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10 Times Diva Squee-ed at the Star Wars Celebration Live Simulcast!

As a passionate Star Wars fans, it's a fantastic feeling to be part of an international fan community and to join in the celebration even when one is not able to be at Anaheim Convention Center for Star Wars Celebration 2015 weekend!

It was as if everyone's positive excited vibes merged and flowed through a powerful geek digital network all around the globe. Even if one is feeling a lack of the zzz's due to a mega 15-hour time difference between California and Red Dot Island!

At the special Live Simulcast held at Shaw Lido on 16/ 17 April, over 400 lucky fans converged at the atrium to have some fun and bond with fellow Star Wars fans!

Here are 10 Times When Diva Squee-ed at the Special Event:

1. When She Met Some Bicepstuous Jedi Knights

There is no Star Wars without the Force, and there will be no Rebellion against the Empire without the good honorable Jedi Knights. They were out in full "Force" that night, and Red Dot Diva could not help grinning when she caught a couple of handsome tall bicepstuous ones lurking around... *g*

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There was also an exciting and well-choreographed lightsabre fight that broke out just before the people at Shaw allowed us to enter into the IMAX hall! Not bad!!

2. When Chibi Jedi Knight Made Everyone Go Awwww....

A super-uber-cute Chibi Jedi Knight made his appearance at the event and caused a ripple of awwwwws.

And get this, his real name is .. Luke. Really, really!

See how well Luke can swing with his lightsabre!

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3. When Beautiful SW Figurines Are On Display

A small selection of gorgeous Star Wars figurines was on display at the atrium. And the busts (are they by Gentle Giant?) of some of the fan favourites like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo were really life-like. Red Dot Diva wishes she had space and money to build a collection like this!

4. When She Got To Caress R2-D2

Red Dot Diva is not a cosplayer, so the best she could do was come to the event dressed as "R2-D2 Fangirl".

And this is what a R2-D2 Fangirl does when she sees the heroic droid in real life! *MWAAHHH*

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5. When JJ Abrams Revealed Name of New Desert Planet

There were quite a few juicy things revealed at the Kick-off panel with JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy, that was moderated by Entertainment Weekly's senior writer Anthony Breznican.

Many fans thought that the deserty planet featured in the first teaser trailer of "The Force Awakens" was Tatooine. But no, it isn't!

JJ Abrams revealed that the planet is called Jakku and fans will get to know more about this planet in time to come (but not now!)

From the trailer, Red Dot Diva noted that there are wreckages of Imperial as well as Rebellion ships dotting the planet. Is this another secret Rebellion hideout?

6. When Real Life BB8 Blew Everyone's Minds!

During the panel, Kathleen Kennedy mentioned that hardcore fandom and smarts paid off for two people who got to work on the set of "The Force Awakens". They were mechanics Lee Towersey and Oliver Steeples who were responsible for ensuring R2-D2 does his thing while production was going on.

Then, a few minutes later, a real life BB8 droid peeked out from backstage and rolled out to greet the fans! SW fans had assumed BB8 was a CGI-created character due to the way he moved in the first teaser so this was really a fantastic surprise!

Red Dot Diva's initial reaction was "What kind of sorcery is this?!?" and then, she was just screaming with glee like a little girl! BB8 was adorable! And the tech involved with having him able to move on his own was a whole lot of specialness. An article by Fortune later disclosed the Sphero, a Colorado-based company was responsible for the interactive and graceful movements of BB8.

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7. When "The Force Awakens" New Cast Members Were Introduced!

Three new faces from "The Force Awakens" were introduced to the fans during the panel.

John Boyega was already a familiar face because his was the first one to appear on the first teaser trailer back released back in November. As to what part Finn (Boyega) plays in the story - and is he a Jedi or a Stormtrooper - both Boyega and JJ Abrams were very reluctant to disclose! What Boyega did share with fans was that he did not even tell his parents that he got the role of Finn until that iconic black and white photo of the first TFA reading was released!

Red Dot Diva thought newcomer Daisy Ridley was almost a deadringer for Keira Knightley. Even down to her brand of British accent. Ridley plays Rey, one of the rare female characters in "The Force Awakens", and it was mentioned that Rey is a scavenger, and gets to meet Finn in the beginning of the story which began a new series of adventures!

Regarding female characters in TFA, Kathleen Kennedy assured fans that there will be many more heroines (or villainesses?) to be announced. Red Dot Diva cannot wait to see who else will be joining the SW universe!

Taking on the role of kick-ass Rebellion fighter pilot Poe Dameron is the dark and handsome Oscar Isaac. With bravado, Isaac tells the fans that Poe is "the best freakin' pilot in the galaxy"!

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8. When The New Stormtroopers Marched on Stage!

Their helmets, especially, were very different. They looked sleek and more streamlined . And when all of the new Stormtroopers were standing in a row on stage, it was an intimidating sight indeed!

9. When The Original Cast Members Came On Stage!

Just when Red Dot Diva thought she could squee no more, some of the original cast members of Star Wars were introduced on stage! First to appear was Anthony Daniels, who had the grand honour of appearing as C-3PO in ALL the Star Wars movies.

Then, to loud cheers, Carrie Fisher came on stage. After which, giving some physical support to Peter Mayhew who was using a lightsabre as a walking stick, was big fan favourite Mark Hamill!!

The level of SW adoration and heart pounding hit the roof! All four of them seemed genuinely happy to be on stage and Mark Hamill gave tribute to the UPF or "Ultra Passionate Fans", and Red Dot Diva's heart just melted into a puddle.

Too bad Harrison Ford was still recovering from his injuries from that emergency plane crash, but they all said he would have loved to be there. And Kathleen Kennedy told the fans Harrison himself wanted to get better quickly so that he will be actively involved with the activities leading to the premiere of "The Force Awakens".

And in reference to all the SW toys that have been available in the market since the first movie, Carrie Fisher uttered the funniest line that night, "Thank you for playing with me," she quipped.

The cast of "The Force Awakens" - both old and new!

10. When The Trailer Was Screened. TWICE!

Then, the epic moment for the screening of the trailer arrived.

Everyone held their breath as the screen went to black, and the Lucasfilm logo came on.
And it was GLORIOUS! It was Glorious that everyone at Shaw Lido begged to watch it again. So we watched it TWICE.

See it for yourself!

The trailer hit all the right feels, especially everyone's few seconds at the end.
"Chewie, we're home!"

Can December 17th come any sooner?!? AHhhhhh!!!!


If one is new and intending to embark on their Star Wars journey, do not fear!

For the first time ever, the entire Star Wars movie collection (all six of them!!) will be available for pre-order on iTunes in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

All the movies will be fully released as a packaged collection, or individually, and all fans will be able to relish these epic adventures on Star Wars Day, i.e. May the 4th.

There will also be never-seen-before footage and special features, including "Star Wars Discoveries From Inside" together with curated extras from the classic Star Wars films.

This is something a Star Wars fan simply cannot miss owning!

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