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Westeros is Coming to Singapore! Game of Thrones S5 Premieres on HBO Asia, April 13!

It has been a long long wait for Game of Thrones Season 5, the epic, crazy-popular fantasy series based on the books by George R. R. Martin. But soon, dear GOT fans, you will get to watch the premiere episode from the new season on HBO Asia. The date to mark your calendars ---- April 13!

The last time viewers left Westeros, there had been many shocking twists and turns. For one thing, Tyrion finally gave Papa his just desserts, usually naive Sansa Stark went dark (literally) and sultry - thanks to the creepy urgings of Littlefinger, Arya went off on her own after leaving the Hound to die, Jon makes a pact with Mance Rayder, Daenerys was not having a fun time learning How to Chain your Dragon, while Bran & Co battled ice zombies and finally spot the mysterious Children of the Forest.

All of these which left many fans dying for more revelations about our favourite Game of Thrones characters. It won't be long before we will be transported once again to the Land of Westeros, and this will be the first time we will be taken to the opulent Kingdom of Dorne - the domain of the House of Martell and the deadly Sand Snakes.

Naturally, this means that new cast members have been added to the show's latest season. The new actors include Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow), Alexander Siddig (Doran Martell), DeObia Oparei (Areo Hotah), Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand), Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Tyene Sand), Jessica Henwick (Nym Sand), Nell Tiger Free (Myrcella Baratheon) and Toby Sebastian (Trystane Martell).

Jessica Henwick as Nymeria Sand

This is also the season when Red Dot Islanders can make a small Dornish alliance. British actress Jessica Henwick, who takes on the role as Nymeria Sand, is half-Singaporean.

Check her out in this vid clip (around 2:13):

Red Dot Diva was doing some minor research on Jessica Henwick and found out that she acted in a BBC series called "Spirit Warriors" (2009-2010) that was loosely based on Chinese mythology. At that time, Jessica had to train under a wushu teacher for the show, and to prepare for her role as kick-ass Sand Snake warrior, she had to undergo an intense 6-month training on how to use the bullwhip! Phwoaaar!

Even more Sand Snakeage here:

From the the most recent trailer released, lots of exciting things seem to be happening everywhere!  Ahhhhh!

Will the lovely but steely Daenerys be able to "break the wheel"?

And will Jon Snow (awwwww just look at dat cute face...) ever begin to know more than nothing?

How much help will Varys provide Tyrion while he is hiding from a vengeful Cersei?

And will Sansa remain forever entrenched in the Dark Side.....

Game of Thrones Season 5 consists of 10 episodes, and will air the same time as the U.S. on Monday, April 13! The first episode has already been screened in London and San Francisco to rave reviews, so don't forget to tune in to HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601) from 9 AM, with prime-time encore from 9 PM the same day. Brand new episodes will air weekly at the same time. The series will also be available on HBO ON DEMAND in Singapore.

Westeros is coming back!!


Did you know that Robinson's Singapore had the Iron Throne specially laid out for those who had made a purchase during this past weekend? Red Dot Diva's geek pal sure made claim to the throne in style.

Presenting.... Ser David Goei.

Do you think Ser David will be able to fend off his enemies?

Did any of you get to sit on the Iron Throne too?

There is also a chance for fans to win Game of Thrones toys if you are a Starhub subscriber!
All you need to do is answer a really simple question right here!!

And finally, for the lucky few who will be selected to attend the special pre-USA premiere event at GV Suntec on April 9 at 7:30PM, Red Dot Diva hopes to see you there!

Remember, if you come all dressed up as your favourite Westeros character, you could win some great goodies, like a limited edition Game of Thrones Direwolf Book Ends! Red Dot Diva has a set of her own, and it is pretty awesome!


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For a taste of what's A Day In A Life on the Game of Thrones set is like, watch this:

Red Dot Diva had the chance to interview Game of Thrones storyboard artist Will Simpson when he was here in December last year! Check back to this blog again for the article!

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