Friday, September 30, 2011

Comics Review: Promising Potential In "Wonder Woman #1"

Red Dot Diva suspects local comic creator Aravind Menon probably loves it when he is being lassoo-ed by a buxom goddess who happens to be a strong character of her own.

Here's his take on the DC relaunch of "Wonder Woman #1":


Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The trinity of the DC Universe has often been regaled with multiple series, team-up books, movies and toys! Well, for Superman and Batman anyways. Wonder Woman's pretty much been staying at home and making soup.

Hopefully, that's gonna change. I love Wonder Woman. She's my favourite super-heroine and it often annoys me that she doesn't get the same kinda attention that her counterparts do. And it seems like Azzarello and Chiang have finally done it.

Don't get me wrong. Perez, Picoult, Simone, Rucka and many more have had great runs on Wonder Woman. All of them have had different aspects brought to the front and the character has proven to be one of the most layered and definitive heroes of the DCU. But this volume seems to hold the potential of addressing all of the points that make WW unique.

Azzarello and Chiang don't waste anytime in introducing us to the intense and neurotic depictions of Greek deities and it's done incredibly well with a character I assume to be Apollo. Unlike previous depictions where the Olympians were either traditional or similarly urbanised, it seems that each character carries his or her own unique feel now.

What I really do enjoy about this take is how the writers are unabashedly throwing Diana into this fiesta of myths and legends (Zeus bangin' a human chick? Old. School.). Having read the double serving of detective goodness with Batman and the vigilante styling of Superman, this Wonder Woman feels like the she's definitely got a niche of her own. She isn't a metaphor for a god-like being on Earth; she is a god-like being on Earth and damn, does she know it.

And of course, the bigger picture. I would like to discuss how this leads to ramifications on the trinity and all that, but I think I'll wait one more week for Perez's Superman before rattling off.

Till then, "Wonder Woman #1" is definitely my favourite title of the week as well as a pleasant break from the testosterone driven nonsense that Starfire and Catwoman were subjected to.

More on that soon.


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