Thursday, April 16, 2015

International Community to Join in Star Wars Celebration Anaheim via Live Simultcast!

The Star Wars Celebration event is an official Lucasfilm fan festival that will be unfolding in full geek-out proportions, from today through the weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Even right now at Anaheim, hardcore Star Wars fans are already camping out at the venue so that they can be assured to getting through the doors at opening time!

Here are a couple of photos of fans camping out at the convention center. These pics are courtesy of comic creators Tony Fleecs and Yehudi Mercado!

A photo posted by Yehudi Mercado (@supermercadocomics) on

Plus, don't you love it when producers remember the fans? Just now, JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy bought pizza for everyone who was early waiting in line!

Other fans around the world may not have the chance to head to Anaheim for the weekend, but this year, Lucasfilm has decided to provide over 30 hours of live streaming at (powered by Verizon) of various panels and events, so that the international community can have a taste of what's happening at Star Wars Celebration. Included in the line-up are the live interviews with SW celebrities at the Cantina, as well as the unveiling of EA’s new Battlefront videogame!

For a bunch of lucky ones in London, Manila and Red Dot Island, an exclusive and more social kind of event celebrating Star Wars have been planned. A Live Simulcast will be taking place later at Shaw Lido, 11:30 PM, plus exhibits, exclusive premiums, contests and of course, SW cosplayers! In addition to these two countries, similar local events are also taking place in 33 more cinemas across 21 other countries, including 6 IMAX locations!

When registration page for the local special event opened on 8th April at Shaw Theatre's website, about 421 fans snapped up those limited tickets within 20 minutes! Red Dot Diva and a couple of her geek friends were watching that evil countdown clock tick down to registration time, and all three scored tickets to tonight's party! WOOHOOO!

Right now, over at London's Leicester Square, Star Wars fans are also lining up for the event, although there is still a lot of huddle space available!

The Live Simulcast is said to include the kick-off panel with JJ Abrams, director of the next Star Wars movie, "The Force Awakens" as well as producer Kathleen Kennedy. Red Dot Diva hopes that other guests will drop by the panel too, and that the widely-anticipated trailer or new footage for Ep VII, "The Force Awakens" will be screened for all the eager fans out there!!

She is sooooooo super-excited about tonight's Star Wars Celebration event at Shaw Lido, and will be updating the event's going-ons on Twitter, whenever possible.

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Before new SW TFA footage are revealed, let's get all excited about this again, shall we?

"The Force Awakens" will be released in Red Dot Island on 17th December 2015.

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