Friday, September 9, 2011

NYCC 2011 Squee Update - Mark Hamill Announced As Guest!

When this epic guest was announced for NYCC 2011 (13 - 16 October), Red Dot Diva couldn't help squeeing for a week.

This special guest embodies a lot of what began as a delightful journey for a then-10-year-old diva, who had been yearning for some kind of visual interpretation to a fantastical world that resided in her fertile imaginations. (Thanks to a healthy bookwormish diet of  fantasy, murder-mystery, myths/ legends and the Britannica encyclopedia.)

So when Red Dot Diva heard that Mark Hamill - Luke Skywalker of the original Star Wars trilogy - will be attending as a guest at NYCC 2011, she vibrated with so much excitement she nearly flung herself into a galaxy far far away.

A well-loved international icon, Mark Hamill has been doing a host of various voicing works in recent years and is especially remembered as The Joker in "Batman: The Animated Series". In addition to his various roles on broadway/ TV and film, Mark also provided voicework for several other animated films and games like "The Tick", "The Simpsons", "Powerpuff Girls", "Wing Commander Academy", "Call of Duty 2" and Playstation 2's "Yakuza".

Recently, Mark guest-starred as a villain in the last season of "Chuck", and the series' main stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez could not help but male-squee on set too.

At NYCC 2011, Mark Hamill will be joining transmedia company NEW-GEN at a panel held on Saturday, October 15th at 1:30 PM. There will be news about NEW-GEN's upcoming movie plans and graphic novel releases.

And that is not all! It seems that Mark will also be doing autograph signings at the convention, courtesy of Official Pix. The date/ time is still not announced yet.

Well, Red Dot Diva has got all her air-tickets booked for her trip to NYCC and is raring to go on another convention stalking spree. Right now, Mark Hamill is at the top of the list as Stalking Target #1. She hopes he will be prepared.

There are a few other celebrities who will also be making an appearance at the convention. Geeky fans might want to target for Jason Momoa ("Game of Thrones"/ "Conan the Barbarian"), Clare Kramer ("Buffy"), writer Jane Espenson ("Buffy", "Torchwood", "Caprica"), Jewel Staite ("Firefly"), Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules") and Nicki Clyne ("Battlestar Galactica") - just to name a few!

For the comics side of things, besides the entire slew of spotlight guests and artists from various comics companies, there will also be writer/ artist/ director Frank Miller ("Sin City"/ "300") and his hat!

Frank (and his hat) will be going as a guest under the Legendary Entertainment banner, and will be promoting his new graphic novel "Holy Terror" (released by Legendary Comics) Will Red Dot Diva get to hunt him down too? She will definitely try! *g*

Here's a blood-splattering trailer of Frank Miller's "Holy Terror":

There are a few comics folks that are already on Red Dot Diva NYCC Stalking List. Some of them have been duly warned of her intentions. She and frenemy @eserei27 are definitely staking out indie publisher Archaia's booth. Anyway, Red Dot Diva needs to get a long overdue copy of "Mr Murder Is Dead" (Victor Quinaz/ Brent Schoonover)!

She will also be trolling Artists' Alley for people like Brent Schoonover, Dennis Calero, Ardian Syaf and will try to track down other folks like C.B. Cebulski, Paul Levitz, Matt Fraction and Ivan Brandon. And hopefully, she will also be able to add more unsuspecting stalkees on the list too.

Ahhh... The thrill of a hunt!

Tick tock.
The countdown begins: 26 days more to NYCC!!

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