have not been told what is my next project yet," he said.

The entire Sunday afternoon at Planerds truly felt like a cozy geeks reunion of sorts. And Red Dot Diva spotted lots of happy smiles on the fans' faces, especially when they saw the finished sketches that Harvey drew for them.

She was also really st(r)oked to be able to discuss a very special project with Rudy Ao. Codenamed Nekid Wolvie. Heh heh. More on this particular bloody subject soon, she promises.

Back to the Merlion's mysterious hold on Harvey Tolibao, she kinda hears that he *may* be back again on Red Dot Island some time at the end of this year. If one missed seeing Harvey this time round or wants to get more of his artwork, stay tuned for more information on this blog!

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