Thursday, April 2, 2015

Countdown to BooksActually's Comic Week, FCBD and STGCC 2015!

Craving for more geeky bonding time with local creators and comic book readers?
Or are you just waiting for another excuse to amass more books for your growing graphic novel collection?

Red Dot Diva recommends that you mark your calendars for these three upcoming events this year!

1. Comic Week at BooksActually - April 10th

Local independent book store BooksActually will be holding Comic Week next Friday, April 10th, 7 PM at their 9 Yong Siak Street premises.

Joining the event are some local creators like Troy Chin ("Resident Tourist"), Evangeline Neo aka EvaComics, Stephanie Ho ("The Adventures of Fatman & Superchub"), Red Dot Diva's personal favourite beardies Gene Whitlock and Wayne Rée, Andrew Tan, Maximillian Loh and probably a few more surprise folks!

Comic Week would be great time to get to know some of local creators better, and to pick up some of their books, if you haven't already! The guests will sign books as well as transform the event into a Pictionary night! Sounds fun, right?

2. Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) - May 2nd

Every 1st Saturday in May is almost like Christmas for comic book geeks.

This is the day when participating retail book stores offer free comics to the fans at large, usually made even more colourful by the presence of cosplayers, and the Star Wars 501st Singapore Garrison.

In recent years, stores which have held events include GnB Comics, Kinokuniya, Invasion! Toys & Collectibles and Atom Comics.

And there are usually special guests who join the fans in celebrating this wonderful event with contests, autograph sessions and meet the creator panels!

FCBD is only 29 days away, and there have not been any guests announcements yet. However, Red Dot Diva urges local fans to follow the FCBD Singapore Facebook Page to connect with each other and find out what will be in store for FCBD 2015!

3. STGCC - September 11th - 12th

With anime and manga being the mainstay of the local pop-culture diet, The Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention (STGCC) is one of those rare local conventions that offers a sizeable exposure to creations with a more Westernized influence.

The convention has been an annual affair for local fans since 2008, when it was run by toy company Play Imaginative. After being acquired by Reed Exhibitions, the convention has grown to one that draws guests, exhibitors and attendees from beyond the island to the surrounding region and beyond.

Through the years, a slew of internationally known and wonderful guests like Humberto Ramos, Joe Madureira, Paul Levitz, C.B. Cebulski, David Mack, Gail Simone, Andrew Bell, Frank Koznik, Simone Legno, Hideo Baba, VampyBitMe, Hibiki Touya -- just to name a few!! -- have attended STGCC to meet their fans.

The STGCC weekend is usually an intense geek-filled euphoria of making sure one grabs those convention exclusives, ogling at all the pretty goodies on display (Hoy Toys, anyone?!?), getting to know local creators better and meeting one's favourite artist guests. Not to mention, cosplayers aim to get their costumes ready by STGCC to strut it for their love of the hobby or for the runway competition.

Best of all, Red Dot Diva thinks that STGCC is awesome because it's when everyone gets to get their geek on in whichever way they want, and build more new happy memories at the same time!

Here's an official video of key moments from last year's STGCC to get you excited for September!

If you were there last year, Red Dot Diva bets that you can spot more than two of your favourite people in it!

The first couple of STGCC guests are usually announced around late May-June, so keep your eye on the STGCC website and Facebook page for the latest!

Are you all Excited yet? :D

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