Thursday, September 8, 2011

Comics Review: Digging The Return Of Batgirl

In this comics review, Red Dot Diva calls upon Ian Austin, a UK-based writer and co-creator of webcomic "Death Boy". He is also in the midst of getting another web-comic called "Tezzer" ready for readers!

An avid comics reader, Ian Austin is just now getting into the groove with the latest very widely anticipated incarnation of Batgirl by Gail Simone. Thanks to the new DC 52 relaunch.

Here's his review of "Batgirl" #1:


I'm not big on Batgirl knowledge. That's in relation to any of the characters.

While I did buy Bryan Miller's last issue, and dug it, I'm no expert on the character. My Barbara experiences have come mostly via "All Star Batman & Robin", and "Blackest Night".

Buying this book was mostly down to me being a Gail Simone fan after her fantastic "Secret Six" stuff. And so I didn't have that many preconceptions with regards to Barbara being able to walk again, as by the time I read "The Killing Joke" she hadn't been a 'victim' for years.

Now having read the book, I love this character.

All the griping about DC's portrayal of female characters is, to me, almost rendered moot solely by this issue.

We get a strong female character who's capable of showing weakness, still traumatized by what The Joker did to her. She was healed by a 'miracle', Gail Simone leaving specifics vague and clearly using them to tell a bigger story. Throw in a villain intent on killing those who should have died, and the concept of a 'survivor'-themed Bat comic is in full motion.

In this issue, we get a heroic, dynamic, fantastic female character who kicks much booty but isn't a male substitute. If anything, her giddy thrill at the idea of superheroics is something more male characters should aspire to.

I rate this: 5/5

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