Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Comics Review: Nightwing #1 - Dick Grayson Returns As Nightwing

Comics review blog contributor Aravind Menon, who is also a local comic creator, welcomes the familiar return of Dick Grayson as Nightwing and gives his thoughts on the DC 52 reboot of "Nightwing #1".

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Dick Grayson represents the reader. It is simply who he is. He was introduced in 1940 for the primary purpose of giving young readers an anchor and readers of the universe have pretty much watched him grow up in a way that only Wally West, Barbara Gordon and Kyle Rayner have come close to rivaling.

From being a lost child to a sidekick to being his own man, Dick Grayson completed the cycle of being a hero somewhere in his days of being Nightwing but found an even deeper level to explore as a character: being a son. Having been arguably the most deserving candidate to inherit the mantle of the Bat, Dick spent his time as a son burdened with the responsibility of living up to his father's legacy following the "death" of Bruce Wayne.

Having had his own 2 year long run in the cowl, Dick certainly grew into the role over four titles and has proven himself a detective and tactician worthy of the Bat symbol.

Batman titles have so far been a mix of new reader friendly and unfriendly. Batwoman, Detective Comics, Batman and Batwing are all easy enough to jump on, whereas Batgirl and Batman & Robin are slightly reliant on older stories. Nightwing seems to be a little between the two categories and the first arc seems to be as DC-noob friendly as possible. But given the journey Dick has taken over the past 2 years, I'm sure we're gonna see some less than friendly arcs in a bit.

Until then, I'm just gonna pray that they revert to his blue logo.

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